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Lothern – March of the Asur

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Spanning from West to East across Lothern, the March of the Asur is a wide boulevard bisecting the city. From the West Gate beyond the twin towers of Aenarion and Astraielle one enters the Bel-Korhandis Plaze surrounded by four massive estates of the powerful noble houses of Lothern, each proudly housing many generations of High Elves. Each manor denotes centuries of High Elf prominence proudly displayed in the elegant architecture. Housed in the various estates are potent magical relics from the various exploits of the nobles; it is said that these various relics harness the powers of the gods of the world.

Magically levitating at the center of the plaza is an awe-inspiring tower divided into three tiers. The top most tier is an intricate aerie left to the mighty eagles of Lothern from which the tower derives its name. The middle tier is a beautiful marble plaza surrounded by a colonnade and an exquisite balcony – it is at the center of this floor that the eldest High Elves tell tales of grandeur to the youth of Lothern and for this reason is is noted as a tower of wisdom. The lower tier is a crystalline hemisphere containing a magically replenishing pool of water which constantly cascades down onto the shrine below it in the plaza. Though the Eagle Tower floats at the center of the plaza, sunlight mysteriously bends around it and fills the entire plaza so that the Eagle Tower casts no shadow. The Eagle Tower is only accessible via the shrine when the eight winds align and empower the font of Hoeth within the shrine.

Continuing east beyond the Bel-Korhandis Plaza down the March of the Asur one catches a glimpse of the Phoenix Throne and its lofty Phoenix Tower to the north. Then one enters a long tunnel spanning the length of the Phoenix Throne under the Palace Gardens. Though the Gardens are restricted to the noble elite of Ulthuan and prominent dignitaries, the common High Elf can briefly bask in their glory as they walk down this tunnel of grape-vines. The entire length of the tunnel is a grape-vine trellis allowing fluid transit through the city from east to west along the March of the Asur, but it is a distinct feature of the Palace Gardens.

The Palace Gardens are a walled labyrinth of nature’s beauty opening unto beautiful groves and meadows; it is said that the walls have a mind of their own and magically shift at their own will changing the course of the labyrinth daily. At the center of the labyrinth is the Pool of the Asur and a beautiful tower which floats above it. The pool is said to be a collection of the tears of Isha and it is to have the strongest healing properties known to Ulthuan, yet if the waters are taken beyond the walls of the labyrinth they vaporize. To the north of the labyrinth a beautiful terrace and small fountains lay over the March of the Asur, the fountains constantly giving nurturing waters to the grape-vines below.

Exiting the grape-vine trellis tunnel of the Palace Gardens a traveler emerges upon the Phoenix Guard barracks and the East Gate. Read more…

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