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Lothern – Silver Helm Stables

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Tucked in the south-western corner of Lothern are the mighty Silver Helm stables, where the mightiest steeds of Ulthuan are raised and trained for war. The Silver Helms consist of the sons of nobles of Ulthuan named for their ilthilmar helmets which they decorate with various trophies from their exploits; they are the heavy cavalry of the Asur. Though they are of noble blood, the Silver Helms when in training are treated like regular soldiers; and so they learn to live a tough life in times of peace so that when war threatens Ulthuan they are not longing for the comforts of home. While the Silver Helms rest in tents, their steeds reside in magnificent stables fit for nobles. The Silver Helm Stables are a small town within the great city of Lothern with a small army of blacksmiths and stable-hands tending to the great beasts. Few outsiders choose to enter the Silver Helm stables for it is a tight-knit fraternity with a somewhat exclusive air about it.
It is said that due to this common sentimentality towards mighty beasts, the White Lions of Chrace, the personal bodyguards of the Phoenix King, also choose to reside near the Silver Helm Stables. Though the Silver Helms are a proud breed of knights, they fear and respect the White Lions who freely walk among the stables with their lion-skin pelts on display. The Silver Helms believe that the White Lions commune with their mighty steeds and fill them with the spirit of the fallen lions and thus a strange brotherhood is formed between the humble Chracian axe-men and the noble Silver Helms. Read more…

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