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Lothern – Academy

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Rising in the southeast of Lothern, the Tower of Teclis rivals the size of the Tower of Hoeth; though it is not taller, it is many times larger. Situated along the coast, the archmages of Lothern have their own exclusive corner to pursue their studies, yet still fulfilling a key defensive role. Here where the presence of the Lothern Sea Guard are weakest, the overall defenses are strongest. The tower gains its namesake from its inhabitant, Teclis. Though the Tower of Teclis is the dominant feature in this quarter of Lothern, it is but one part of the Academy. The Academy of Lothern consists of the massive Tower of Hoeth, Isha’s Sanctuary, Asuryan’s Spire, and the Library of Lothern – four elegant structures representing the wisdom of Ulthuan. Teclis is said to be the most powerful mage in the world, equal to the younger generations of Slann of Lustria and Nagash the Black. A descendent from Morelion, son of Aenarion the first Phoenix King, noble blood flows through his veins, and for this reason a price hangs over his head. Powerful forces from around the world from Malekith, Witch King of the Dark Elves, to N’kari, Keeper of Secrets, despise Teclis and want nothing more than his death. Yet, his powers in combination with his brother Tyrion have proven to be a match none can equal. The two brothers together are the greatest champions of Ulthuan. The Tower of Teclis is one of the largest in Ulthuan, rivaled only by the Tower of Hoeth in height. The tower is a tiered structure. At ground level the plaza of the Tower of Teclis spans out merging with the broad avenues of the city. The bottom tier is accessible by the massive staircase leading to the top or a lofty bridge from Isha’s Sanctuary. The bottom tier itself is a vast plaza of the tower consisting of dozens of gazebos, fountains, statues and benches – it is a place where the archmages of Lothern rest their turbulent minds. It is said that mighty vaults within this marble plaza house valuable artifacts and the very essences of the Winds of Magic. Dual spiral staircases lead to the second tier of theĀ  Tower, the Tower Patio, where massive doors ring the tower granting entrance to its grandeur. The tower itself is divided into seveal floors, with Teclis’s chambers at the very top. Though possessing far fewer magical tomes and artifacts than the Tower of Hoeth, its foundation of magical knowledge is far greater in its key asset – Teclis. The sister structures of the Tower of Teclis are Isha’s Sanctuary and Asuryan’s Spire, both elevated on a large plateau and inaccessible from the ground level. The only structure of the Academy on the ground level is the Library of Lothern, and thus it is the only structure accessible to the common folk of Ulthuan. Four distinct groups of mages act as stewards of these four buildings, each strong in their own way. Asuryan’s Spire is a tall thin tower bursting with the flames of the most powerful deity of the Asur. Isha’s Sanctuary on the other hand is a small wide tower surrounded by a plaza teeming with life, from lush plants to energetic animals. A wide bridge connects the two plazas of Isha’s Sanctuary and the Tower of Teclis. Read more…

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