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Lothern – Academy

Rising in the southeast of Lothern, the Tower of Teclis rivals the size of the Tower of Hoeth; though it is not taller, it is many times larger. Situated along the coast, the archmages of Lothern have their own exclusive corner to pursue their studies, yet still fulfilling a key defensive role. Here where the presence of the Lothern Sea Guard are weakest, the overall defenses are strongest. The tower gains its namesake from its inhabitant, Teclis. Though the Tower of Teclis is the dominant feature in this quarter of Lothern, it is but one part of the Academy. The Academy of Lothern consists of the massive Tower of Hoeth, Isha’s Sanctuary, Asuryan’s Spire, and the Library of Lothern – four elegant structures representing the wisdom of Ulthuan. Teclis is said to be the most powerful mage in the world, equal to the younger generations of Slann of Lustria and Nagash the Black. A descendent from Morelion, son of Aenarion the first Phoenix King, noble blood flows through his veins, and for this reason a price hangs over his head. Powerful forces from around the world from Malekith, Witch King of the Dark Elves, to N’kari, Keeper of Secrets, despise Teclis and want nothing more than his death. Yet, his powers in combination with his brother Tyrion have proven to be a match none can equal. The two brothers together are the greatest champions of Ulthuan. The Tower of Teclis is one of the largest in Ulthuan, rivaled only by the Tower of Hoeth in height. The tower is a tiered structure. At ground level the plaza of the Tower of Teclis spans out merging with the broad avenues of the city. The bottom tier is accessible by the massive staircase leading to the top or a lofty bridge from Isha’s Sanctuary. The bottom tier itself is a vast plaza of the tower consisting of dozens of gazebos, fountains, statues and benches – it is a place where the archmages of Lothern rest their turbulent minds. It is said that mighty vaults within this marble plaza house valuable artifacts and the very essences of the Winds of Magic. Dual spiral staircases lead to the second tier of the  Tower, the Tower Patio, where massive doors ring the tower granting entrance to its grandeur. The tower itself is divided into seveal floors, with Teclis’s chambers at the very top. Though possessing far fewer magical tomes and artifacts than the Tower of Hoeth, its foundation of magical knowledge is far greater in its key asset – Teclis. The sister structures of the Tower of Teclis are Isha’s Sanctuary and Asuryan’s Spire, both elevated on a large plateau and inaccessible from the ground level. The only structure of the Academy on the ground level is the Library of Lothern, and thus it is the only structure accessible to the common folk of Ulthuan. Four distinct groups of mages act as stewards of these four buildings, each strong in their own way. Asuryan’s Spire is a tall thin tower bursting with the flames of the most powerful deity of the Asur. Isha’s Sanctuary on the other hand is a small wide tower surrounded by a plaza teeming with life, from lush plants to energetic animals. A wide bridge connects the two plazas of Isha’s Sanctuary and the Tower of Teclis.

The Dark Mage : The Academy Phase 1: Capture the Tower Patio

This Public Quest, like the “Spirit of Chrace”, is a ‘Dual Access Public Quest’. The Tower Patio is located on the second floor of the Tower of Teclis, how you reach this floor is up to you. The first option is the short-hard route directly up the wide stairs to the Tower Plaza; however, as with any direct assault it will be terribly difficult. The second option is the long-easier route via the Library of Lothern, Asuryan’s Spire, and Isha’s Sanctuary. This will allow you to bypass the defenders on the stairs and ascend to the patio the back way.

The Stairs of the Tower of Teclis
The first option is the short-hard route directly up the stairs to the Tower of Teclis Plaza. The Stairs of the Tower of Teclis are very wide (far wider than the screenshot I could take) and are teeming with archmages, which will be of hero level. The archmages are set up in such a faction that every one archmage, has several behind him or to his sides that are engaged when he takes damage, thus producing a network of defenders. It is not a matter of pulling single groups, but rather once you have engaged an archmage on the stairs, the entire stairs come to life as a defensive force. The archmages are not keen to move and thus they must be engaged where they stand, but by engaging one you enter the range of all the archmages behind him. Because there is no siege equipment in this portion of the city, all the crowd control effects rest in the hands of the archmages, and they will use them frequently and to full effect to slow the invaders progress. Naturally healers can use their ability ‘Shield of the Skies’ to deflect the attacks, but only so much can be stopped. Although the archmages have low health, their offensive capabilities make the fight challenging.

The Library of Lothern
The second option is the long-easier route starting with the Library of Lothern. The Library is a grand multi-storied building filled with books (as one would imagine…) The librarians are mages of a lesser order, still having the gift of magic, but wielding it to a less lethal degree. Unlike other mages they do not carry staves, for this would not help them with their role as librarians, and this limits the potency of their spells. Fighting ones way through the histories of the known world, the invaders must press on to the back upper level of the library to gain access to the tower and ascend it. After climbing the appropriate number of steps the invaders come upon a sky-bridge which takes them to the upper reaches of Asuryan’s Spire.

Asuryan’s Spire
The second phase of the longer-easier route is Asuryan’s Spire which is a tall slim tower constantly bursting with the flames of the powerful god. The tower engulfed in flames naturally will damage the invaders, but not the stewards of the tower, requiring constant vigilance from the group’s healers. The defenders of Asuryan’s Spire are a higher class of archmages than those of the library, and in lieu with their surroundings and the god the tower is dedicated to, their damage is far more potent and elemental. Should one chose the path of exploration which is the underlying tone of this dungeon, then one may ascend higher into the tower instead of taking the obvious route down. At the very top of the tower is the Heart of Asuryan, a symbolic flame in an elaborate brazier said to represent the heart of the mighty deity. The heavily defended brazier once extinguished will have an effect on the final battle. The natural course however from the sky-bridge is to battle down the tower to the lower bridge connecting Asuryan’s Spire with Isha’s Sanctuary

Isha’s Sanctuary
Isha’s Sanctuary is dedicated to the goddess of life, fertility, earth, all things good, etc. The bridge from Asuryan’s spire connects to the plaza surrounding the sanctuary. The defenders of the Sanctuary are a class of archmages of equal caliber to those of Asuryan’s Spire, but of different polarity. Where the archmages of Asuryan’s Spire are powerful damage dealers, the archmages of Isha’s Sanctuary are powerful healers. While they deal some damage, the majority of the damage dealt in this area of the Academy comes from the denizens of the Sanctuary grounds, the animals of Ulthuan. Each archmage acts as a beacon of life, and aggroing them results in aggroing the animals around the archmage. The archmage will use its healing powers to keep the animals alive and can potentially resurrect fallen creatures or call upon new ones. Once again should someone choose to follow the path of exploration, then they may enter the actual building of Isha’s Sanctuary and taint the Pool of Life within, which once again will have an effect on the final battle. The defenders within the Sanctuary are greater in number and the potency of their spells is increased due to their proximity to the Pool of Life. Connecting Isha’s Sanctuary to the Tower of Teclis is a wide bridge defended by the archmages of the Tower of Teclis, which are of the same caliber as those on the Stairs of the Tower of Teclis, but in far fewer number.

The Tower Plaza and Patio
Having made ones way to the Tower Plaza either via the Stairs of the Tower of Teclis or the three surrounding buildings one enters the Plaza of the Tower of Teclis. The Plaza is primarily defended by a mix of acolytes of Teclis, which are a mix of the types of archmages found in Asuryan’s Spire and Isha’s Sanctuary, and Swordmasters of Hoeth. The Patio however ushers in the next echelon of archmages defending the Tower of Teclis. These archmages harness both the creative and destructive elements found in Asuryan’s Spire and Isha’s Sanctuary and possess the crowd control abilities of the archmages on the Stairs of the Tower of Teclis. These powerful archmages will comprise the defenses of the tower from the Patio to the chamber of Teclis. Upon defeating the defenders of the Patio one can proceed to claim the Patio flag to open the massive doors of the Tower of Teclis.

Once the invaders have claimed the Patio of the Tower, Teclis seeks to draw the invaders in deeper into his realm so that he may crush them. He opens the doors of the Tower with his magic and thus entices the invaders in. The interior of the tower consists of a wide staircase circling the outer wall of the tower occasionally coming upon landings and separate floors and chambers. The archmages situated along different points of the staircase and landings rain havoc down upon the invaders, with a particular emphasis on single-target knock-backs. Once the invaders have battled their way up the stairs they come upon the chambers of Teclis.
Teclis is a 66 MPAT level 59 Lord (for a description of what a 66 MPAT is, refer to my Introduction to Eka’s Supreme Ward Dungeon post.) In regards to what his mechanic is, he has every ability, tactic, and morale an Archmage has and will use them all with flexibility in combat; thus, Teclis’s mechanic cannot be predicted. Teclis is armed with the Sword of Teclis (which will debuff his targets wounds by ‘x’ for 20 seconds) and the Moon Staff of Lileath (which will remove an enchantment from his target). He also uses the Scroll of Hoeth which will cause him to defelect 50% of any magic damage back to the caster, this ability has to be shattered by a tank. The chamber itself resembles the Eagle Tower; it is a vast room surrounded by a marble colonnade which in turn is ringed by a balcony. Teclis will use elemental and spirit damage interchangeably, however his elemental damage can be weakened if you disabled the Heart of Asuryan. Likewise he can heal himself, but this too could have been weakened if you tainted the Pool of Isha. In addition to his arsenal of Archmage spells he gains several unique mechanics of an Action Point regeneration stopper debuff which can be cleansed, a single target medium range knock back and his defining mechanic of ‘Embrace the Winds’. Embrace the Winds is an ability which he will randomly use and what it does is pull the entire group together to the center of the room, wrap them in a forcefield/bubble and push them towards the edge of the balcony, eventually pushing them off so they can plummet and die.  The bubble has the additional mechanic of doing damage per second while in the bubble, which must be healed through.  The only way out of the bubble is to destroy it with damage. The mechanic can only be countered by one tank using “Hold the Line” and the other tank using “Bulwark” on the main tank (which for this fight has that function). but since Bulwark has a duration and cooldown, the tanks have to alternate their roles. These combined actions slow Teclis’s push over the edge over the tower long enough for the bubble to dissipate. In effect, all six party members must fulfill their roles to the utmost degree to survive this mechanic.
Upon defeating Teclis he has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a repairable pair of Monarch Boots for tanks and healers. He also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a one-handed axe for Marauders – “The Dark Mage Slayer”

The Lore
There is a ton of lore for Teclis and I will not attempt to bastardize it by giving an abridged version of it. Suffice to say what little I wrote of him in this post is exactly that, just a little bit about him.

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  1. October 15, 2010 at 11:08 AM

    I’m not sure about killing Teclis either. I mean, the most powerful mage alive killed by a party of 6? WAR players aren’t meant to be heroes, they are meant to be soldiers. Additionally, I can’t see GW allowing this.

  2. October 15, 2010 at 11:17 AM

    Notice the words defeat, not kill 😉 My intention is that at 0% he is much like Karl Franz/Tchar’zanek at the end of a city – dazed but not dead.

    Besides GW ‘allowed’ Order to put on Skaven skins. They allowed the White Tower of Hoeth to fall to Destruction. They allowed Destruction to kill Prince Imrik and Eltharion. Everything which is meant to be invincible in GW lore falls in WAR, I’ve talked to GW about the garbled lore and they say that the two don’t align and we should just accept it. My aim was to make the city bosses heroes in lore, which you can on tabletop. What happens when you play Teclis on tabletop and get stomped? If he wasn’t meant to be defeated, then he wouldn’t be a playable model in the tabletop 😉

    And if you take how the game is made currently… lets be honest none of the bosses you kill as 6 mans should go down as easily. I have killed Hellebron with 4 people, Grimgor Ironfist with 8, Tullaris with 2, Rakarth with 3. Destro gets to kill Prince Imrik, Eltharion, Ungrim Ironfist, Kurt Helborg, and who knows who else. Those guys are heroes/lords in tabletop – they are meant to annihilate armies. Yet they’ve been degraded to PQ bosses. I’m trying to give them a more honorable role in the cities.

  3. October 16, 2010 at 8:42 AM

    They can kill Imrik and Eltharion? Where? 😮

    That’s just nasty. At this rate we’ll be killing third rate heroes as instance bosses soon. Or they’ll just plain make up some demons. >.>

    • October 16, 2010 at 12:08 PM

      Imrik is killed in the Fortress of Caledor PQ (top right corner of Caledor map) and Eltharion is killed in some PQ at the bottom middle of Eataine.

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