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Lothern – Council Quarters

October 15, 2010 3 comments

Nestled in the north-eastern corner of Lothern lays a small district of the most importance. Here three large towers are connected forming the Council Quarters. These are the noble elite who advise the Phoenix King and see to the administration of the realm. Though more or less temporary apartments for the nobles when they visit the city, they are nonetheless a home away from home, lavishly furnished and formidably guarded.
The ‘central’ of the three towers, acting as the center of the spokes, is the tower of the Shining Guard Quarters. It is part of a larger complex which is in many ways a fortress, the last bastion of the city. The bottom levels of the Shining Guard Quarters are full of barracks, map rooms, and a grand hall. The subterranean levels house the kitchens and armory. The Tower itself is the heart of the complex, the very soul of the Shining Guard. This tower is of greatest importance, for from it one can gain access to the three adjacent towers when their ground level entrances are on strict lock-down and sealed by mighty magics.
The north-eastern most tower is the Dragon Tower, guest residence of the Princes of Caledor. The tower is divided into several levels, each an apartment for a visiting Dragon Prince and their beast. The grandest accommodations lay at the top of the tower with a grand balcony fit for the mightiest of dragons.
These two towers are vital arteries protecting the Phoenix Throne, and though the Lothern Sea Guard and the Phoenix Guard have their roles in protecting the city and the Phoenix King, the nobles of these towers are charged with the protection of Ulthuan and the Asur. Though an enemy may defeat the Phoenix King, they will never rule Ulthuan so long as noble blood flows through the Asur. Read more…

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