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Lothern – Council Quarters

Nestled in the north-eastern corner of Lothern lays a small district of the most importance. Here three large towers are connected forming the Council Quarters. These are the noble elite who advise the Phoenix King and see to the administration of the realm. Though more or less temporary apartments for the nobles when they visit the city, they are nonetheless a home away from home, lavishly furnished and formidably guarded.
The ‘central’ of the three towers, acting as the center of the spokes, is the tower of the Shining Guard Quarters. It is part of a larger complex which is in many ways a fortress, the last bastion of the city. The bottom levels of the Shining Guard Quarters are full of barracks, map rooms, and a grand hall. The subterranean levels house the kitchens and armory. The Tower itself is the heart of the complex, the very soul of the Shining Guard. This tower is of greatest importance, for from it one can gain access to the three adjacent towers when their ground level entrances are on strict lock-down and sealed by mighty magics.
The north-eastern most tower is the Dragon Tower, guest residence of the Princes of Caledor. The tower is divided into several levels, each an apartment for a visiting Dragon Prince and their beast. The grandest accommodations lay at the top of the tower with a grand balcony fit for the mightiest of dragons.
These two towers are vital arteries protecting the Phoenix Throne, and though the Lothern Sea Guard and the Phoenix Guard have their roles in protecting the city and the Phoenix King, the nobles of these towers are charged with the protection of Ulthuan and the Asur. Though an enemy may defeat the Phoenix King, they will never rule Ulthuan so long as noble blood flows through the Asur.

Son of Caledor : Dragon Tower
Phase 1: Extinguish the Dragon Flame

Access to the Council Quarters is heavily guarded by siege equipment along the ridge of the towers. Access to this siege equipment can be gained by entering a small hidden postern near the base of the cliff. Once the siege equipment has been cleared one can safely enter the Shining Guard Quarters. If one chooses they can bypass the inner defenses of the Shining Guard Quarters and take a staircase to the roof from where they can access the central tower of the complex and scale it to make their way to the Dragon Tower.

The Dragon Tower
This structure is defended by the sons of Caledor and their retinues. The structure is not heavily defended, yet the few defenders that are present are indeed tough foes. The sky-bridge from the central tower of the Shining Guard Quarters puts one above most of the apartments of the lesser nobles and below the grand apartment and the chamber of the Dragon Flame. The main resistance in the tower is encountered at the chamber of the Dragon Flame which is above the grand apartment. This eternal flame is kept under constant vigil by four Handmaidens of Caledor. These are the daughters of the Dragon Princes and have sworn a solemn oath to keep watch over the Dragon Flame. They are among the most skilled warriors any invader has encountered in Ulthuan and will fight valiantly to the death to protect the Dragon Flame. Once they have been defeated an invader can extinguish the mighty flame that shoots from the tower’s roof and see whose anger they have evoked…

Dragon Prince Imrik of Caledor
Once the Dragon Flame has been extinguished a mighty roar sounds through the tower. Upon descending from the chamber of the Dragon Flame to the grand apartments one is immediately met by the fierce gaze of Dragon Prince Imrik and his mighty dragon Minaithnir. Imrik level 58 Lord and Minaithnir is a level 52 Lord. Prince Imrik enters the fray atop his dragon, although he has a 10% chance to be knocked off his dragon with a knock-back. While mounted on his dragon he uses a Star Lance which will ignore ‘x’% of his targets armor and ignores ‘x’% block. He can buff himself twice with the ‘Call of Caledor’ which will increase his damage by 100%; this buff can be shattered, but requires two shatters to remove it. Should he be dismounted his armor penetration and block ignore go down slightly, but he gains a medium range aoe knock back and a cone aoe cleave. If Imrik is dismounted, Minaithnir operates on his own and needs to be held by another tank.  Imrik’s armor penetration is lower on foot, but he gains the use of his Dragon Horn whihch increases Minaithnir’s damage by 100% for 10 seconds, to prevent his use of the horn he can be taunted while blowing it. Minaithnir’s unique abilities are a cleave and a channeled fiery blast, the damage of which can be reduced by ‘Hold the Line’. Should Minaithnir be killed first, Prince Imrik will enrage and deal 500% more damage; however, if Imrik is killed first Minaithnir’s damage will gradually increase by increments of  50% every 20 seconds – the goal being killing them at the same time.
Upon defeating Prince Imrik and Minaithnir, he has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a repairable Monarch Cape for tank classes. He also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a staff for Sorceresses – “Scourge of Caledor”

Defender of Ulthuan : Shining Guard Quarters
Phase 1: Destroy 8 artifacts of the Shining Guard

The Shining Guard Quarters
Accessible only from the east side of the building, the door is heavily defended by siege equipment on the ridge above. Once the siege equipment has been destroyed access into the building is easier. The building is in essence a mighty fortress and scattered amongst its various rooms and towers are different artifacts of the Shining Guard, the locations of these artifacts vary with each instance. The building is defended by the hosts of the Shining Guard, yet each room where an artifact may be located is defended by two captains of the Shining Guard, each a hero. The artifacts range from weapons and armor to maps and standards. Careful exploration of the entire complex is required to find these artifacts and invoke the anger of the mightiest warrior of Ulthuan. Once eight artifacts have been destroyed a loud rumble is heard in the grand hall of the Shining Guard Quarters and the doors to the courtyard slam open as a mounted figure enters.

Destroying the eight artifacts of the Shining Guard brings forth Tyrion, Defender of Ulthuan. When Finubar set sail for the Old World, he left Tyrion in charge of the Shining Guard and defenses of Ulthuan. Tyrion is a level 59 Lord and although not a 66 MPAT, he is by no means an easy fight. He rides Malhandir, the largest, fastest, and strongest horse in Ulthuan. Tyrion’s arsenal of gear includes his sword Sunfang which deals elemental damage and has the ability to shoot out a fire-blast from its runes, he wears Dragon Armor which greatly increases his elemental resistances, and he uses the Heart of Avelorn, a gift from the Everqueen which will regenerate health from him, this ability can be shattered but requires three shatters. Aside from the standard hard hit, Tyrion gains a few unique abilities, but he does not have core area-of-effect abilities. His main skill is weakening his enemy, and so he will randomly drain someone’s morale to 0, drain someone’s action points to 0, increase the cool downs on someone’s abilities by 5 seconds, and increase the build times on someone’s abilities by 2 seconds.  These however are core abilities, not a mechanic per se, his mechanic is something rather different. At timed intervals in the fight he will cast ‘Vengeance of Ulthuan’ which is a two part ability. The first part is he will urge Malhandir forward and the mighty steed will kick whoever has aggro on Tyrion into the courtyard and the door through which Tyrion entered will slam shut. For the second part of the Vengeance of Ulthuan ability he will walk to whoever the main-tank was guarding (if no one, then a random target) and pick them up by their throat and begin to choke them, causing them to take damage per second. He will continue to choke this person and deal ‘x’ damage to them per second until someone else has pulled aggro on him, at which point he will hurl whoever he was choking against a wall and knock them down for 4 seconds. The challenge during this phase is for the dps classes and the tank trapped outside to break open the door while the healers and the off-tank struggle with healing the party and holding Tyrion.
Upon defeating Tyrion he has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a repairable Monarch Cape for melee dps classes. He also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a chalice for Disciples of Khaine – “Chalice of Asur Souls”

Prince Imrik is the last living descendant of the Phoenix King Caledor I, and he is among the last of the Dragon Princes who can call the dragons to war. He is said to be the most powerful of the Dragon Princes. Tyrion is the brother of Teclis, and together they form the backbone of the defenses of Ulthuan. Their exploits together are vast, suffice to say they’ve saved Ulthuan and the Phoenix Throne a fair share of times. I rather not try to give an abridged version of their story and no doubt fail, so instead I give you nothing =).

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  1. October 15, 2010 at 8:04 AM

    In my understanding Tyrion is the best swordmaster in the Warhammer world. As such, the fight seems a bit trivial. I don’t really know what’s missing, but I was expecting something else. 🙂

  2. October 15, 2010 at 11:13 AM

    I’ll be honest, I threw all my brain power in the first few bosses I thought up. It is incredibly difficult to think of a unique mechanic that is new/fresh. I think the mechanics for the LotD bosses (ToVL, PQs, and tombs) are all unique and engaging, but I didn’t want to copy something because that would be unoriginal of me. Though regardless of what I do, I will take aspects from other boss fights however much I try not to. Also I didn’t want to lump him with Eltharion who is the Swordmaster representative. I shall try to ponder up something fresher/more challenging, but I encourage you to think of a unique mechanic and share it =P

    EDIT: You’ve done it now =P I’ve gone through the High Elf Army Book and looked up the unique weapons, armors, talismen of the heroes and edited them all in adding new twists to the fights. I’ve changed Tyrion’s ‘Vengeance of Ulthuan’ slightly to add a twist to the fight, hope its more challenging 😉

  3. October 16, 2010 at 8:40 AM

    I like it much better now, Tyrion charging around on his horse throwing the vile destro out of the room. Awesome.

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