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Lothern – Phoenix Throne

October 16, 2010 1 comment

The heart of Lothern and Ulthuan, the Phoenix Throne, lay behind massive walls on eastern edge of Lothern. The massive citadel is an intricate complex of passageways and corridors. Three massive gates open unto the north, west and east, while the southern entrances open to the terrace of the Palace Gardens. In times of crisis, all four ground level entrances are sealed by powerful wards and the only access to the Royal Complex and the Hall of the Phoenix Throne is through the lofty Phoenix Tower which is connected to the central tower of the Shining Guard Quarters.
The Phoenix Throne marks millenia of history of the Phoenix Kings, a history far more ancient and recorded than any other race. Unlike other kingdoms which are more fragmented and only a loyal core of guards protect the king, the Phoenix King is protected by all of Ulthuan. From the White Lions of Chrace to the taciturn Phoenix Guard, the corridors of the Phoenix Throne are a microcosm of Ulthuan. Read more…

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