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Lothern – Phoenix Throne

The heart of Lothern and Ulthuan, the Phoenix Throne, lay behind massive walls on eastern edge of Lothern. The massive citadel is an intricate complex of passageways and corridors. Three massive gates open unto the north, west and east, while the southern entrances open to the terrace of the Palace Gardens. In times of crisis, all four ground level entrances are sealed by powerful wards and the only access to the Royal Complex and the Hall of the Phoenix Throne is through the lofty Phoenix Tower which is connected to the central tower of the Shining Guard Quarters.
The Phoenix Throne marks millenia of history of the Phoenix Kings, a history far more ancient and recorded than any other race. Unlike other kingdoms which are more fragmented and only a loyal core of guards protect the king, the Phoenix King is protected by all of Ulthuan. From the White Lions of Chrace to the taciturn Phoenix Guard, the corridors of the Phoenix Throne are a microcosm of Ulthuan.

Eye of the Witch King : The Phoenix Throne
Phase 1: Defeat the Phoenix King

Upon crossing the sky-bridge from the Shining Guard Quarters and entering the Phoenix Tower, one is prompted with the task at hand – defeating the Phoenix King. This task however will be no simple one for he is guarded by all the forces of Ulthuan, the foes you have already encountered in the city. Additionally the complex consists of twisting corridors foreign to any invading host, though the assumption is that the Hall of the Phoenix Throne lay on the ground floor, thus the fight is a descent from the Phoenix Tower to the ground level.

Finubar the Seafarer
The Hall of the Phoenix Throne lay on the ground floor of this lofty complex, and it is indeed a massive hall flanked by balconies and colonnades. At the center of the chamber a massive fire pillar rises from the ground to the ceiling, bursting through the very tip of the Phoenix Tower. This flame is symbolic of Asuryan and will play an important role in the battle ahead. Neutral and unattackable, the room is ringed by eight familiar faces, the eight representatives of the different military groups the invaders  have already fought. For the weak of memory those are: Alith Anar, the Shadow King; Sea Lord Aislinn, Admiral of the Lothern Sea Guard; Eltharion the Grim, Warden of Tor Yvresse; Caradryan Ryman, Captain of the Phoenix Guard; Korhil, Captain of the White Lions; Teclis, High Loremaster of the White Tower; Imrik, Dragon Prince of Caledor; and Tyrion, Defender of Ulthuan.
At the center is Finubar the Seafarer, Phoenix King, a level 62 Lord. Once the invaders engage Finubar he will, as is par with epic fights, give forth a monologue of your futile efforts. Finubar is armed with the flaming Phoenix Staff and an equally deadly blade – so his damage is primarily a combination of elemental and physical. Swipes from the Phoenix staff act as his cleave, but he also will use it to cast ‘Phoenix Breath’ which is a cone area-of-effect ability. Additionally he will infuse players with ‘Soul Purge’ a burning damage-over-time ability often, and he has another DoT ‘Birth of the Phoenix’ which has a large burst at the end, damaging not only the target but all players within 30 feet of him. Both can be cleansed, but Birth of the Phoenix requires two cleanses, the first only removing the AoE portion of the DoT. He also has a knockback, but the location is always the same – he will throw someone into the pillar of fire, and a spell-casting DoT which can be cleansed only by the second healer. As for his mechanic, every 20% interval of his health he will retreat to the protection of the pillar of fire in the center of the room and call forth two champions from the eight around the room. Every 20 seconds in the flames he is healed for ‘x’% of his health. The champions called forth are random and several degrees easier than their PQ boss form, but their mechanics are all the same. Certain combination’s of champions lead to more challenging fights (for example Tyrion will always throw guard on Teclis; Caradryan Ryman and Korhil as the protectors of the Phoenix King will fight with greater cohesion; etc.) After defeating the champions Finubar emerges from his flames and will fight until his health is reduced to the next 20% interval. So briefly: at 80% Finubar retreats and first pair of champions, at 60% second pair, at 40% third pair, and at 20% last pair. How much he is healed for while in the flames depends on how long you take to kill the champions. This is the creme-de-la-creme fight of Lothern so it is not meant to be easy at all.
Upon defeating Finubar he has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a repairable Monarch Helm for all classes. He also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a one-handed sword for Chosen – “Changer of Ways”, a one handed axe for Black Orcs – “Da Firebird Slaya”, or a one handed sword for Black Guards – “Kouran’s Successor”.

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