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Karaz-a-Karak – Crafting District

West of the Hall of Kings is the massive Engineer’s Guild and accessible by a tunnel at the south west end of the Hall of Kings are the Western Lower reaches of Karaz-a-Karak consisting of the Library of Karaz-a-Karak and the Temple of Grungi . Following a massive ramp down from the Hall of Kings and behind equally grand doors to lower the din from behind them lay the Engineer’s guild. This grand hall is indeed a secluded society of tinkerers and siege masters.  Massive complexes are carved into the mountain composing the living quarters of the engineers and blacksmiths. In fact each complex hosts its own guild vying for the status of the grandest engineers and siege masters with the other complexes around the hall. Iron beams and cranes span the ceiling of the room lifting heavy war machines off the ground and swinging them onto waiting rail carts for shipment to the war front. Deftly flying in between the swinging chains of the cranes, newly crafted and enhanced gyrocopters circle the air firing upon hoisted targets. One particular section of the Engineer’s Guild prides itself in making the finest rifles in all of Karak Ankor. The Engineer’s Guild is ablaze with life, and any invading force will find these are no meek blacksmiths, but instead proud dwarves armed with the deadliest of siege implements and rifles.
The western edge of the Engineer’s Guild opens unto a massive chamber with spouts pouring forth molten lava cascading down into chasm of fiery heat. Directly below the Engineer’s Guild and also linked to this molten chasm is the Temple of Grungi of the Western Lower Reaches. Access to the Western Lower reaches is via the south western tunnel in the Hall of Kings through the Library of Karaz-a-Karak, fiercely defended by the rune priests of the city. The Temple of Grungi itself is hardly what one would expect a temple to look like, but rather, much like the Engineer’s Guild, a vast hall with dwarves sweating over anvils pounding various war implements into a finely crafted shape. The hall has four grand statues of Grungi carved into the four corners, and from each statue pours forth a stream of lava to the center of the hall where it plummets down a bottomless pit glowing with fiery heat. Suspended over this pit on the strongest chains in all of Karak Ankor is a platform with an Anvil of Doom. Channeling the fiery powers of the mountain, rune smiths embed weapons with powerful master runes.
These two grand halls, the Engineer’s Guild and the Temple of Grungi, form what is known as the Crafting District. Whether it be grand cannons, flying gyrocopters, sleek rifles, shields the size of a dwarf, or weapons of war glowing with the energy of powerful runes, the implements of war pour forth from this district.

Smashin’ Da Big Guns : Engineer’s Guild
Phase 1: Destroy four prototypes

Engineer’s Guild
Upon entering the Engineer’s guild past the massive doors of the Hall of Kings, the invader is prompted to destroy four prototypes of the deadly siege weapons that slaughter the greenskins by the hundreds. The hall itself is the firing ground for all these weapons and will be heavily defended by siege equipment as could be expected. Each particular complex using the weapons it specializes in. The grounds of the Engineer’s Guild are covered with siege weapons manned by engineers, but destroying the siege weapon will still leave the crews to be dealt with. Additionally the windows of the complexes are filled with thunderers armed with long rifles who are eager to take a shot at an invader. To rid oneself of the thunderers, the invaders must set the complexes ablaze, however these massive halls will not go up in flames with one simple match, no they must be lit at several points. The prototypes themselves are surrounded by a squad of engineers fiercely protecting their work of art. Once four prototypes have been destroyed then a loud rumble can be heard from the rail station in the massive tunnel to the north. A train is approaching! As to its cargo… for that you have to wait in uneasy anticipation!

Burlock Damminson
The Guildmaster of the Engineer’s Guild enters the hall on a train of his own lethal design. The front car which is not only the engine of the train is topped with a massive cannon on a rotating turret. Trailing behind the train are four cars, securely locked. Once the train has halted at the end of the rail and Burlock Damminson has emerged and issued forth is ultimatum the fight begins, and with it the fireworks! If you thought clearing the hall was a pain just wait until you face the fight ahead! Burlock Damminson is a 66 MPAT level 58 Engineer lord. Unlike other bosses in Karaz-a-Karak his weapons are not embedded with powerful runes, well not the weapons on his person at any rate. Instead his runes are present elsewhere… The first weapon he will utilize will become active when the fight starts. Burlock Damminson will give the go ahead for the crew in the train to begin the fight and it will begin to blast away at the invaders. After a few seconds he will use his first rune, the Rune of Reloading – which will increase the rate of fire of the train cannon. This cannon can be disabled in one of two ways – a melee dps lock picks into the engine and slaughters the crew OR option two (the fun one) you lob a character up onto a swinging cannon hoisted in the air using a make shift seesaw catapult. This would ideally be done while Burlock Damminson’s train is pulling into the Engineer Guild and not during the fight and would be a game of ratios based off of armor classes. Each class of armor (light, medium, heavy) would be assigned its own value and a certain value would be needed for the person being lobbed to land on the swinging cannon. Too little weight and the projectile-person falls short; too much weight and well… there’s that lava chasm remember? A few shots from the suspended cannon would be suffice to blow up the engine-car’s cannon but would attract the attention of Burlock Damminson and he would lob a grenade up to blow the operator off onto the ground, knocking them down for a short amount of time. At every following 20% interval Burlock Damminson would unleash a random siege weapon from the remaining four train cars. The Master Rune of Defense would signal a grand Organ Gun which could only be damaged, its crew would be immune to damage; its specialty would be area-of-effect damage with knock backs and crowd control. The Master Rune of Disguise would signal the entrance of a cloaked Axe Hewer which would specialize in smaller area of effect damage with higher damage values; this siege weapon would move about the chamber and require seeing the direction the axes were coming from to find it and destroy it. The Rune of Burning would signal the entrance of a Flame Cannon which would specialize in area of effect damage-over-time damage. The Master Rune of Immolation would signal the entrance of a special gyrocopter which would drop bombs on targets below causing small amounts of damage but staggers and would primarily require range dps to take down; however, if it is destroyed the crew will crash it into a random target for burst damage.
Upon defeating Burlock Damminson he has an ‘x’% chance of dropping repairable Monarch Gloves for range and melee dps classes. He would also have an ‘x’% chance of dropping a dagger for Zealots – “Molten Skinflayer of Weeping Blood”

Shatterin’ Da Fiery Anvil : Temple of Grungi
Phase 1: Destroy the six lesser anvils

Karaz-a-Karak Library
Access to the Western Lower reaches are either via the ramp from the Hall of Kings or a rail line connecting the Western Lower Reaches to the Eastern Lower Reaches. This rail line is a quest which puts all members in a mine cart and speeds them under the Hall of Kings through the hostile corridors of the Oathbearers – the whole trip you speed down the passageway you take damage so you can either attempt to heal through it or use Shield of the Skies to mitigate the damage taken (you move too fast to kill any one attacker). Access to the Temple of Grungi itself is via the Karaz-a-Karak Library which is defended by the rune priests of Karaz-a-Karak. These very same rune priests populate the hall of the Temple of Grungi as they toil away on the hammers infusing weapons with powerful runes. Claiming the rally flag inside the library will halt the stream of rune priests from the side chambers.

The Temple of Grungi
The Temple is where the lesser anvils are located that need to be destroyed. Each is defended by a host of rune priests. Behind each anvil workshops are filled with weapons of war and blacksmiths quick to arm themselves with the lethal implements. The chamber is transected by streams of lava which if the invaders fall into will do large amounts of damage and eventually kill them. Once the six anvils on the sides of the Temple of Grungi have been destroyed, the public quest advances to the next stage as the large doors to the north open.

Kragg the Grim
Rune Lord Kragg the Grim is a 66 MPAT level 58 Rune Priest lord. He will utilize every tool in the Rune Priest arsenal to fend off the invaders. He will approach the Anvil of Doom suspended over the lava pit and once at the Anvil of Doom he will become attack-able. The Anvil of Doom can itself be targeted and destroyed to weaken his powers, but doing so will deal damage back to the attacker as it can only be attacked from melee range. Kragg the Grim is armed with a greatstaff and hammer, both inscribed with powerful runes: The Master Rune of Valaya allows him to increase the cast time of magic casters and silence them; the Master Rune of Spell Binding allows him to dispell effects on himself; the Rune of the Furnace causes him to take less elemental damage; and the Rune of Shielding causes him to take 50% less damage from attacks that are dealt over 50 feet. (coincidentally the radius of the platform). Kragg the Grim will slam his hammer onto the Anvil of Doom for aoe burst damage and single target elemental damage. His special attack is he will invoke the Master Rune of Kragg the Grim and slam his hammer on the Anvil of Doom causing the lava streams to surge forward, both dealing damage to those close to their edges and launching lava bombs into the air which fall randomly about the chamber – the damage from these can be mitigated with the Shield of the Skies. Should Kragg the Grim be defeated before his Anvil of Doom is destroyed he will self resurrect to 50% and fight on, keep in mind the Anvil is suppose to be rather hard to destroy.
Upon defeating Kragg the Grim he has an ‘x’% chance of dropping repairable Monarch Gloves for healers and tanks. He also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a staff for a Magus – “Warpstaff of Twisting Ruin”.

I’m going to be brief with all my dwarf lore because in all honesty I don’t know very much. Burlock Damminson is the Guildmaster of the Engineer Guild – whether or not he is in Karaz-a-Karak I do not know. Kragg the Grimm is the oldest Rune Lord living, in fact I believe he is among the oldest dwarves living. Due to his age and wisdom, he has seen many rune priests grow lazy and hasty in their ways, producing weapons of far inferior craftsmanship than those of ages past. For that reason he is constantly upset (hence the name ‘The Grim’) and chooses to reside deep in the mountains of Karaz-a-Karak seldom coming to the upper halls. However, despite his negative attitude, rune priests from all around Karak Ankor come to hear his words of wisdom.

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