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Karaz-a-Karak – Grand Floor

Two galleries run above the Hall of Kings with a massive bridge spanning across the hall connecting the two sides, known as the Sky Bridge of Kings. To the west lay the citadel of the High King, the Hall of A Thousand Pillars. To the east lay the Hall of Grudges, a hall of scarred memories where the wrongs committed against all the dwarves of Karak Ankor are recorded. Each Hold has its own Dammaz Kron, or Book of Grudges, but the Dammaz Kron in the Hall of Grudges is the ultimate tome of grudges. Although in different parts of Karaz-a-Karak the complex rises many more floors above the Grand Floor, this floor is noted as the grandest of them all for its importance to all of Karak Ankor.
High above the Grand Floor lay the Mountaintop Cannon Battery firing down upon the invading Greenskins. Sheltered within the mountain on this very same level is the Gyrocopter Hanger of Karaz-a-Karak, a massive hanger of scores of the flying machines which greatly aid the defense of the Hold. One pair of hanger doors opens to the outside world, another opens to the Hall of Kings so that the machines can be transported from the Engineer’s Guild up to the Gyrocopter Hanger. Mighty warriors guard theses floors, for these floors represent the very identity of the dwarves and shall not be conquered without a brutal fight.

Anudda Grudge For Ya : Hall of Grudges
Phase 1: Defeat the champions guarding the Book of Grudges

Hall of Grudges
The Hall of Grudges is modeled much like Karak Kadrin and its defenders are indeed primarily slayers. The immediate task in the massive hall is clearing all the slayers milling about the room and advancing the battle past the massive doors. Once the invaders have established a foothold within the Hall, they can set their sights on the Book of Grudges. Though the regular slayers in the hall are easier fights, the true fight begins when one approaches the Book of Grudges. Guarding the Book of Grudges are the two champions of the Slayers: Gotrek Gurnisson and Snorri Nosebiter. For the sake of this fight both Gorek and Snorri are considered 32 MPAT level 50 Slayer heroes. The ease of clearing the Hall of Grudges is compensated for in the fight with these two. Gotrek’s mastery points are fully into the Giant-Slayer tree (thus he wields a great weapon and focuses on burst damage) and Snorri’s mastery points are primarily in the Vermin-Slayer tree (he wields an axe and a hammer and focuses on area-of-effect damage). Gotrek’s mighty axe is also infused with a powerful rune (it is rumored to be one of Grimnir’s axes) which will heal him over time and any of his allies within 30 feet of him. The key feature of this fight is that Snorri must be defeated first, because if Gotrek dies, then dim-witted Snorri goes ape-shit on the invaders (the idea being that Gotrek is keeping his anger in check). Once Gotrek reaches 50% health the fight ends moving onto the second stage – the undefeated champions will become Lords for the next stage so the idea is to defeat Snorri so you do not have to handle three lords.

Ungrim Ironfist
Ungrim Ironfist is the Slayer-King of Karak Kadrin, the Slayer Keep. For this fight he is a 33 MPAT level 58 lord with a focus on the Troll-Slayer tree. Essentially once he see’s Gotrek going down he intervenes in the fight (I know someone’s going to start whining and saying that Gotrek would kick Ungrim’s butt, but that’s not the point. We’re going to assume that hierarchy = skill). Should both Snorri and Gotrek survive the first phase then both will also be 33 MPAT level 50 lords, but if you succeed in defeating Snorri then only Gotrek will join the king in the fight as a 33 MPAT level 50 lord. Gotrek will carry over his single target burst damage and aoe heal abilities, but the main force in the fight is Ungrim Ironfist. Ungrim Ironfist’s axe is infused with four powerful runes to aide his struggle: the Grudge Rune which increase the aggro of invaders who are farther away; the Master Rune of Fear which decreases the morale and action point regeneration of the invaders; the Master Rune of Kadrin which increases his damage by ‘x’% to targets within 20 feet; and the Master Rune of Fate which increases his chance to parry and dodge – the emphasis of the runes being that he wants his targets to be closer so he can do more damage to them. Ungrim Ironfist will have a naturally higher aggro-table for greenskins during this fight. Gotrek will dance around his target throughout the fight so that although a tank may hold aggro, he will constantly circle around the tank, trying to get at his backside. Additionally Ungrim Ironfist has a rage meter much like the slayers, but instead of his building by time in combat, his builds by time standing still – he is an ancy fellow! Should is rage meter fill then he will give out a massive burst of aoe damage which will wipe the group, so the tank holding Ungrim has to keep him constantly moving. So how does one go about the fight, well many points to keep in mind. First off, the tanks have to be close enough so that the tank holding Gotrek does not pull aggro on Ungrim because he is too far (due to the Grudge Rune on Ungrim’s axe). Secondly, the group has to stay as close to Undgrim’s back to not pull aggro due to distance but they cannot be at his front due to his aoe damage. Thirdly, Undgrim has to be constantly moving or he will enrage, so in effect the tank holding Ungrim has to kite him around Gotrek while the rest of the group follows. Lastly, Gotrek has to be defeated first because his axe will heal Undgrim to the point where he will enrage before he can be defeated.
Upon defeating Ungrim Ironfist he has an ‘x’% chance of dropping repairable Monarch Shoulders for range and melee dps classes. He also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a staff for a Shaman – “Da Greatest Grudge”.

The Skies Are Oathbound : Sky Bridge of Kings

Phase 1: Attempt to cross the sky-bridge

Upper Levels
This is one of those ‘explore for your own benefit’ public quests. The Sky Bridge of Kings is lightly defended in terms of trash mobs, but the true battle lay in the skies. The Mountaintop Cannon Battery is a large outdoor ledge on the mountain firing down upon the invaders. Destroying the Cannon Battery allows you to summon Wyverns as air support for the fights in Karaz-a-Karak’s Main Floor. So in fact this should be one of the first places the invaders clear should they desire air support, however limited it is. The Gyrocopter Hanger however pertains directly to the fight on the Sky Bridge. It is defended heavily by elite dwarven warriors. The main task on hand is to damage the mechanism that opens the hanger doors unto the Hall of Kings. Additionally some of the gyrocopters in the hanger can be destroyed to lower the amount of stress later in the fight. However, the only way to damage the mechanism opening the door is with black powder kegs, and likewise the only way to blow up the gyrocopters is with the same black powder kegs – which exist in a limited supply on the Mountaintop Cannon Battery. The choice is yours – destroy more gyrocopters for lower numbers, or destroy the mechanism operating the Hanger doors for a delay in gyrocopter deployment.

Sky Bridge of Kings
The main task for this public quest can be achieved in a matter of seconds really, all you have to do is reach the middle of the bridge within the aggro range of the boss who is already standing there. Whether or not you took precautions in securing the skies… well that depends on how well you read into the clue in the title of the public quest.

Durgrim Redmane
The boss for this public quest is already waiting for you on the bridge, a tempting bait for you to activate as hastily as possible. He is a level 58 Oathbearer Lord. Durgrim Redmane is armed with a powerful hammer, one he claims is the mythical Hammer of Kadrin Redmane, his ancestor. His hammer is infused with four runes: The Master Rune of Skalf Blackhammer which allows him to debuff his targets wounds by ‘x’ for 20 seconds; the Master Rune of Swiftness which increases his attack speed by 50%; the Rune of Shielding which decreases the damage he receives from ranged attacks over 50 feet by ‘x’%; and the Master Rune of Groth One-Eye which means his is stubborn and will not move from his position on the bridge. However, like any dwarf that is stubborn and will not move, mechanisms are in place to ensure that you do not simply range him down. Remember those gyrocopters in the Hanger? Well he will randomly call upon them to aid him in his battle and they will fly down on bombing runs and drop bombs to blast the invaders either off the sky bridge down to the Hall of Kings below, or closer towards him so he can show some love. If you did not blow up the mechanism that operates the hanger doors then they join in the fight seconds after it starts; if you destroyed the mechanism then you have a minute of alone time with Durgrim. Also depending on how many gyrocopters you destroyed, the bombing runs will run anywhere from one gyrocopter to three. The bombs can additionally be deflected by healers using Shield of the Skies (but be careful you do not deflect them into your friendly players). Durgrim Redman’s abilities consist of an aoe knock-back and a very high block rate. He also has a aggro table that is based on range, if a new player enters his sphere they instantly build a burst of aggro, so if anyone is blown into him by a bomb they will very likely pull his aggro. The difficulty in the fight lays in negotiating the gyrocopters that are flying above and remaining fluid enough in combat to avoid being knocked over the edge or into Durgrim Redmane.
Upon defeating Durgrim Redmane he has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a repairable Monarch Jewelry piece for melee dps classes. He also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a healing dagger for Disciples of Khaine – “Soul Bearer”.

The three slayers I chose exist in lore – Gotrek and Snorri primarily in the slayer novels, although Gotrek does have a model for tabletop. Ungrim Ironfist is the Slayerking of Karak Kadrin and exists in a little bit of a paradox because when a slayer takes the slayer oath they forsake all titles of nobility, yet Ungrim is the king of slayers. But what do I know about dwarf lore… not much! Durgrim Redmane is the primary narrator in the Dwarf Army book describing all the different classes to the young-uns.

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