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Karak Eight Peaks – Introduction

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Karak Eight Peaks, the newest addition in the Great Book of Grudges. Seized by Skarsnik and his horde of Night Goblins, the defenders were finally overwhelmed by the arrival of the Bloody Sun Boyz. A greenskin tribe with no previous reputation, suddenly accelerated to the most dangerous horde in the known world by mysterious gifts which empowered its two leaders, the Bloody Sun Boyz pushed into Karak Eight Peaks and slaughtered the last dwarven defenders in the citadel and pushed the skaven back deep under the city. Now the city lies firmly in the hands of the greenskin hordes and the Bloody Sun Boyz with the aid of Malekith have set their eyes on Karaz-a-Karak. The Oathbearers have been formed to counter this threat and avenge the great grudge of the fall of Karak Eight Peaks.
Once one of the mightiest Holds of the southern Holds along the World’s Edge Mountains, Karak Eight Peaks was a great center of commerce. It gained its name from the eight mountains that formed a natural amphitheater; Karag Lhune, Karag Rhyn, Karag Nar, and Kvinn-Wyr (also known as the White Lady) in the west, and Karag Zilfin, Karag Yar, Karag Mhonar, and Karagril (also known as Silverhorn) in the east. To the south a great flat granite monolith lay between the two southernmost massive mountains known as ‘the Anvil’. From the amphitheater a great entrance lead into the halls of each mountain. Behind the massive gates of Karak Eight Peaks a massive fortress lay as a second line of defense. Within the valley itself there was a tavern, inns, and a market square – all to facilitate trade and commerce. The pinnacle of  each mountain crowned by a massive bastion forming the very crenelations of the grand wall that circled the dwarven stronghold. The defenses were so impregnable that it was sworn that Karak Eight Peaks will never fall. That was until the mines were breached…
The massive fortress Hold was overly prepared for an attack from above ground, but underground, they never expected anything. And then new tunnels began to open, mines began to collapse from being undermined. Then the skaven and greenskins began to pour into the tunnels and mines. The Hold was under attack from within – the impregnable defenses on the mountains proved useless against this threat. Hall by hall, mountain by mountain, Karak Eight Peaks was overrun by children of Chaos. The last defenders barricaded themselves in the Kings hall in Karagril, the Citadel of Karak Eight Peaks. The Night Goblins of Skarsnik could not break the defenses, and then the Bloody Sun Boyz came and through sheer strength in numbers overwhelmed the defenders and slaughtered them all. After but a few decades the dwarven architecture was defaced and destroyed and ramshackle villages sprang up clinging to every possible column, mountain, and flat piece of ground. Now the Oathbears march back with eyes of vengeance. Karak Eight Peaks will be reclaimed. The tides of greenskin will be turned back. Karak Ankor will shine once more!
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