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Karak Eight Peaks – Git Villages

The most visible scar on Karak Eight Peaks is on the surface of the mountains. What took centuries of stonemasons to carve, the greenskins defaced in a matter of days. Monumental statues of bygone kings were toppled and in their place crude effigies to the dual gods of the greenskins, Gork and Mork, rose. Clinging to the sides of the mountains creaking ramps and staircases scale the mountainsides creaking with the slightest wind giving indication of shoddy craftsmanship and stressed joints. Intricate stone edifices, balconies, and plazas were defaced and in the shadows of the once-glorious works of the dwarves arose hundreds upon hundreds of crude dwellings. Attached to every scrap of rock was a greenskin hut, perhaps some towers and alters, and connecting all these rickety platforms were equally rickety bridges. The whole area surrounding Karak Eight Peaks was deforested as the dwellings sprang up like mushrooms. Dozens of villages lay claim to different portions of the mountains, ever vying for greater control of a particular mountain.
What was once the grand wall of Karak Eight Peaks connecting eight grand towers on the peaks of the mountains is now but a reminder of a bygone past. To the greenskins whose simple mentality states that sheer strength in numbers will overwhelm any force, with the exception of a fortified position, the fortifications of Karak Eight Peaks are nothing but relics of the dwarves and destroying them would prevent the dwarves from ever establishing a foothold in these lands again. Instead of maintaining and fortifying the walls, the greenskins officially let the walls decay; the goblins were encouraged to take stones from the walls to build their crude dwellings. The towers fell into decay, taken over by petty chiefs and turned into strongholds dominating the villages. The craftsmanship of the dwarves however proved to be the most enduring factor of the grand wall and its bastions. The greenskins were too lazy to pry apart the massive stones of the walls. Instead time and the elements slowly took their toll as certain sections were swept away in mudslides or collapsed under strain and a lack of maintenance; in the place of these missing sections simple crude replacements arose from swinging rope-bridges to piles of logs and rubble.
The only section of Karak Eight Peaks devoid of greenskin shanties are the Wyvern Cliffs, the inward sections of Karag Yar and Karag Mhonar which the Bloody Sun Boyz demanded be left to the massive beasts of prey so they could have winged mounts. Any git foolish enough to wander to this section of the mountains is bound to end up as dinner.

Reclaiming The Eight Peaks : The Grand Wall & The Anvil
Phase 1: Burn the Gobbo Slums

Crumblin’ Stuntie Wall
This public quest is a dual access public quest. This means that there are two routes into completing the objective: the shorter harder route, or the longer easier route. First we shall discuss the longer easier route which is the Crumblin’ Stuntie Wall, or as it was known in the days of the dwarves, the Grand Wall. This wall snakes up and down the eight mountains the compose Karak Eight Peaks, each peak crowned by a bastion, and connecting in the south along the flat granite megalith known as The Anvil. Dozens of villages stretch across the mountains and each bastion is the stronghold of a petty warlord of the mountain. Literally thousands of goblins and orcs crawl over these mountains in the villages, calling this place their home. The mountain villages and wall are accessible at multiple points via stairs scaling the sides of the mountains, however the intended start of this leg of the journey is atop the grand gate of Karak Eight Peaks. The ultimate goal of this public quest is the area on The Anvil known as the Gobbo Slums, which can be reached going either east or west along the wall.
Now there are two ways to approach this route – you can split up into two groups and go both ways in a pincer maneuver and converge on the Gobbo Slums from both sides, or go as a team and clear only one side. There is, however, an advantage to clearing both sides. Each bastion along the Crumblin’ Stuntie Wall has a banner atop it, a banner which can be claimed as part of the reclamation of Eight Peaks, doing so may ease the fight at the end… who can say? At dozens of points along the wall rope-bridges and earthen ramps connect the mountain villages to the Wall, from these points hordes of greenskins will pour out onto the wall to slow your progress, however have no fear they are no match for your Excelsior warded self and die easily and as a special caveat of this fight, every crowd control ability has the function of knocking a greenskin off the wall tumbling down the mountain to their doom. So there’s a lot of trash, but its not intended to kill you (unless you go to fast and let yourself get overwhelmed). The intended function of this fight is to push along the wall slowly clearing the hordes in front of you and using your two ‘Purifiers’ (for a description of this role go back to the father post of this chain of posts) to burn the bridges or platforms or whatever (everything really) and cut the gobbos off from the wall. The optional-exploration-friendly task is to capture the bastions. For the sake of this fight, both the Commander and Second in Command (again for a description of these roles refer to that post) can capture flags atop the bastions. As an additional note these cliffs and mountains are also the launching points for the doom reaper catapults, and destroying them will ease your journey along the valley floor, but approaching these requires navigation deep into the mountain villages. Be alert though for these doom reapers and wyverns will assail you along the way on the wall. Punt gobbos into the abyss, set their houses on fire, capture the flags, call gyrocopters on bombing runs for more gobbo-flying madness, descend upon the Gobbo Slums and set them on fire!

The Gobbo Slums
The second option is the route of direct attack. You can opt to run down the valley floor and ascend the ramp directly under the Gobbo Slums, however rest assured this ramp will be more heavily defended – expect champions and heroes. The Gobbo Slums themselves are populated with the elite of the goblins and lighting them on fire from this direct route of assault will be far more difficult than lighting them on fire from the mountain tops. The Gobbo Slums are also crawling with a greater variety of tools the enemy will use against you, such as rock lobbas to knock you down the ramp, ranged and magic casters, and overall better equipped enemies.

Guthnog Brittlenose
Guthnog Brittlenose is a level 58 Lord and the Warboss of the Gobbo Slums. He sits atop his mighty platform which rises above The Anvil and from here he commands his minions. He demands tributes from his underlings who rule from the fallen bastion-strongholds, and they in turn demand tribute from the petty chiefs of the Mountain Villages. Guthnog is armed with two sets of weapons: he has a greatsword called Head Loppa which gives him a much higher crit rate and longer reach for damage, and his second set is a smaller weapon called Sneaky Skewerer which gives him a higher armor penetration which is paired with the Spiteful Shield which deals damage back to melee attackers. He will rotate these weapon sets randomly to keep his attackers on their toes. In addition to this he has a few mechanics to throw at his attackers: at each 20% health interval he will summon goblin champions from the Gobbo Slums and bastions (four from the Gobbo Slums and two from each tower) and they will arrive in different 15 second intervals, with the four from the slums reaching the platform immediately followed by the next four from the nearest towers in 15 seconds, and the four from the furthest towers reaching you in a minute. Now if you claimed the towers then goblin champions will not spawn from those towers (depending on which you claimed) but the champions from the Gobbo Slums will always spawn. In addition to this doom reapers will fly by randomly harassing your party members and knocking them back a short distance – if you are too close to the edge of the platform then you will get knocked off. And lastly Guthnog can summon a snotling wave which will rush a random target, typically the one farthest away from him, and lift them up onto their backs and carry them off into a giant cooking pot. This person will get tossed in and slowly die until someone destroys the cooking pot and breaks them free.
Upon defeating Guthnog Brittlenose he has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a Monarch Cape for tanks. He also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a sword for Shadow Warriors – “Blade of Vengeance” and a spanner for Engineers – “Eight Peaks Reclaimer”.

So my knowledge of greenskin lore is about as deep as that of dwarves… So anyway, Guthnog Brittlenose is the only named goblin I could find and he comes from the first Warhammer scenario ‘The Ziggurat”.  That’s all I’ve got.

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