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Karak Eight Peaks – Bloody Sun Basin

October 26, 2010 2 comments

What was once known as Eight Peaks Valley, is now known to the greenskins as the Bloody Sun Basin. The vast valley was once crowned by the Ironhold, a mighty dwarven fortress overlooking the massive gates of the city, acting as a second line of defense. When the valley floor was stormed the Ironhold held out the longest, naturally. The sheer strength of numbers the greenskins could muster could not overcome the defenses of the Ironhold. The crude simple siege equipment of the greenskins could not batter down the walls and were demolished by the cannon batteries of the Ironhold. Wave after wave of greenskins eventually produced the one access to the Ironhold that the dwarves could not counter, a ramp of the dead and wounded reaching the height of the walls. Nothing could be done against against this, and soon the greenskin hordes were pouring into the Ironhold and slaughtering its defenders. Over the skeleton and ruins of the Ironhold a greenskin fort took shape, under the new command of the Bloody Sun Boyz, and so it was known as the Bloody Sun Fort.
Before the Ironhold even fell the greenskins made short work of destroying the other buildings and their defenders in the Eight Peaks Valley. Snorri’s Tavern was converted into a siege workshop for the construction of rock lobbas, and the Inns of Valaya were turned into a target range for the lobba crews. Around the Merchants Square a crude arena arose, its intricate diagrams cursed to soak up the ichor of the greenskins. This arena would be known as the Blood Pit and here the champions of the greenskins would vie for the position of the Bestest. Read more…