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Karak Eight Peaks – Bloody Sun Basin

What was once known as Eight Peaks Valley, is now known to the greenskins as the Bloody Sun Basin. The vast valley was once crowned by the Ironhold, a mighty dwarven fortress overlooking the massive gates of the city, acting as a second line of defense. When the valley floor was stormed the Ironhold held out the longest, naturally. The sheer strength of numbers the greenskins could muster could not overcome the defenses of the Ironhold. The crude simple siege equipment of the greenskins could not batter down the walls and were demolished by the cannon batteries of the Ironhold. Wave after wave of greenskins eventually produced the one access to the Ironhold that the dwarves could not counter, a ramp of the dead and wounded reaching the height of the walls. Nothing could be done against against this, and soon the greenskin hordes were pouring into the Ironhold and slaughtering its defenders. Over the skeleton and ruins of the Ironhold a greenskin fort took shape, under the new command of the Bloody Sun Boyz, and so it was known as the Bloody Sun Fort.
Before the Ironhold even fell the greenskins made short work of destroying the other buildings and their defenders in the Eight Peaks Valley. Snorri’s Tavern was converted into a siege workshop for the construction of rock lobbas, and the Inns of Valaya were turned into a target range for the lobba crews. Around the Merchants Square a crude arena arose, its intricate diagrams cursed to soak up the ichor of the greenskins. This arena would be known as the Blood Pit and here the champions of the greenskins would vie for the position of the Bestest.

The Setting Sun : Bloody Sun Fort
Phase 1: Claim the Fort Banner

Bloody Sun Fort
The Bloody Sun Fort can be approached from two directions. The invaders can either choose a direct assault with the aid of siege weapons against the front door while battling the defenders and fending off the oil. Alternatively they can scale the cliffs above the fort and approach from the top in one of two ways: they can capture a doom reaper catapult  in the western mountains and attempt to glide onto the roof with varied chances of success, or they can cross the bridge from the eastern mountains. The siege aspect takes a little longer in terms of battering the door down, but only a little longer than scaling the mountain and crossing from either side.
The fort itself is defended by elite of the Bloody Sun Boyz. These are champion mobs with high block and pretty hefty damage. They are crawling all over the fort and even emerging from underground chambers. The first task is establishing and securing a foothold regardless of what side you approach from. This foothold would be the main floor of the keep, which once claimed will allow you to open the doors from the inside if you approached from the top. Failing to secure the ground floor will cause issues in clearing the fort. The Fort Banner itself is above the gate house near the lord’s room (the lord’s room itself is inaccessible until the fort banner is claimed because the ramp leading up to the room has to be lowered from inside, which the lord wont do until you upset him). Once you have claimed the Fort Banner ready yourself, because the lord is angry and coming down to you!

Skargaz Gutrippa
Skargaz Gutrippa is the warboss of the Bloody Sun Boyz, the second in command of Gazbag and Grumlok. He is a level 58 lord armed with a deadly two handed axe, the Bloody Sun Axe, which allows him to deal corporeal damage and have a higher chance to critically hit. In terms of abilities and mechanics he has a shield crusher ability which will reduce his targets chance to block by ‘x’% and stagger them for a few seconds, this can be cleansed. He also has incredibly powerful knockdowns and knockbacks – so powerful that when he uses them he destroys portions of the fort. So when he knocks someone back, hitting a wall wont stop them because the force of the blow will destroy the wall and send the person outside the fort perimeter. As the fight progresses he will gradually descend the fort as he smashes more and more scenery. Also at random intervals he will call for goblin reinforcements which cross the rope bridge connected to the western mountains – this rope bridge can be burned by your Purifier to halt these reinforcements. And lastly he can summon a wyvern hero from the Wyvern Cliffs who will land on the fort and aid Skargaz with aoe cleaves and snares.
Upon defeating Skargaz Gutrippa he has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a repairable Monarch Cape for melee dps classes. He also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a tome for a Warrior Priest – “Tome of the Blooded Sun”

No Use Cryin’ Over Spilled Blood : Blood Pit
Phase 1: Sound the Horn of Challenge

Rock Lobba Mill & Lobba Target Range
Although it is not indicated as part of this public quest, it would behoove the curious to examine these areas and clear them of the nasty’s. The Rock Lobba Mill is the old tavern of Karak Eight Peaks and is mainly inhabited by the goblin engineers of the Bloody Sun Boyz horde. Although these engineers are champions and no serious fight, defeating them would be a very helpful task, for in defeating them you decrease the rate of fire of the Rock Lobbas. Capture the Rock Lobba Mill and claim it in the name of Karak Ankor and the Oathbearers.
The Lobba Target Range is an area under constant fire, meaning you will take damage everywhere you are, you wont know when and how much. The trick to this area is to try and hug scenery and tall walls to avoid damage from the Rock Lobba’s themselves, but be wary for if the missile hits the structure you’re hiding behind, you may have more surprises in store. The area is lightly defended by goblins and Rock Lobba crews, the true threat comes from the unseen missiles raining down on the dwarven structures. Claim the Lobba Target Range and destroy the Rock Lobbas within to lower the accuracy of the Rock Lobbas.

Blood Pit
The Blood Pit is built on the foundations of the Market Square and it is a massive tiered arena with spectators cheering for more blood. The spectators themselves are no great threat, regular mobs easy enough to kill. The true threats are the champions vying for the title of the Bestest on the arena floor. The immediate task of the public quest is to sound the Horn of Challenge, to call forth the presence of the ‘Bestest’ the Bloody Sun Boyz have to throw at you. The champions on the arena floor are mainly orcs of different shapes and sizes, and for this reason they are a variety of heroes and champions – the set up changing every engagement. The final champion will always be Nogaz, a level 50 Choppa hero. For the sake of choppa abilities, Nogaz uses a two choppas (swords) and focuses primarily on damage-over-time abilities and area-of-effect damage. Once the champions have been defeated and one has clear access to the Horn of Challenge, the invaders can blow it and call forth the hero of the public quest.

Borgut Facebeater
Borgut Facebeater the Bestest of the Blood Pit; he is a 66 MPAT level 58 Choppa lord. This means that he will have every tool in the choppa’s arsenal at his disposal. He is armed with two weapons, a one-handed axe “Decapitata”, and a one-handed sword “Limb Taka”. Though he uses dual wield, he has access to abilities requiring great weapons. His weapons increase his parry chance and give him a higher armor penetration. In terms of special mechanics and abilities, the choppa is a complicated beast enough that he does not have any new tools in his shed. Instead the unpredictable difficult factor of the fight comes from different fronts. First of all rock lobbas will bombard the Blood Pit from the mountain sides dealing area of effect damage (which can be mitigated with Shield of the Skies); the accuracy and rate of fire of these can be lowered by taking the Rock Lobba Mill and Lobba Target Range. Secondly, there is an announcer above the arena who will constantly summon new challengers to the arena who come in the form of champions; to deal with him someone has to constantly keep him silenced or disarmed (he wont take any damage). The final factor in the fight is two fold. So long as Borgut Facebeater is standing still he will gain rage which will increase the damage he deals, to counter this  he has to be kept constantly moving. However, as an additional upper to his rage there are several war drums scattered about the tiers of the arena which will raise his bloodlust. These can be searched out and destroyed, or the orcs banging on the drums can be killed relatively easily with ranged attacks.
Upon defeating Borgut Facebeater he has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a repairable Monarch Belt for melee and ranged dps classes. He also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a greatsword for Knights of the Blazing Sun –
“Myrmidia’s Champion”.

Although I got the name for Skargaz from somewhere I do not know who he is… Borgut Facebeater however is a known character in the greenskin army. He is essentially the second in command/brother-in-arms to Grimgor Ironhide, and since Grimgor is a nasty beast himself, one would assume that the two combined were a storm of death and destruction.

  1. October 27, 2010 at 1:28 AM

    I’m always really impressed with the amount of effort you put in.

  2. Rikker
    October 27, 2010 at 10:01 AM

    What he said ;P.

    Seriously, this would be amazing to see in game sometime. I know, I know the devs aren’t interested officially… but… damn.

    Something like these would add TONS of depth to the existing content, making the game “feel” MUCH, much larger.

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