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Karak Eight Peaks – Temples of Gork and Mork

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Under the stone edifices of Karag Lhune and Karag Zilfin lay the grand halls of the dwarves, or rather what were once the grand halls of the dwarves. Each mountain was an individual stronghold, connected to the other seven karags via tunnels and passages, and within each mountain was a grand hall – the pride of the artisans of that Karag. Beneath each Hall the complex expanded into a vast network of tunnels, housing compounds, mines, smithies, and the works. It can easily be said that the hall of each Karag was its heart. In the north laid the halls of Grungi and Valaya, the prior a smithy renowned for producing fantastic axes light as a child’s toy, and the later a temple dedicated to the healing arts. Between the two lay the great Library of Karak Eight Peaks, a repository of ancient histories, grudges, and secrets of crafting trades.
And then the greenskins came. The story is known and it would be cruel to keep repeating it. Every dwarf knows of the most recent wound cut into the flesh of Karak Ankor. The greenskins were quick to topple the halls dedicated to the two mighty deities of the dwarven pantheon. The Hall of Grungi was renamed the Temple of Gork; its foundries and smithies destroyed and out of the rubble arose grim skulls grinning with sadistic pleasure – altars of Gork. Here the goblin shamans carried out spectacles and sacrifices to appease their mysterious god as an eerie green light flooded the hall emanating from a pit full of thick green slime known simply as ‘Gork’s Stuff”.
The books of the library were consumed in a massive sacrificial bonfire with heat so intense the carvings of the chamber were twisted and melted. The orcs being of little intellect and not using a written language left the hall to the goblins, and so the goblins tried to imitate the intellect of the dwarves and construct a library of their own. Animal hides were sewn together with rough images drawn and hand-prints stamped everywhere in a poor attempt to record the glorious rise of the Bloody Sun Boyz; the fallacy of this plan revealed when every goblin interpreted each picture and drawing his own way creating his own history to those he ‘read’ to. It is said that the library contains the magics of Gork and Mork…
The Hall of Valaya was renamed the Temple of Mork and taken over by the orcs who deemed that this mighty temple of the dwarves should be their own, and not the gobbo’s. Effigies of Mork arose in the place of the statues of Valaya. Light dances around the hall as fires burn night and day, eliminating any notion of time in the hall. The orcs perform mysterious rituals to appease their god, rituals that must be stopped. Read more…