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Karak Eight Peaks – Temples of Gork and Mork

Under the stone edifices of Karag Lhune and Karag Zilfin lay the grand halls of the dwarves, or rather what were once the grand halls of the dwarves. Each mountain was an individual stronghold, connected to the other seven karags via tunnels and passages, and within each mountain was a grand hall – the pride of the artisans of that Karag. Beneath each Hall the complex expanded into a vast network of tunnels, housing compounds, mines, smithies, and the works. It can easily be said that the hall of each Karag was its heart. In the north laid the halls of Grungi and Valaya, the prior a smithy renowned for producing fantastic axes light as a child’s toy, and the later a temple dedicated to the healing arts. Between the two lay the great Library of Karak Eight Peaks, a repository of ancient histories, grudges, and secrets of crafting trades.
And then the greenskins came. The story is known and it would be cruel to keep repeating it. Every dwarf knows of the most recent wound cut into the flesh of Karak Ankor. The greenskins were quick to topple the halls dedicated to the two mighty deities of the dwarven pantheon. The Hall of Grungi was renamed the Temple of Gork; its foundries and smithies destroyed and out of the rubble arose grim skulls grinning with sadistic pleasure – altars of Gork. Here the goblin shamans carried out spectacles and sacrifices to appease their mysterious god as an eerie green light flooded the hall emanating from a pit full of thick green slime known simply as ‘Gork’s Stuff”.
The books of the library were consumed in a massive sacrificial bonfire with heat so intense the carvings of the chamber were twisted and melted. The orcs being of little intellect and not using a written language left the hall to the goblins, and so the goblins tried to imitate the intellect of the dwarves and construct a library of their own. Animal hides were sewn together with rough images drawn and hand-prints stamped everywhere in a poor attempt to record the glorious rise of the Bloody Sun Boyz; the fallacy of this plan revealed when every goblin interpreted each picture and drawing his own way creating his own history to those he ‘read’ to. It is said that the library contains the magics of Gork and Mork…
The Hall of Valaya was renamed the Temple of Mork and taken over by the orcs who deemed that this mighty temple of the dwarves should be their own, and not the gobbo’s. Effigies of Mork arose in the place of the statues of Valaya. Light dances around the hall as fires burn night and day, eliminating any notion of time in the hall. The orcs perform mysterious rituals to appease their god, rituals that must be stopped.

Gork Said Stop : Temple of Gork
Phase 1: Destroy the Altars of Gork

Da Waaagh Room
Although not mentioned in the public quest prompt, this fight has two optional hidden tasks which can aid the invaders in their struggle against the boss. Off to the side of the Temple of Gork is Da Waaagh Room, which is the poor attempt of the greenskins to form a library. However, bias aside, despite its appearance and books filled with childish drawings, the room is filled with a great unexplainable power. Guarded by goblin shamans, Da Waaagh Room is the source or a potent magic, a magic that if destroyed can hamper your foes. If you chose the path of exploration then you may stumble upon the Alcove of the Little Waaagh!, a restricted chamber of the library said to contain powerful magics. Once you defeat the shaman guardians of the Alcove you can set it aflame.

Temple of Gork
The entrance of Karag Lhune leads directly into the hall that is the Temple of Gork. The hall is ringed with massive stone altars of giant skulls, each filled with the bones of the sacrificed. Naturally each altar is guarded by shamans dedicated to it and the worship of Gork and destroying an altar will require killing those who guard it. Destroying the altars is a direct enough task, but hidden in the ante-chamber of the Temple to the south is the Pool of the Waaagh which if you are in the exploring mood you will discover. This pool can be cleansed to affect the fight you face. Once enough altars have been destroyed, the anger of Gork will boil over and the slime filled pit in the middle of the chamber known simply as ‘Gork’s Stuff’ will spill over its edges flooding the chamber and dealing damage to those it touches, slowly killing them.

Emerging from the pool of Gork’s Stuff is one of the most powerful shaman known in the greenskin world, a creature of legend. Kazgi is a 66 MPAT level 58 Shaman lord. He is armed with the Skullwand of Kaloth, a powerful staff granting him immense powers. He dons the Armor of Gork, a light armor which deals corporeal damage back to its attackers. Like any shaman in WAR, Kazgi has the power to heal himself and damage his enemies; however, his healing powers can be reduced by cleansing the Pool of the Waaagh, and his corporeal damaging spells can be weakened by burning the Alcove of the Little Waaagh! In his arsenal of unique abilities, Kagzi knows the potent spells of the the Little Waagh, which deal primarily corporeal damage unlike the spells the shaman has which deal spiritual damage. The Gaze of Gork allows him to send two missiles from his staff at either one target or two targets, the damage can be mitigated with Shield of the Skies. The Foot of Gork summons a massive green foot which will kick one of his targets away. Gork’s Warpath will summon two massive feet which will chase a target around attempting to smash ‘im into bits; however, the feet may get bored and start to chase someone new, or they may get bored and wander off. Additionally, the pit of Gork’s Stuff will randomly bubble over spilling its corrosive substance around the chamber, so negotiating it will be a necessity. As a final trick Kazgi will teleport above the pit of Gork’s Stuff and call upon the Breath of Gork which creates a giant bubble around the pit slowly decreasing in size pulling all members towards the center into the pit of Gork’s Stuff, should they fall in they will slowly dissolve to death. The only way to counter this push created by the Breath of Gork is for a tank to hold the line and another tank to use ‘Bulwark’ on the tank using hold the line (due to cooldowns both will have to rotate this role). Additionally the bubble will deal damage which healers will have to heal through. The bubble can either be held long enough til Kazgi’s strength dissipates or it can be destroyed. Once the bubble is destroyed or dissolved, Kazgi will return to the floor to fight his foes once more until he is defeated. Once Kazgi is beaten down the Skullwand of Kaloth will remain ‘alive’ attempting to give life back to its master – the Skullwand must be destroyed before it reanimates Kazgi.
Upon defeating Kazgi he (it?) has an ‘x’% chance of dropping repairable Monarch Boots for tanks and healers. Kazgi also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a one-handed axe for Slayers – “Waaagh-Slayer”.

For Valaya! For Karak Ankor! : Temple of Mork
Phase 1: Light the Effigy of Mork on fire

Temple of Mork
The Temple of Mork is the hall dedicated to the school of magic known to the greenskins as the ‘Big Waaagh!’. It is populated and defended by savage orc shamans loyal to the Bloody Sun Boyz. Once elegant statues of dwarven kings have had their heads loped off and replaced with effigies. At the head of the hall the massive statue of Valaya has been toppled and replaced by a gruesome effigy of Mork  ever glistening red, presumably with the blood of living sacrifices and given the lack of animal bones one wonders who the living were. Light the effigy of Mork on fire and give Valaya the honor she deserves.

Once the effigy of Mork has been lit on fire a dreadful screech fills the hall as Mork cries out for vengeance. The braziers are all blown out and the hall is emerged in darkness, a darkness so uneasy and unnerving that even the iron will of the Oathbearers shows signs of bending. Entering the room from an unknown location is Wurrzag, a mighty savage orc shaman atop his blood-thirsty boar, Goresnout. Wurrzag is a level 58 Orc Shaman lord armed with the Staff of Baduumm, which augments the power of the Big Waaagh! Goresnout is a level 50 lord and for the purpose of this fight he will be the primary target affected by the main tank’s taunts, while challenge will affect both Goresnout and Wurrzag. If Wurrzag is not held by the main tank then he will randomly attack other invaders. Goresnout primarily deals corporeal burst damage and a blood infection which is a damage-over-time ability that can be cleasned; additionally he will randomly gain the blood-scent of a random target and charge at them with Wurrzag in tow. Goresnout’s damage is intended to be high enough so that the invaders kill him first to deal with one boss. If Wurrzag dies before Goresnout, the boar enrages and goes on an uncontrollable frenzy – meaning no one can hold aggro on him, although his damage and abilities will not change much.
Wurrzag uses several abilities granted to him by Mork and the knowledge of the Big Waaagh! His primary attack is the Gaze of Mork which is a single target missile dealing spirit damage to his target. He can buff Goresnout with an ability called ‘Eadbutt which will increase Goresnout’s damage; this ability can be severed. Wurrzag can call forth the spell Bash ‘Em Ladz which will summon forth a wave of trash mob savage orc spirits to harass the invaders the farthest away from Wurrzag. And as a final trick Wurrzag can call upon the Blood of Mork to rain down upon the invaders dealing corporeal damage; this ability’s damage can be mitigated with Shield of the Skies or Deflect Oil. Wurrzag can also cleanse himself and will do so often removing debuffs and DoTs, making this fight more of a burst damage fight as DoTs will have minimum impact. If Goresnout dies and Wurrzag is forced to go on foot he will temporarily channel the power of the Big Waaagh! and take on the image of a vile beast. He may turn into a wyvern and fly about the chamber raining death from above. He may turn into a chaos arachnid  and poison his enemies and web them in place. He may turn into a saber-prowler and drag his enemies off into different corners of the chamber. Given enough damage he will be knocked out of this state and put back into his orc form.
Upon defeating Wurrzag, he/it has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a repairable Monarch Cape for healers. Wurrzag also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a pistol for Witch Hunters – “Purger of Heresy”.

Kazgi is just a goblin shaman said to have taken the Skullwand of Kaloth and disappeared with it, little is known of him. Wurrzag is a savage orc shaman exiled from his tribe by another shaman, but he came back when his powers were greater and defeated that shaman only to find out he wasn’t really interested in the job of head-tribal-shaman. He then wandered off in search of the ‘Once and Future Git’ – the greenskin rumored to unite all the tribes and lead the mighests Waaagh! ever.

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