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Karak Eight Peaks – Da Dark Places

October 28, 2010 5 comments

When Karak Eight Peaks was first assailed, it was from under ground. The first places overrun by the greenskins were the tunnels and mine shafts. Slowly the tide poured through the upper levels and eventually broke through to the ground level halls. As the battle for Karak Eight Peaks wore on week after week, month after month, the battle of attrition began to take its toll on the dwarven defenders, while the hordes of greenskin seemed to suffer no dent in their numbers despite suffering losses by the hundreds daily. As the dwarves pulled warriors off of the Grand Wall and the Karag bastions to defend the halls, the defenses on the surface and outside world of Karak Eight Peaks were drastically thinned.
The greenskin assault on Karak Eight Peaks was led by Skarsnik, warlord of the Crooked Moon tribe of the World’s Edge Mountains. The first ground-level hall to fall to the Crooked Moon tribe of night goblins was the hall of Karag Rhyn, and soon after adjoining Karag Nar fell as well. By the time the Bloody Sun Boyz arrived, the defenses of the outside world of Karak Eight Peaks were so drastically thinned to hold back the tide of night goblins underground, that the Bloody Sun Boyz poured across the mountain bastions and valley floor like an unstoppable deluge, only the Ironhold held out.
By this time the night goblins of the Crooked Moon tribe had evicted the dwarves from all underground passages and were waging a vicious war with skaven in the mines and tunnels, and the Silver-Station of Karak Eight Peaks was firmly in their hands – effectively cutting off the four remaining pockets of dwarven resistance off from each other: the Ironhold, the Halls of Grungi and Valaya, the Hall of the White Lady, and the Citadel of the King of Eight Peaks. The Bloody Sun Boyz quickly remedied the situation with a brutal assault on the halls of Grungi and Valaya and the southern hall of the Hall of the White Lady – a battle so long and vicious that no doubt one day legends will be told of it. Turning their attention back to the Ironhold, the Bloody Sun Boyz left the Citadel to the Crooked Moon tribe to waste their efforts on. For months the battles over these last two pockets of resistance waged on, neither greenskin faction showing signs of success and rumors of dwarven reinforcements from the north arriving soon on the greenskins tongues. Eventually the greenskin bodies piling up in front of the Ironhold created a ramp for the Bloody Sun Boyz to scale over onto the walls of the Ironhold. With this last above-ground dwarven pocket captured all that was left was the Citadel.
With the fall of the Citadel the greenskins made a pact to split rule over Karak Eight Peaks with what seemed to the Bloody Sun Boyz as a fair deal. The Bloody Sun Boyz due to sheer physical strength would gain the above ground realm and half the mountain halls; the Crooked Moon tribe would get the smaller four mountain halls, the Silver-Station, and all the underground tunnels and mines. Unbeknown to the Bloody Sun Boyz, they got the short end of the stick as the realm underground of the vast mines and tunnels was many times larger than the above-ground holdings.
Skarsnik made the hall of Karag Rhyn, the first hall to fall to the night goblins, his seat of power; it was renamed the Hall of the Moon. The Bloody Sun Boyz never completely trusting the Crooked Moon tribe planted their fiercest warriors in between the two portions of the night goblin mountain realm – Kvinn-Wyr was given to the Black Orcs of the Bloody Sun Boyz, an ever watchful thorn in the side of the night goblins. Read more…