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Karak Eight Peaks – Beasty Pens

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Undgrin Ankor, the artery of Karak Ankor. The underground passageways link all dwarven Holds, mines, breweries, and strongholds. Every key Hold has a grand station acting as a regional hub for Undgrin Ankor, even and especially Karak Eight Peaks. The very tunnels that link Karak Ankor proved to be this Holds downfall. Such a wide open cavern provided little natural ways to block the tide of greenskins. The only choice left to the dwarves was to blow up the tunnels to seal off the greenskins, but by doing so they would also cut themselves off from reinforcements. The decision was made to keep the tunnels open with the hope that reinforcements would arrive in time. They didn’t.
The greenskins overwhelmed the defenders and the grand station of Karak Eight Peaks was quickly in the hands of the greenskins – any relief forces that arrived from the surrounding holds fell into an ambush. The greenskins were cleaver in their seizure of the grand station for they strictly ordered the hall to not be defaced or damaged so arriving dwarven trains would think they were safe. Once the trains rolled to a stop an entirely different scene took over. With the complete conquest of Karak Eight Peaks the grand station was handed over to the Crooked Moon tribe and the night goblins. However, the Bloody Sun Boyz were not stupid in giving over such a large portion of the underground Hold to the rival tribe, for they demanded monthly tributes of mounts from the Crooked Moon tribe. And so the grand station of Karak Eight Peaks turned into a giant nursery and kennel for the various creatures the goblins tried to breed as mounts for their orc overlords. Read more…