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Karak Eight Peaks – Beasty Pens

Undgrin Ankor, the artery of Karak Ankor. The underground passageways link all dwarven Holds, mines, breweries, and strongholds. Every key Hold has a grand station acting as a regional hub for Undgrin Ankor, even and especially Karak Eight Peaks. The very tunnels that link Karak Ankor proved to be this Holds downfall. Such a wide open cavern provided little natural ways to block the tide of greenskins. The only choice left to the dwarves was to blow up the tunnels to seal off the greenskins, but by doing so they would also cut themselves off from reinforcements. The decision was made to keep the tunnels open with the hope that reinforcements would arrive in time. They didn’t.
The greenskins overwhelmed the defenders and the grand station of Karak Eight Peaks was quickly in the hands of the greenskins – any relief forces that arrived from the surrounding holds fell into an ambush. The greenskins were cleaver in their seizure of the grand station for they strictly ordered the hall to not be defaced or damaged so arriving dwarven trains would think they were safe. Once the trains rolled to a stop an entirely different scene took over. With the complete conquest of Karak Eight Peaks the grand station was handed over to the Crooked Moon tribe and the night goblins. However, the Bloody Sun Boyz were not stupid in giving over such a large portion of the underground Hold to the rival tribe, for they demanded monthly tributes of mounts from the Crooked Moon tribe. And so the grand station of Karak Eight Peaks turned into a giant nursery and kennel for the various creatures the goblins tried to breed as mounts for their orc overlords.

Extinction of the Foul Breeds : Beasty Pens
Phase 1: Destroy the Squig Hatcheries

Beasty Pens
The Beasty Pens are located a few levels deeper than the Halls of the Karags and are accessible via stairs  located along the sides of the cavern from adjoining buildings. Descending down these stairs is akin to descending into the very filth and muck that defines greenskins. Little is left to show the glory that once was the Grand Station of Karak Eight Peaks. In many places the tracks and rail-ties have been destroyed – ripped out to form beast pens. The long tunnel is now crowded with pens of many sizes containing a wide assortment of creatures the greenskins are attempting to tame; creatures like giant arachnids, basilisks, wolves, boars, sabertusks, and cocktrices. There is no manner of creature the greenskins haven’t tried to use as a mount, those that failed to cooperate simply ended up on the dinner menu. The one creature however that has proven the most useful to the greenskins is the squig. Massive portions of the Beasty Pens are given to the Squig Hatcheries, and great quantities of unruly creatures (both beast and greenskin) go into feeding the squigs. The task at hand is to destroy the squig hatcheries and their guardian squig herders. However, be wary for if you light a squig hatchery ablaze and the cries of the burning squigs reach the ears of their mother… you may have a very large problem ahead of you.

Vargit Slimefoot
Once enough squig hatcheries have been lit ablaze and the cries of the dying baby squigs fills the halls, one can be sure that the wrath of the squig herders will be evoked. From the tunnels leading to the mines a nasty looking little fellow will emerge with several squigs at his side. Approaching you is Vargit Slimefoot, a squig herder who gained his name-sake for being the nastiest fellow in these muck ridden tunnels. Vargit is a 66 MPAT level 58 squig herder lord. This means that he has all the abilities a squig herder has at his disposal and he will use them to the fullest of his ability to defeat the invaders who so cruelly butchered his beloved squigs. Vargit is armed with the Slimebow, which gives his ranged attacks an ‘x’% chance of dealing additional corporeal damage, and with his spear Porko’s Pigstikka, which reduces his chance to be blocked or parried by ‘x’%. Vargit comes accompanied with four squig pets, a regular squig, a horned squig, a spiked squig, and a gas squig – each a 40 champion. Initially when the fight starts one squig pet will eat the other three  and grow in size and become the dominant pet of Vargit Slimefoot. If one of his squigs dies he will summon a new one, which will proceed to eat the different beasts in the area to grow in size and deal more damage. These pets will circle him and attack any invaders which threaten their master. The majority if Vargit’s crowd control abilities are on the different squig pets, consisting of aoe snares, knock backs, knock downs, silences, and roots. Vargit Slimefoot will always stay mobile, so although a tank may hold aggro on him, he only does so in the sense that he is who Vargit is focusing his fire on. Vargit will move throughout the whole fight up and down the Beasty Pens hall going to different pens filled with different creatures which he will open and let loose. The creatures serve the dual role of attacking the invaders and providing fodder for Vargits squig to eat and grow in size. Each of the creatures fights differently and affects Vargit’s method of combat differently, these differences would have to be learned by the invaders.
Upon defeating Vargit Slimefoot, he has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a repairable pair of Monarch Boots for range and melee dps classes. He also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a staff for Archmages – “Moonstaff of Isha’s Tears”.

Um… >.> <.< I made this guy up. Aside from Skarsnik, there are no squig-related goblins I know of. The role of the squig herder doesn’t really exist in the army book (at least not in the sense they are in WAR). The night goblins ride squigs and poke them about into battle, but they do not run about with bows and arrows and fight in conjunction with squigs.

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