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Karak Eight Peaks – Da Warboss’s Place

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In the south-east corner of Karak Eight Peaks lay the grandest hall of the former dwarven Hold, the Citadel. The Citadel was the final section of Karak Eight Peaks to hold out against the greenskins, day after day, month after month. The battle of attrition wore on, but the defenders stood firm determined to not let Karak Eight Peaks fall on their watch. So long as the throne of the Citadel stood, the dwarves would reign over this land. The Crooked Moon tribe under Skarsnik, the night goblin Warlord had pummeled the defenses for months. When the greenskins withdrew to recooperate, the skaven would press on seeking to expand their own influence. A three-way battle raged on, but the dwarves could not match the numbers of the hosts of skaven and greenskins. When the Bloody Sun Boyz arrived the tide turned heavily in favor of the greenskins. The skaven were driven deeper underground and the renewed efforts of the greenskins broke the defenses.
Now the Citadel has become Da Warboss’s Hall for the Bloody Sun Boyz. The floors of its halls littered with filth and muck, the columns and ceiling encrusted with greenskin shanties, the halls echoing with the crude laughter of the greenskins. The only remnants of the dwarves in these halls are bones and beards used as decorations. What has fallen must be reclaimed. Read more…