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Karak Eight Peaks – Da Warboss’s Place

In the south-east corner of Karak Eight Peaks lay the grandest hall of the former dwarven Hold, the Citadel. The Citadel was the final section of Karak Eight Peaks to hold out against the greenskins, day after day, month after month. The battle of attrition wore on, but the defenders stood firm determined to not let Karak Eight Peaks fall on their watch. So long as the throne of the Citadel stood, the dwarves would reign over this land. The Crooked Moon tribe under Skarsnik, the night goblin Warlord had pummeled the defenses for months. When the greenskins withdrew to recooperate, the skaven would press on seeking to expand their own influence. A three-way battle raged on, but the dwarves could not match the numbers of the hosts of skaven and greenskins. When the Bloody Sun Boyz arrived the tide turned heavily in favor of the greenskins. The skaven were driven deeper underground and the renewed efforts of the greenskins broke the defenses.
Now the Citadel has become Da Warboss’s Hall for the Bloody Sun Boyz. The floors of its halls littered with filth and muck, the columns and ceiling encrusted with greenskin shanties, the halls echoing with the crude laughter of the greenskins. The only remnants of the dwarves in these halls are bones and beards used as decorations. What has fallen must be reclaimed.

Bloody Sun Boyz Hall
To the north of this section of Karak Eight Peaks, directly across from the entrance of Karag Mhonar, lay the Bloody Sun Boyz Hall, the guild hall of the vile horde that overran Karak Eight Peaks. Although the guild hall cannot be put to the torch or captured in terms of having a rally flag that can be captured, there is a way to stop the mobs from spawning from within. This way would be to battle ones way into the Hall and slaughter its guild-master. Only once the guild-master has been slain will the mobs stop spawning from its depths and pouring out into the halls of Karak Eight Peaks.

Shinies Room
Down the corridor from the Bloody Sun Boyz Hall is the Shinies Room, which is in effect the bank for the Bloody Sun Boyz. The greenskins come here to deposit their valubles, and should the Oathbearers come to plunder the vault, they may find some things of interest on the banker. Maybe its time you took back some of the greenskin’s shines…?

This Throne Was Made For Dwarves : Da Warboss’s Hall
Phase 1: Defeat Grumlok and Gazbag

Da Warboss’s Hall
This portion of the mighty complex under Karagril is densely populated by orcs and goblins loyal to the Bloody Sun Boyz. Naturally the first task at hand is to fight ones way to the throne of Da Warboss. The Hall will have greenskins attacking the invaders from all sides, so a slow and steady approach would be prudent. Cleanse the hall of the filth that inhabits it and charge forth at those who are responsible for one of the greatest grudges.

Grumlok & Gazbag
Upon reaching the end of Da Warboss’s Hall you approach a grim throne constructed from the bones of fallen dwarves and made soft by their beards. Atop this throne sits Grumlok, a massive orc who is the warboss of the Bloody Sun Boyz, and atop his shoulder sits his ever clever advisor Gazbag, a shaman. Both Grumlok and Gazbag are level 60 lords, Grumlok being the tougher of the two, but Gazbag providing a crucial damage and healing role. So convincing is the will of Gazbag that Grumlok will always focus whoever Gazbag is targetting; if he is temporarily pulled away from Gazbag’s target then Gazbag will whisper into his ear who to attack and Grumlok will bullrush that target. The crowd control and area-of-effect abilities for this fight are split between the two entities – Grumlok focusing on area-of-effect crowd control and single target damage, while Gazbag focuses on area-of-effect damage and single target crowd control. Grumlok wields a mighty two-handed axe and will use it to bash his opponents down, with an emphasis on lowering his target’s defenses. Gazbag can heal and buff Grumlok while sitting on his shoulder; however, he can be knocked off of Grumlok only with a range knockdown at a 25% chance. If you do not have a range knockdown then your party will have to either maneuver Grumlok to scenery where a melee class can get high enough to knock Gazbag off, or you have to defeat Grumlok and force Gazbag to fight alone.
If Gazbag is separated from Grumlok by either method then he will focus on self preservation and damage – he is too smart to keep healing Grumlok and let himself die. As a shaman warboss, Gazbag has access to spells from both the Little and Big Waaagh! In his spell arsenal he has many of the abilities a shaman would have, but also has: The Gaze of Mork which is a magic missile dealing burst spirit damage; The Foot of Gork which can knock players back; The Fists of Gork which will pound the ground dealing area-of-effect damage; The Warpath of Gork which is a pair of feet that will chase a player around trying to stomp them; Mork’s Headbusta which is an area of effect DoT if the player is using a spell (this can be cleansed, but the cleanser suffers burst damage and is silenced for ‘x’ seconds); Mork’s Blocka, which is a damage absorb shield; and finally Rage of the Waaagh! which is an AoE debuff cloud that floats around the room.
Upon defeating Grumlok and Gazbag, they have an ‘x’% chance of dropping a repairable Monarch Helm for all classes. They also have an ‘x’% chance of dropping a one-handed sword for Knights of the Blazing Sun – “The Sunblade of Averheim”, a one-handed sword for Swordmasters – “The Shining Blade of Tethlis”, and a one-handed hammer for Ironbreakers – “Grudge Smasher”.

Grumlok and Gazbag are to the best of my knowledge Mythic constructs. I believe as far as Games Workshop is concerned Karak Eight Peaks is held jointly by Skarsnik and Gorfang Rotgut, but since I don’t know too much about Greenskin lore I wont claim certainty here.

As a bonus I shall now piece together the maps of Karak Eight Peaks for you. For clarification, the random round lumps on the sides of the mountains are the entrances to the halls within the mountain; and the square structures with a little swirl inside in the interiors are suppose to be the stairs to the bastion atop the mountain. Enjoy.

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