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Malekith’s Fist – Introduction

October 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Malekith’s Fist, the massive Black Ark belonging to the Witch King Himself. Built from the black iron and heavy rock of Naggaroth, multiple arks set sail from the dark shores of the New World to assail Ulthuan once more. Magically kept afloat, the massive fortresses house armies in them, and of course are shadowed by fleets of corsair ships. When the battle is distant, the dark elves are allowed to pursue economic functions and the citadel is treated much like a condensed metropolis. However, war is hardly ever far away from the dark elves, they reek of it. Creatures knowing only ill gotten pleasures and the pain of others, the dark elves bring death to whatever soil they step on. Millenia of war between the Druchii and the Asur have proven that the Dark Elves will never hold Ulthuan. Yet Malekith has once again concocted a plan to assail the isle while her king is away.
Malekith, however, did not expect the isle to be so fiercely defended by the Shining Guard. And now the Shining Guard has pushed his armies back into the belly of the beast and marches with fire and sword across Caledor to destroy the cursed structure and send Malekith and his army to the bottom of the sea. Read more…