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Malekith’s Fist – Introduction

Malekith’s Fist, the massive Black Ark belonging to the Witch King Himself. Built from the black iron and heavy rock of Naggaroth, multiple arks set sail from the dark shores of the New World to assail Ulthuan once more. Magically kept afloat, the massive fortresses house armies in them, and of course are shadowed by fleets of corsair ships. When the battle is distant, the dark elves are allowed to pursue economic functions and the citadel is treated much like a condensed metropolis. However, war is hardly ever far away from the dark elves, they reek of it. Creatures knowing only ill gotten pleasures and the pain of others, the dark elves bring death to whatever soil they step on. Millenia of war between the Druchii and the Asur have proven that the Dark Elves will never hold Ulthuan. Yet Malekith has once again concocted a plan to assail the isle while her king is away.
Malekith, however, did not expect the isle to be so fiercely defended by the Shining Guard. And now the Shining Guard has pushed his armies back into the belly of the beast and marches with fire and sword across Caledor to destroy the cursed structure and send Malekith and his army to the bottom of the sea.

The invasion of Malekith’s Fist begins in the east from the shore of Caledor. The green dot indicates the point of invasion, the blue dots indicate siege equipment aimed at the invaders path of attack. A High Elf noble prompts you, “My liege, we have driven the forces of the House Uthorin back into the Ark, and now they have barricaded themselves within preparing for a vicious counter attack. The two tower flanking the ramp to the Ark are barred from the inside and have siege equipment aimed at the Ark, ready to shoot at our backs when we charge at the gates. The Shining Guard is with you, command us and lead us to victory!” Behind you, legions of the Shining Guard. Above you dragons, griffons, and great eagles circle the air ready to fall upon the druchii and draw blood. At your sides two mighty towers with barred heavy metal doors and deadly siege weapons in their upper reaches cleverly relocated to fire upon you when you advance on the gates. Ahead of you, the foul dark beast with dark bolts glistening upon its ramparts. Below you in the sea, corsair ships also armed heavily ready to rain fire from below. The scene spells massacre in every sense.
The first task on hand is to infiltrate the towers and destroy the siege weapons above, once these towers have been cleared the assault on the Black Ark will be less costly. The path up the ramp is littered with corpses and destroyed siege equipment from the previous failed assault, use the equipment as cover as you approach the gate. Fight you way to the gate and secure the rally point beneath it to advance the battle below the range of the dark elf repeaters above.
The lethal siege equipment on the ramparts of the Black Ark in combination with the corsair fleet surrounding the Ark will prevent any aid from the skies to reach you. Tackle one obstacle at a time. Although not indicated, you can scale the cliffs down to the shore and board and assault the corsair ships laying in anchor. Burn the ships and provide clear skies for the griffons, dragons, and great eagles to assault the Black Ark!

As an ‘authors’ note I apologize greatly in advance for this final city/dungeon. Unlike previous cities which I could illustrate my vision with screen shots and concept art, there is remarkably little Dark Elf ‘architecture’ in Warhammer Online, with the exception of temporary structures such as palisades, tents, war wagons, and pens. As much as I wish I could provide a visual for this city, I unfortunately cannot. So instead of giving you 500 screen shots of the inside of a keep or fort, I give you posts devoid of pictures =(. The reason for this? Well the decision to cut out the ‘other’ capital cities was made before the ‘architecture’ concept artists got to start on the Black Ark, the NPC concept artists however started on the Black Ark, so you have some interesting pictures of Dark Elf NPCs. So for Malekith’s Fist I shall provide the skeleton via maps, but no skin. We shall have to leave the rest to our imagination.

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