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Malekith’s Fist – Main Floor

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Upon entering the Black Ark of Malekith, one is immediately greeted with the sight of grim dark barracks crafted from the cold iron of Naggaroth, mined by the slaves of Har Ganeth. The entrance of the mighty citadel is suitably also the training ground and barracks for the dreadful executioners of the city from whence the iron was mined, Har Ganeth. The cruel executioners have no pity in their hearts and drive their slaves to death. In the Witch King’s army they fulfill an equally terrorizing role as brutal soldiers and slave executors for the blood harvest. The color grey is predominant in the entrance of Malekith’s Fist. It is here in the Forge of Sorrows that many visitors to the Black Ark, mostly in the form of slaves, meet their fate and lose all hope. The executioners of Har Ganeth’s sole purpose is to strike at the very soul of their enemies and deprive them of hope.
Behind the Forge of Sorrows and up a ramp lay the Hall of the Cries of the Weak, a hall where green is the predominant color. This hall serves as the training ground for the Cold One Riders and Beast Masters. They chamber gains its name from the constant pleas that fill the air, that is pleas, followed by bloody shrieks. The noise in the Hall of the Cries of the Weak would be sure to drive those of the weakest constitution insane, but the Dark Elves are of iron hearts and feel not for their victims. Here the victims of the numerous slave raids from the Black Ark are taken and kept in pens, pens with retractable floors. Below the pens in a submerged level lay the Cold One Pens, and when it is feeding time the Beastmasters open the floors of the feeding pens and watch with vicious glee as the prisoners fall into the snapping jaws of the cold ones, torn limb from limb. Read more…