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Malekith’s Fist – Main Floor

November 1, 2010

Upon entering the Black Ark of Malekith, one is immediately greeted with the sight of grim dark barracks crafted from the cold iron of Naggaroth, mined by the slaves of Har Ganeth. The entrance of the mighty citadel is suitably also the training ground and barracks for the dreadful executioners of the city from whence the iron was mined, Har Ganeth. The cruel executioners have no pity in their hearts and drive their slaves to death. In the Witch King’s army they fulfill an equally terrorizing role as brutal soldiers and slave executors for the blood harvest. The color grey is predominant in the entrance of Malekith’s Fist. It is here in the Forge of Sorrows that many visitors to the Black Ark, mostly in the form of slaves, meet their fate and lose all hope. The executioners of Har Ganeth’s sole purpose is to strike at the very soul of their enemies and deprive them of hope.
Behind the Forge of Sorrows and up a ramp lay the Hall of the Cries of the Weak, a hall where green is the predominant color. This hall serves as the training ground for the Cold One Riders and Beast Masters. They chamber gains its name from the constant pleas that fill the air, that is pleas, followed by bloody shrieks. The noise in the Hall of the Cries of the Weak would be sure to drive those of the weakest constitution insane, but the Dark Elves are of iron hearts and feel not for their victims. Here the victims of the numerous slave raids from the Black Ark are taken and kept in pens, pens with retractable floors. Below the pens in a submerged level lay the Cold One Pens, and when it is feeding time the Beastmasters open the floors of the feeding pens and watch with vicious glee as the prisoners fall into the snapping jaws of the cold ones, torn limb from limb.

Killing Fear : Forge of Sorrows
Phase 1: Claim the Overseer’s Platform

Forge of Sorrows
The first phase of this public quest is straight forward enough, battle ones way to the elevated Overseer’s Platform at the center of the hall between the two mustering plazas. The hall is heavily defended with the executioners of Har Ganeth, wielding their powerful two handed swords. Although they do not have high block or parry rates, they are armored rather heavily and deal great amounts of damage. This is one of those public quests where maybe you should have taken the path of exploration and reckless destruction. Although the barracks of the executioners are heavily defended, they can be set ablaze and destroyed, and doing so will have an impact on the boss fight. Have the audacity to claim the Overseer’s Platform and summon forth the deadliest executioner known to the High Elves.

The boss for this public quest is Tullaris, the greatest executioner in Malekith’s army. He is a level 58 executioner lord, and fighting him is akin to fighting death itself. Tullaris is armed with a blade of darkest iron, the Executioner’s Blade, which allows him to bypass his victim’s toughness. Additionally he is armored in heavy armor granting him higher levels if damage mitigation. In terms of abilities, Tullaris has an attack called the Final Stroke, which will remove 50% of his target’s health – irregardless of how much health they have total, it is a flat percentage. This ability has a cooldown so it is not possible for him to use it in quick succession, but it is unmitigated damage that cannot be blocked or absorbed. His normal attack is a cone area-of-effect cleave which does more damage if it only hits one target, but the damage is split evenly amongst multiple targets. Another special attack is the Sentence of Death which allows him to debuff his targets chance to block and parry by ‘x’%; this debuff can be cleansed with two cleanses. He does not have much in terms of crowd control aside from a disarm which affects whoever his target is guarding, if no one is guarded then it affects his target. Every 20% of Tullaris’s health he will summon executioner champions from the four barracks in the Forge of Sorrows, if you burned the barracks then none will spawn. As a final caveat of the fight, Tullaris is powered by the Lust of Death. This means that as his health declines, his base abilities (not Final Stroke) will increase in damage, so the closer he gets to death, the harder he becomes.
Upon defeating Tullaris he has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a repairable piece of Monarch Jewelry for tanks. He also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a two-handed axe for White Lions – “The Executor”

Ulthuan Has Heard Your Cries : Hall of the Cries of the Weak
Phase 1: Destroy the Feeding Pit Mechanisms

Hall of the Cries of the Weak
This chamber is filled with an eerie cry that is ever present in its chambers. As a side effect the invaders morale will be gained at a 50% lower rate the entirety of the fight within its chambers. The hall is defended by the Beastmasters of Karond Kar and the vicious Cold One Riders of Hag Graef. The hall is accessible via a ramp from the Forge of Sorrows that raises is about a dozen feet above the prior chamber. Lining the walls of the hall are the barracks of the beastmasters. The northern half of the chamber is marked by six feeding pens. Slaves are corralled into the feeding pens and made to wait for inevitable death, and when it is feeding time, the beastmasters trigger winches that pull the floors of the feeding pens apart, causing the victims to plummet into the jaws of hungry cold ones in a caged structure underneath. Ramps leading to the cold one pens are located in between the feeding pens and can be opened to allow access into the cold one pens. The southern half of the chamber is dominated by a large arena where the cold one riders practice the arts of war with their beasts. The immediate task at hand is to destroy the winches that operate the retractable floors of the feeding pens so that innocent victims will not suffer such cruel fates. Upon destroying the winch of each pen, a Cold One Rider hero will charge at you from the arena. Should you choose the path of exploration you may descend into the cold one pens and enter a world of snarling teeth and flashing claws, a world of death. Kill the cold ones to further hamper the plans of the Dark Elves.

Malus Darkblade
Upon destroying the six winches a horn will sound from the arena, a challenge has been issued, a challenge you cannot avoid. Circling the arena atop a massive cold one is Malus Darkblade, a level 58 beastmaster lord and his cold one is Spite, a level 50 hero. Malus Darkblade is armed with the Warpsword of Khaine, a deadly blade possessed with demonic powers that literally drinks the blood of its victims. This blade has a mind of its own and guides its wielder through its enemy’s armor. That being said, Malus Darkblade ignores ‘x’% armor and has an ‘x’% chance with each attack to cause a corporeal damage-over-time ability with burst. The ability can stack three times, but can be cleansed. While atop Spite, Malus Darkblade has a higher speed and can knock his targets down; and his pet does additional damage, with an emphasis on an aoe cleave, a disarm, and a knock back at targets attacking him from the rear. Spite can be killed (and indeed should be killed early on because it will be terribly trying to heal through both Spite’s and Malus Darkblade’s damage) but once his is killed Malus enters a different state. If Spite has been killed then Malus will summon a cold one charge at random intervals; what this will do is cause a cold one champion to charge across the arena floor at a random target (never the target Malus is on), and drag them off into the feeding pits where they will be slowly killed. This cold one can be killed when it appears, but should the invaders fail to kill the cold one before it drags it victim into the depths, then they will have to break open the door and free their friend. If you managed to kill all the cold ones in the feeding pits then the damage the victim takes while in the feeding pits is substantially lower. While dismounted Malus Darkblade will also gain the ability to cast an aura of fear which will slowly drain all victims within 100 feet of action points, this ability can be shattered with three shatter enchantments. In addition to all this, while dismounted Malus Darkblade is affected by the dominating power of Tz’Arkan. When he is consumed by the thirst of the demon he will knock whoever is holding aggro on him down and charge at a new target, generally the person the tank is guarding.
Upon defeating Malus Darkblade he has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a repairable piece of Monarch Jewelry for melee dps classes. He also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a two-handed sword for Sword Masters – “Tempest of Hoeth”

Tullaris is one of the key executioners of Har Ganeth, however I am unsure of his position in the heirarchy. Har Ganeth is one of the six dark elf citadels in Naggaroth which is also known as the City of Executioners; it is said to have a monopoly on the slave trade – slaves hunted down by the executioners. I believe one of the few expeditions the High Elves made on Naggaroth was to attack Har Ganeth and free the slaves (many of them High Elves), but the expedition ended in a bloody slaughter, with the streets literally flowing with blood. Malus Darkblade is a key figure in lore hailing from Hag Graef, also known as the Dark Crag. He has a pretty intense lore storyline involving him striking a deal for his life with the demo n Tz’Arkan. I wont attempt to bastardize his lore by giving a brief summation of it. Suffice to say he did many foul deeds to save his soul and in the end… his soul still got corrupted by the demon.

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