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Malekith’s Fist – The Dark Pit

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Deep in the belly of Malekith’s Fist a deadly predatory lays concealed from the outside world. Below the main floor is the sub level of the Dark Pit, a chamber so vast that a keep could fit inside it. The entire substructure of the Black Ark is in fact an indoor harbor for the personal corsair fleet under Malekith’s command. The substructure gains its name from the waters that fill it, reflecting no light from the black stone and iron of the Black Ark, and also lacking light from the outside world.
The upper levels of the Dark Pit dangle from massive chains as thick as trees, gently swaying with the tide. The upper levels are divided into three distinct areas: the central platform serves as a slaver market where the corsairs sell their plundered wares; stationed as the Ark currently is in Caledor, looking north one approaches the holding pens for slaves recently captured; to the east and west of the slaver market lay the corsair barracks. Hailing from the bread-basket of Naggaroth, Clar Karond, the corsairs play a crucial role in the economy of the dark elves as they plunder foreign costs bringing foreign products and slaves back to the frozen wastes of Naggaroth. Connected to the corsair barracks, and operated by the corsairs, are four massive sea gates which can be opened to allow the corsair fleet to set sail from the belly of the beast to raid the coasts for fresh slaves.
The lower level of the Dark Pit is a massive harbor, the home of the private corsair fleet of the Black Ark. Within its hold twenty corsair ships  lay at dock, and within their holds deadly corsair crews lay in wait, ever vigilant for the call from the Witch King to sail out and sow seeds of destruction amongst the weaker races.
A gruesome feature of the Dark Pit consists of the cold one feeding pens from the Hall of the Cries of the Weak above the Dark Pit. The feeding pits and holding cages for the cold ones protrude from the ceiling of the Dark Pit, and through the bars that compose the walls of the holding cages the corsairs can see their hard earned catches put to use. As the cold ones shred the screaming victims apart and pick the bones clean, blood and bones fly out of the cages dropping into the waters of the Dark Pit, a constant reminder to the corsairs what their toils reap.
The Dark Pit represents the far reaching arm of Naggaroth, an arm which must be severed if the coasts of Ulthuan are to be safe from the constant attacks from the corsairs. Read more…