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Malekith’s Fist – Second Floor

November 3, 2010 1 comment

Ascending the circular ramp from the first floor, either at the Forge of Sorrows or the Hall of the Cries of the Weak, the invaders come upon the second floor of the Black Ark. This level is composed of an outer walkway and an inner structure, which is itself divided into two halves. The outer walkway is ringed by eight massive towers known as the Towers of the Dark Winds. Within these towers dark crystals pulse with the dark magic that keeps the Ark afloat and gives power to the sorceresses that walk its halls. Ringing the edge of the outer walkway are repeater bolt throwers and their crews, ever vigilant. Also at the back end of the outer ramp are pens full of the ferocious manticores utilized by Dark Elf nobles as mounts.
The interior of the second floor is a large structure divided into two halves. The front half of this structure consists of the Abyss of Souls, a massive temple devoted to Khaine. Here the disciples of Khaine harvest the souls of their victims and store them in massive cauldrons. The hall has an eeirie purple glow about it, as the soul essence of sacrificed victims from the upper levels drips down onto fonts which in turn direct the soul essence into the cauldrons. The back half of this structure consists of the Chamber of the Frozen North. The Chamber of the Frozen North houses the library of Malekith’s Fist and more importantly the sorceresses of the Dark Convent that aid Malekith in his struggle. The dark winds flow from the Towers of the Dark Winds and a cold blue hue fills the room. Read more…