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Malekith’s Fist – Second Floor

November 3, 2010

Ascending the circular ramp from the first floor, either at the Forge of Sorrows or the Hall of the Cries of the Weak, the invaders come upon the second floor of the Black Ark. This level is composed of an outer walkway and an inner structure, which is itself divided into two halves. The outer walkway is ringed by eight massive towers known as the Towers of the Dark Winds. Within these towers dark crystals pulse with the dark magic that keeps the Ark afloat and gives power to the sorceresses that walk its halls. Ringing the edge of the outer walkway are repeater bolt throwers and their crews, ever vigilant. Also at the back end of the outer ramp are pens full of the ferocious manticores utilized by Dark Elf nobles as mounts.
The interior of the second floor is a large structure divided into two halves. The front half of this structure consists of the Abyss of Souls, a massive temple devoted to Khaine. Here the disciples of Khaine harvest the souls of their victims and store them in massive cauldrons. The hall has an eeirie purple glow about it, as the soul essence of sacrificed victims from the upper levels drips down onto fonts which in turn direct the soul essence into the cauldrons. The back half of this structure consists of the Chamber of the Frozen North. The Chamber of the Frozen North houses the library of Malekith’s Fist and more importantly the sorceresses of the Dark Convent that aid Malekith in his struggle. The dark winds flow from the Towers of the Dark Winds and a cold blue hue fills the room.

Melting the Frozen Touch : Chamber of the Frozen North
Phase 1: Destroy the Eight Crystals of the Dark Winds

Towers of the Dark Winds
The task for this public quests consists of destroying the eight crystals located in the Towers of the Dark Winds along the outer ramp of the second floor. However, the outer ramp is heavily guarded by reapeater bolt throwers and gaining access into each tower will require careful negotiating around the siege equipment, and ideally its destruction. Within each tower a group of sorceresses guard the crystals and channel their powers; attempting to destroy the crystal will invoke their wrath. Also of note, at the rear end of the Black Ark are the Wyvern Pens and approaching them will cause the sorceresses nearby to open the pens so that they massive beasts may aide them in their struggle. Destroy the eight crystals and stop the flow of the Dark Magic into the Chamber of the Frozen North.

Chamber of the Frozen North
Although not mentioned in the public quest, those invaders who favor exploration and reckless destruction may choose to enter the Chamber of the Frozen North before the boss fight to clear the mobs there and not have to deal with additional mobs during the fight. In doing so they may notice that there are three altars in the room – one large one flanked by two smaller ones and the smaller ones can be destroyed. Also along the central wall of the chamber is the Library of Malekith’s Fist containing all the tomes of Dark Magic. If you choose to battle your way through the library and set it ablaze, you may have a bonus for the boss fight…

Neralis Dhar-Matron
Upon destroying the eight Crystals of the Dark Winds, a powerful wind blows around the Black Ark pulling the invaders into the chamber. Once the invaders have entered the Chamber of the Frozen North the three doors leading to the outside ramp slam shut and a figure appears on the central altar with a ghastly cackle. Before you stands Neralis Dhar-Matron, the head of the Dark Convent of Ghrond. Neralis Dhar-Matron is a 66 MPAT level 58 Sorceress Lord. In regards to equipment of note, Neralis is armed with the Black Staff, a mark of her status, and this staff allows her abilities to bypass 75% of her victims’ resistances. On her back Neralis wears the Darkstar Cloak which increases her own elemental resistance greatly. In terms of abilities, Neralis possesses all the abilities a sorceress would have, but has a few new tricks. She has the ability to freeze an enemy, a disable and root that slowly deals elemental damage – this ability can be removed with two cleanses. She has the ability to cleanse herself of any curses or hexes the invaders may throw at her. Her last unique ability is a massive lightning storm which will rage across the chamber dealing elemental damage to those it strikes – damage from this ability can be mitigated by using Shield of the Skies. Throughout the whole fight Neralis will naturally be damaging you (imagine that) but in doing so she will be empowering the Shard of Dhar at the center of the room. The Shard of Dhar will in turn pulse out elemental damage and release occasional bursts of lightning or frozen bolts at random targets. At timed intervals Neralis will summon the Dark Winds to cleanse the Chamber of the Frozen North. In doing so the lights of the chamber will be blown out and it will descend into complete darkness, and she will also remove all enchantments on the invaders. As Neralis menacingly laughs throughout the chamber the figures are tossed about by the Dark Winds and after a given amount of time she will relight the torches and appear at a new location – the group scattered and forced to scramble at her and reapply enchantments. Once Neralis has been defeated the final task lay in destroying the Shard of Dhar, for Neralis has empowered it to release its final pulse of magic, a pulse which will reach every corner of the chamber. You have thirty seconds to destroy the Shard of Dhar, but if you succeeded in destroying the side altars and library before engaging Neralis, you gain fifteen seconds per object destroyed for a total of one minute and fifteen seconds to destroy the Shard of Dhar. Once it is destroyed (either by self exploding or by the invaders hand) then the doors of the chambers will reopen.
Upon defeating Neralis, she has an ‘x’% chance of dropping repairable Monarch Gloves for melee and range dps classes. She also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a staff for Rune Priests – “Runestaff of the Blazing Forge”.

Reclaiming Ulthuan’s Lost Souls : Abyss of Souls
Phase 1: Attempt to Purify the Pool of Souls

Abyss of Souls
At the front end of the second floor lays the Abyss of Souls, a chamber flowing with the soul essence of the innocents of Ulthuan. The indicated task at hand is to attempt to purify the Pool of Souls at the center of the chamber. However, the chamber is heavily defended by the Disciples of Khaine hailing from Har Ganeth. They consist of a mixed batch of champions and heroes. Due to the nature of this chamber, it is densely packed and a close quarters fight, any slip ups may lead to a chain reaction of devastating proportions.
Although not indicated in the quest dialogue, it is possible to destroy the six soul cauldrons located under the fonts; however, in attacking a Soul Cauldron you will invoke the rage of a hero level mob. Doing so is a hidden task and naturally will have unforeseen benefits on the boss fight.

Haridar of Har Ganeth
Upon attempting to Purify the Pool of Souls a tall figure emerges laughing at your futile efforts to reclaim the lost souls of Ulthuan. Before you stands Haridar of Har Ganeth, one of the key Disciples of Khaine at the Temple of Khaine in Har Ganeth. He is a 66 MPAT level 58 Disciple of Khaine lord, meaning he has all the abilities of a DoK at his disposal. Naturally as an over-powered DoK he will hit very hard and heal himself by 10^24th x pi. Ok so maybe not that much, but Haridar will deal a hefty amount of damage, and  he will heal himself for a small fraction of the damage he deals; however he will do a distinct animation when he is about to use his melee healing abilities allowing the tanks ample time to interrupt him. In addition to all the tools he gets from the DoK arsenal, he is armed with the Chill Blade, which freezes his target and disables them for ‘x’ seconds. Haridar is also wearing the Armor of Eternal Servitude, which passively heals him throughout the fight. Haridar’s self healing abilities can be decreased in potency by destroying the six soul caldrons, each cauldron lowering the effectiveness of his heals by 5%. In terms of unique abilities, Haridar will channel the Burning Souls, which will cause the souls of the damned to swirl about the room dealing spiritual damage to those it hits with additional random effects (silences, knockbacks, DoTs, debuffs) – the damage from this can be mitigated by Shield of the Skies. He also deals area-of-effect damage via a frontal cleave. Lastly he has a debuff which can stack up to five times on his target which will decrease the amount of heals his target receives by 10%, and this needs to be cleansed. For the most part, Haridar’s attacks deal spiritual damage.
Upon defeating Haridar of Har Ganeth, he has an ‘x’% chance of dropping repairable Monarch Gloves for tanks and healers. He also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a two-handed axe for Slayers – “Khaine’s Bane”.

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