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Malekith’s Fist – Third Floor

November 4, 2010 2 comments

Ascending the ramps from the outer walkway of the second floor, one comes upon the third floor of Malekith’s Fist. Once again the floor is ringed by a small outer walkway which opens up at the center upon wide corridor through the heart of the tower at the center of which is a dual spiral staircase leading to the fourth floor. This floor is divided into two chambers, one at the front of the Ark, and one at the back.
At the front of the Black Ark on the third floor is the Blood Temple of Khaine. Here the Brides of Khaine give living sacrifices to their god to appease his thirst. Five altars ring the outer wall of the room with giant statues of Khaine looming above them, each with Khaines sword pointing at the center of the altar as if poised to strike the killing blow himself. From these alters channels collect the blood of the sacrificed and direct them to a massive pool of blood at the center of the chamber. It is said that the Brides of Khaine obtain their savage strength and thirst for blood by bathing in this pool. As the blood of their victims flows into this pool of blood, the souls of the sacrificed victims is drained down through the floor as it pours into the fonts of the Abyss of Souls in the floor below.
The second half of the third floor is reserved as the diplomatic section of Malekith’s Fist, where visiting ambassadors may stay and rest. Here in the Council Quarters Malekith’s closest advisers plot and seek to secure the Witch King’s favor. The two factions with greatest presence in the Council Quarters were the House Uthorin and House Arkaneth, but with the rapid success of House Uthorin, it has been projected to the forefront of the campaign against the Phoenix Throne and the forefront of Malekith’s attention. To better keep the devious plotting lord under watchful eye, Malekith ordered Lord Uthorin to leave the Nemesis in the hands of a trusty captain and aide the invasion in Caledor. Here in Malekith’s First House Uthorin is kept under careful watch as their strength is put to the test against the Shining Guard. The security of this floor is left to House Uthorin as its guards patrol both the Council Quarters and the outer walkway, leaving the Witch Elves to partake in their blood-orgy behind closed doors. Read more…