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Malekith’s Fist – Third Floor

Ascending the ramps from the outer walkway of the second floor, one comes upon the third floor of Malekith’s Fist. Once again the floor is ringed by a small outer walkway which opens up at the center upon wide corridor through the heart of the tower at the center of which is a dual spiral staircase leading to the fourth floor. This floor is divided into two chambers, one at the front of the Ark, and one at the back.
At the front of the Black Ark on the third floor is the Blood Temple of Khaine. Here the Brides of Khaine give living sacrifices to their god to appease his thirst. Five altars ring the outer wall of the room with giant statues of Khaine looming above them, each with Khaines sword pointing at the center of the altar as if poised to strike the killing blow himself. From these alters channels collect the blood of the sacrificed and direct them to a massive pool of blood at the center of the chamber. It is said that the Brides of Khaine obtain their savage strength and thirst for blood by bathing in this pool. As the blood of their victims flows into this pool of blood, the souls of the sacrificed victims is drained down through the floor as it pours into the fonts of the Abyss of Souls in the floor below.
The second half of the third floor is reserved as the diplomatic section of Malekith’s Fist, where visiting ambassadors may stay and rest. Here in the Council Quarters Malekith’s closest advisers plot and seek to secure the Witch King’s favor. The two factions with greatest presence in the Council Quarters were the House Uthorin and House Arkaneth, but with the rapid success of House Uthorin, it has been projected to the forefront of the campaign against the Phoenix Throne and the forefront of Malekith’s attention. To better keep the devious plotting lord under watchful eye, Malekith ordered Lord Uthorin to leave the Nemesis in the hands of a trusty captain and aide the invasion in Caledor. Here in Malekith’s First House Uthorin is kept under careful watch as their strength is put to the test against the Shining Guard. The security of this floor is left to House Uthorin as its guards patrol both the Council Quarters and the outer walkway, leaving the Witch Elves to partake in their blood-orgy behind closed doors.

Fall of Uthorin : Council Quarters
Phase 1: Kill Kaloth Coldshadow and desecrate his body in the middle of the Council Quarters

Council Quarters & Uthorin Hall
Great and tragic have been the losses in Ulthuan. Much innocent blood of the Asur and the noble creatures of Ulthuan has been spilled needlessly by the destructive hand of House Uthorin. The time has come for the Shining Guard to repay the debt. No, the Shining Guard does not seek blood, it seeks justice. Lord Uthorin is locked up in the Council Quarters absorbed in plots and schemes to overcome the Witch King, nothing will cause him to stir from his loft and engage the invaders and face his judgment. Almost nothing.
The Council Quarters are patrolled by regular soldiers of the House Uthorin which are of champion quality, but throughout the hall, corridors, and buildings lurk the captains of House Uthorin, who are of hero quality. Though it is a small area, it is densely packed with the soldiers of House Uthorin and battling ones way through it will be a difficult task indeed; one misstep may cause a chain reaction bringing down all the strength of House Uthorin upon the heads of the invaders. The task at hand is to face Kaloth Coldshadow, son of Lord Uthorin, located in the Uthorin Hall, which also serves as the guild hall in times of peace. Slay the son of Lord Uthorin and desecrate his body in the plaza of the Council Quarters, only then will Lord Uthorin be torn away from his plotting and scheming and face the invaders.
Clear the floors of the Council Quarters and press the battle to the very gates of the Uthorin Hall. For the purpose of this fight, the guild master of the Uthorin Hall is Kaloth Coldshadow, a level 50 lord. Kaloth Coldshadow’s main abilities consist of an area-of-effect cleave, a shatter enchantment, and a disarm – should the main tank get disarmed, another will have to get Kaloth’s aggro and hold him until the main tank is ready to fight once more. Kill Kaloth Coldshadow and hang his body in the plaza.

Lord Uthorin
The sight of his son being killed and humiliated down below is enough to drive Lord Uthorin from his lofty quarters and seek vengeance. Lord Uthorin is a level 59 lord of extreme martial prowess empowered further by magical enchantments. Lord Uthorin will descent from the upper levels of the Uthorin Hall accompanied by two guards, both level 48 heroes. Lord Uthorin will fight to his son’s body and attempt to reclaim it; should he succeed then his power will increase two-fold, so the task for the invaders is to transport the body to a new location within the Council Quarters. In regards to aggro, Lord Uthorin will attack whoever his holding aggro on him so long as they are between him and his son’s body; however, whoever moves his son’s body will generate more aggro and will be hit by Lord Uthorin’s magical blast from his enchanted swords. In terms of abilities, Lord Uthorin has a plethora of abilities to hamper the invaders: he will cast an area-of-effect debuff which decreases outgoing damage and healing – this can be cleansed; he will swirl his swords around knocking all enemies within 50 feet up into the air – they must detaunt to lower fall damage; he has an area-of-effect knock down to all enemies within 20 feet which will be prompted by an animation; and he will lock his enemies in shackles to root them in place. All of these crowd-control abilities act to impede the invader’s abilities to stop him from reaching his son’s body. Lord Uthorin uses two swords which give him a high parry rate, and his armor gives him a high physical mitigation and decreased chance to be critically hit by magical abilities.
In effect, aside from the initial engagement with the two body guards and Lord Uthorin, this fight isn’t intended to have a main tank because Lord Uthorin will constantly be using crowd control abilities on whoever is holding aggro, so many people have to be ready to impede Lord Uthorin’s advance and take the brunt of his attack.
Upon defeating Lord Uthorin, he has an ‘x’% chance of dropping repairable Monarch Jewelry for healers. He also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a one-handed sword for Witch Hunters – “Destroyer of Anathema”.

Ending the Bloodshed : Blood Temple
Phase 1: Destroy Khaine’s Sacrificial Altars

Blood Temple
The Blood Temple of Khaine is a chamber bathed in the blood red color of its victim’s escaping life. The task at hand is to battle one’s way through the chamber full of frenzied Brides of Khaine and destroy the five altars which drain the blood of the innocents. The Witch Elves in the chamber are by default all champions, however once an altar is engaged, a hero Matron Witch Elf will spawn to defend her altar. So long as someone is engaged with the altar once the hero spawns, only one will spawn. However, if all the invaders break direct contact with the altar (DoTs do not count) then its ‘defense table’ will reset and re-engaging it will summon a new hero. Destroy the five altars and clear the Blood Temple of the foul Witch Elves who bathe in the blood of Ulthuan’s people. Once the five altars have been destroyed and the flow of fresh blood to the Blood Pool is stopped, a powerful force will descend upon you to punish you for your crimes.

Crone Hellebron
Destroying the five Sacrificial Altars will cause Crone Hellebron to enter the chamber and seek vengeance against those who would dare insult Khaine. Crone Hellebron is a 66 MPAT level 59 witch elf lord, meaning she has every tool a witch elf has in her arsenal, and she will use them to the fullest effect. Once Crone Hellebron is engaged the doors to the chamber will be sealed trapping the invaders inside with her – she intends to make the greatest blood sacrifice of the invaders. Due to her dual wield, Hellebron will have a high parry rate. An additional factor is that her blades are serrated and have a high chance of causing wounds with different effects. Some may debuff their targets statistics, some may cause a gaping wound that will cause a DoT with a powerful burst at the end – this can be cleansed, and some may disarm their target. Which effect procs is random, and in fact multiple effects may proc at once. In terms of aggro, Hellebron will move about whoever is holding aggro, always seeking to find their backside, thus producing a fluid fight. Although something not new with Witch Elves, Hellebron will occasionally go into stealth and remain so for a few seconds, leaping from the shadows at whoever is furthest from the main tank, attempting to deal a fatal blow. One key factor of the fight is the Blood Pool at the center of the chamber. Though the flow of fresh blood to it has been halted, it nonetheless contains ample blood in it to empower Hellebron. So long as Hellebron is near the Blood Pool her power will be greater, and her Blood Kisses will be more lethal. The object of the fight is to pull her as far away from this Blood Pool as to make her as weak as possible, but irregardless of what is done, it will always effect her in some way. One thing to remember is that when she goes into stealth she will jump on a new target, should that target be in or near the Blood Pool then death shall meet them much sooner than they desire.
Upon defeating Hellebron she has an ‘x’% chance of dropping repairable Monarch Shoulders for range and melee dps classes. She also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a two-handed hammer for Ironbreakers – “The Widower”.

Lord Uthorin and his son are Mythic constructs and the leaders of the invasion force for the Destro portion of the storyline (Order faces off with House Arkaneth). Hellebron is one of the oldest Hag Queens of the Dark Elves, only surpassed by Morathi. The Hag Queens stay young looking by taking in the blood of the young, however Morathi has essentially cut off Hellebron’s access to fresh blood so that she may stay young and as a result Hellebron clearly shows her age. Hellebron is the leader of the Cult of Khaine and as such rules over the Dark Elf citadel of Har Ganeth, the City of the Executioners.

  1. Rikker
    November 5, 2010 at 10:01 AM

    You never cease to amaze me with the spread of your ideas. Interesting reading, and these would be some cool encounters! I wonder how hard they would be to implement…. I bet the toughest part would be the “random” factor.

    Keep it up!

    • November 5, 2010 at 1:31 PM

      Thank you much =) I wanted every fight to have at least some random element because if you can predict everything that’s going to happen in a fight it can get boring pretty fast. I wish Mythic would take a look at my site and send some kind words my way but it seems they aren’t too fond of me =P

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