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Malekith’s Fist – Fourth Floor

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Ascending the dual spiral stairs from the third floor one enters the fourth floor of the central tower of Malekith’s Fist. Beyond the walls of the stairway are the Black Guard Barracks, the final line of defense before the highest reaches of the Black Ark. The circular room is lined with eight buildings along its outer edge, four greater barracks, and four lesser barracks. In between each barracks a bridge leads to the eight towers of the Black Ark which below housed the chambers with the Crystals of the Dark Winds.  Within the upper levels of each of the eight Towers of the Dark Winds a Black Guard lieutenant keeps constant vigil over the surroundings of the Ark, every wary of attacks from all sides on the Witch King. The chamber of the Black Guard Barracks itself is essentially a training area for the legendary guard, but also acts as the most formidable defense before the Witch King. The Black Guards are the personal guard of Malekith, residing exclusively with him in Naggarond and traveling with him where ever he goes. Naturally the predominate color in the chamber is black, the little light entering the chamber from the tower windows and the sconces lit with dark flames. Read more…