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Malekith’s Fist – Fourth Floor

Ascending the dual spiral stairs from the third floor one enters the fourth floor of the central tower of Malekith’s Fist. Beyond the walls of the stairway are the Black Guard Barracks, the final line of defense before the highest reaches of the Black Ark. The circular room is lined with eight buildings along its outer edge, four greater barracks, and four lesser barracks. In between each barracks a bridge leads to the eight towers of the Black Ark which below housed the chambers with the Crystals of the Dark Winds.  Within the upper levels of each of the eight Towers of the Dark Winds a Black Guard lieutenant keeps constant vigil over the surroundings of the Ark, every wary of attacks from all sides on the Witch King. The chamber of the Black Guard Barracks itself is essentially a training area for the legendary guard, but also acts as the most formidable defense before the Witch King. The Black Guards are the personal guard of Malekith, residing exclusively with him in Naggarond and traveling with him where ever he goes. Naturally the predominate color in the chamber is black, the little light entering the chamber from the tower windows and the sconces lit with dark flames.

Shattering the Shield of Naggarond : Black Guard Barracks
Phase 1: Defeat the Eight Black Guard Lieutenants

Black Guard Barracks
Upon reaching the fourth floor of Malekith’s Fist, the invaders are prompted to defeat the eight lieutenants of Malekith’s personal guard. Each lieutenant is located in the upper levels of the Towers of the Dark Winds, the bridges being located between two Black Guard barracks. Naturally going in between the barracks will draw fire and attention from those who are inside, so getting to each lieutenant will require fighting past the regular champion mobs in the barracks. The barracks however can be cleared and burned before attempting to engage the lieutenants. Each lieutenant is a  level 45 hero Black Guard. Defeat the eight lieutenants and prove that you are a force that is a far greater threat to the Witch King than his elite force can handle; do this, and face Malekith’s greatest shield.

Kouran is the Captain of the Black Guard, and due to this fact he is a 66 MPAT level 59 Black Guard lord. This means that he has every ability a Black Guard has at his disposal and will fluidly use his abilities and move in combat – meaning that he will not stand still. Although a tank may hold aggro on Kouran, Kouran will maneuver around the tank, ever seeking a better position for the fatal blow. Kouran will primarily fight using a two handed sword called Crimson Death which gives him a higher chance to critically hit and ignore armor, and allows him to have a regular cleave and a cleave which reduces willpower and intelligence to all enemies within 100 feet. He may however switch weapons and use a sword and shield – the shield being the Shield of Ghrond which gives him high mitigation, though not necessarily high block; and the sword being the Chill of the North, which allows him to increase the build and cool-down timers of all enemies within 50 feet. Kouran is encased in the Armor of Grief which greatly increases his toughness. Also on his person, Kouran has the Ring of Darkness which decreases the weapon skill and ballistics of attacks made over 25 feet by 50%. This fight is intended to be a close quarters fight, as Kouran wants you as close as possible to kill you. Additionally Kouran suffers from Eternal Hatred, and will build hatred faster, but will have an especially higher aggro table for High Elves. He is meant to be a very tough boss to kill, requiring close quarters fluid combat.
Upon defeating Kouran he has an ‘x’% chance of dropping repairable Monarch Shoulders for tanks and healers. He also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a bow for Shadow Warriors – “Shadowbow of Nagarythe” or a rifle for Engineers – “Thunder-Rifle of Everpeak”.

Kouran is the captain of the Black Guards, which are meant to be the elite guard of Malekith, not necessarily great in number, but superior in martial skill. He was killed by Tyrion in one of the editions of the Dark Elf books… I think 6th, but then I think in the 7th he came back to life. I dunno, it confuses me. He is the longest serving Black Guard captain, holding his position for over 400 years and adorning the entrance to where ever he lives with the skulls of those who would challenge his position.

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