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Malekith’s Fist – Fifth Floor

Atop the final floor of the central tower of Malekith’s Fist is the Witch King’s Throne Room. The stairs from the Black Guard Barracks on the fourth floor emerge at the center of the room, in between which lays a raised dais upon which the Witch King sits and plots the downfall of Ulthuan and images of himself upon the Phoenix Throne. Unlike other royal palaces which are lofty and full of chambers and guards, the Throne Room of Malekith’s Fist is but the Witch King’s seat of power while he sets sail to attack Ulthuan, his true seat of power lay at Naggarond. Ascend to the Witch King’s Throne Room and rid Ulthuan of its greatest threat!

Cleansing Flame of Asuryan : Witch King’s Throne Room
Phase 1: Defeat Malekith

Morathi, The Hag Sorceress
Unlike the palaces of other capital cities which are crawling with the personal guard of their respective kings, Malekith’s Fist is in many ways the Witch King’s palace and to make it to the fifth floor is to assume you’ve cleared his defenders. The true capital of the Dark Elves is Naggarond on Naggaroth. For this reason the Witch King’s Throne Room is devoid of many trash mobs to clear, instead it has one powerful foe to vanquish before the Witch King will emerge. Upon reaching the fifth floor you are met with the right hand of Malekith, his mother and Queen Consort Morathi.
Morathi is a level 59 lord. Due to her status in lore, she draws from abilities both from the Witch Elves and the Sorceresses. She is accompanied by Sulephet, a Dark Pegasus which is a level 48 lord and initially will enter combat riding Sulephet. She can be knocked off of Sulephet but doing so requires a knock back and it only has a 10% chance of being successful; alternatively you can kill Sulephet to ‘knock her off’ of it. Sulephet deals damage individually of Morathi, though while she is mounted atop the beast they will attack the same target. Sulephet’s has two unique abilities: while Morathi is mounted atop the beast it will have the ability to charge and increase her movement speed and activate her damage burst; while it is separated from its master, Sulephet will spread its wings and cast Dusk Approaches, which is a cone area-of-effect damage and slow knock back. What this means is that the dark pegasus will begin to flap its wings and send forth dark magic that will both damage all targets in front of it and also push them away – the affects of this ability can be mitigated by a tank holding the line. Naturally when Sulephet is separated from Morathi it will require another tank to hold its aggro.
Irregardless of whether or not Morathi is mounted, she will have access to all spells of the Lore of Dark Magic – these include the commonly known Chillwind, Doombolt, and Word of Pain; and also the new to WAR abilities of Bladewind which surrounds a target with daggers that continually attack them – an ability which can be removed with two cleanses; Soul Stealer, a 25 foot AoE burst that heals Morathi for 25% of the damage dealth; and Black Horror which is a 80 foot AoE burst dealing spiritual damage and causing all targets to lose 100 points of morale. While mounted Morathi will use the Heartrender, which is a lance that grants her a high armor penetration. She can occasionally proc a very high damage burst, and in general will hit harder using the Heartrender.  Knocking Morathi off of Sulephet will cause her to lose her lance abilities; she will switch weapons which will give her different buffs. Once forced to go on foot, Morathi will use Darksword which reduces her targets strength and toughness and can stack up to five times – this can be cleansed. Morathi also possesses the Gem of Nightmares which grants her the ability to drive one of her enemies within 100 feet into fear, essentially causing them to run about the room uncontrollably for 10 seconds. Morathi’s final trick is that she possesses Enchanting Beauty – this causes all targets within 50 feet to lose 50% weapon skill, essentially negating the effects of armor penetration (which works out fine for her since she doesn’t really wear much in terms of clothing…)

Malekith, The Witch King
Once you have defeated his mother, Malekith will finally make his presence known in the Throne Room. Descending into the Throne Room at the sound of his mother’s death scream, Malekith lands atop his mighty black dragon Seraphon. Malekith is a level 62 lord, and Seraphon is a level 55 hero. Let’s begin with Seraphon first. Both enter combat separated, so there is no mechanic requiring a knock down. Instead Seraphon needs to be maintained separately from Malekith. Seraphon’s main attacks are an area-of-effect cleave and a fiery channeled blast which can only be survived by holding the line. Seraphon’s power will be augmented by Malekith as the fight goes on, so it is crucial to kill the black dragon first.
Now let us move on to Malekith and his tools of war. Malekith is both a powerful sorcerer and warrior. To aid his sorcery he has the Hand of Khaine which grants him a plethora of magical spells dealing elemental and spiritual damage. Of these we have: Soul Harvest – a channeled area-of-effect attack dealing spiritual damage to all invaders within 60 feet of him that can be interrupted; Storm of Naggarond – a ground-target-area-of-effect ability cast upon the enemy furthest away from Malekith dealing elemental damage, and it will chase that target around at reduced speed – this ability’s damage can be mitigated with Shield of the Skies; Bolt of Ghrond – a single target elemental attack that staggers a target for 5 seconds; and Soul of Bel-Shanaar, a single target spirit attack that knocks targets back. Malekith’s sword is the Destroyer which allows him to silence spell casters for 3 seconds and has an ‘x’% chance of reducing his targets wounds by ‘x’ for 10 seconds. The Destroyer also has a chance to apply a DoT, Reclaimer of Souls, which if cleansed will cause the cleanser to suffer burst damage. Malekith is encased in the Armor of Midnight which grants him high physical mitigation and the ability to cleanse any effects which count as a DoT once every 10 seconds. The Spellshield grants Malekith high spiritual resistance. The Circlet of Iron increases his strength and willpower. There is a lot going on in this fight and to defeat Malekith, the invaders must truly master all the styles of combat amongst the Dark Elves.
Upon defeating Malekith he has an ‘x’% chance of dropping a repairable Monarch Chest for all classes. He also has an ‘x’% chance of dropping shield for Swordmasters – “Pavais of the Asur”, a shield for Knights of the Blazing Sun – “Blazing Heater of Salvation”, or a shield for Ironbreakers – “Grudgeshield of Karak Ankor”.

I think I just about beat these two horses to death, don’t you?

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