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October Recap

November 11, 2010 1 comment

Hallo! Today I’d like to go over what I missed while I was working on my city-dungeons posts (you know in case you live under a rock and missed it from all the other bloggers). So for the most part, you may know most of the stuff being discussed, but now you get my cheeky commentary too!

First off I’d like to re-link the video of the Gamesday UK recap, which pretty much ‘officialized’ the 1.4 teaser information.

What else has gone on since then? Well pretty much October has been PTS month for the 1.4 patch. So pretty much a lot of testing of the new ORvR mechanics with many occasional changes to the patch itself.

  • October 11th Mythic posted a Blogger Roll Call. While every other blogger got a cheery mention about their most recent post, mine which made the list was followed by “continues on…” The fact that they used ellipses shows negative connotation (def – the omission from a sentence or other construction of one or more words that would complete or clarify the construction) Ooh hidden thoughts! My guildies and I got a good laugh out of this one and came to the scientific conclusion (much testing was done with all the variables) that Mythic hates me. Good for them, they need at least one critical blogger =)
  • October 13th WarDB closed, probably one of the best data-bases for the war classes, abilities, etc. Much sadness.
  • October 19th brought about the introduction to Thanquol’s Incursion to the world of WAR. Now if you recall in the Gamesday video they said we were getting a skaven-themed zone. I sincerely hope this is not it, because if it is I feel we are beeing deceived and conned. When I think zone, I think a map the size of oh… Caledor? Praag? KV? LotD? Not the tiny ass rat-hole that is this 24v24 PvPvE instance. As fantastic as an AoE-fest in a small arena is, it’s not something that will hold my attention for long. This is just going to bring back flashbacks of the six months I spent farming my sentinel boots.
  • October 21st brought us the recurring annual Daemon Moon Rising live event, which is always a fun time. As much as I long for new content, I am at least content to be back in the cycle of live events. Perhaps come next April they will give us a new live event and not give us six dry months in between the Night of Murder and Wild Hunt live events.
  • October 27th we got the skaven on the PTS… i.e. we got to see rat skins for classes that would have been pretty dang cool had they been truly playable. I really really feel like these are half-assed versions of what were intended to be playable classes. “Screw tactics morales armor… lets just give the players some paper dolls with a handful of abilities.” (That’s an actual quote from Bob in the Janitorial Dept. of Mythic…)
  • Nov 2nd we got a more in-dept explanation for the Skaven which did little to appease the beast that is I. My absolute favorite part is the b.s. about how the Order factions conjure up a reason to ally with skaven – “The situation is dire.” For kicks and giggles I inserted myself in the place of the witch-hunter and Andy and Carrie as the Bright Wizard and Archmage.
    • “You’ve seen how they covet this race. They crave it, it is all consuming.” Andy says, his eyes widening at the power he feels present in the Skaven “They (the WAR players) are also, with few exceptions, weak willed creatures . We can use that to our advantage. As this race has the power to corrupt, it can also be corrupted to allow us to dominate them, albeit for short time. (after they get bored with the skaven-skin cop-out class).

      “Blasphemy!” Ekaslime retorts “Our souls will be damned for even considering such a thing!”

      The Archmage of Saphery Carrie looks upon the human, all at once empathetic and condescending as usual. “The situation is dire, WAR needs a revenue boost.”

      A Bright Wizard Andy turns to his compatriot. “For the Empire Brother. For our survival.”

      A silence descends upon the group.

      The Witch Hunter Ekaslime opens his mouth to argue, but before the words can form he sees an image of Altdorf overrun by the allied verminous hordes of Rat-Men, and he mourns the future of WAR and wonders where the hell in lore this would ever happen.

      “Sigmar save us…Sigmar save us all.”

      The Archmage Carrie nods. “Shall we begin butchering lore?”

I’ll leave the November info consisting of the 1.4 patch notes, EA Store Items, and game changes for my next post since those will be more of a vicious dissection.

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