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Pre-1.4 Thoughts

Yesterday I went over what I missed ranting about during October; today I discuss early November – particularly the 1.4 changes!

  • So the big news was on November 2nd with the 1.4 Patch Notes posted. For the most part these patch notes consisted of material that was already known to anyone following the patch developments or PTS.
    • Key features of note: Magus/Engi static-pet buffs; marauders super-buffs (I’m on the boat that these are overkill. Yet we still see no changes to DoK dps/survivability. When six DoKs can clear Lost Vale I think there’s a problem with the class, but that’s just me.
    • anni gear now costs silver; conq now costs officer medallions; invader & warlord gear from T4; sovereign gear in stage 1 of city. Two points here – part of me is upset because I had to get my sov gear the hard way… you know back when we had to push the city the stupid-hard way and kill the four lords of change and Tchar’zanek. Now it seems any numb-nut can get sov. You use to need excelsior warded players to get sov, a warband of coordinated people. Now you can be renown rank 0 and alone and get sov (well you’d probably hit rr20 by the time you got to stage 3… but you get my point). Its like Mythic is trying to remove the necessity for group play and coordination in RvR. Last time I checked a realm is more than just one person, yet you can achieve the rr80 set alone. My second point is in regards to the new city – will level 30s still be allowed into the city which drops rr73+ gear in the first stage or will it receive a renown cap (which I think it should)? And what does stages 2 and 3 drop, I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere and mayhaps I’ve gone blind. I can only assume that stage 2 will now drop doomflayer and stage 3 will drop warpforged. That would make sense…
    • And finally the final set of art changes, yay.
    • the final list of random changes is also appreciated – like the /emote commands and the live event popup message when you change zones.
  • November 3rd gave us the EA Store dealio. Now this has me pretty upset. In the video from  yesterday’s post (Gamesday UK vid) Carrie said the stuff you bought would “have no impact on game balance”. Lets go through the purchase options and see what we’ve got…
    • Server Transfers – That’s OK
    • Starter Mount – O.o because the Norland warcamps are too far apart…? I guess money’s money.
    • Trusty Mounts – Um I was under the impression that you could purchase a mount for 20g at level 20 already.
    • Trinkets of the World – Um… yay?
    • Specialized training – great for new players I guess, but worthless when you’ve got enough 40s…
    • Lastly, Snotling Herald Pets – Ok now you’ve rubbed me the wrong way twice Mythic. Once for lore, once for breaking that little quote above. 3% speed is 3% speed and in the long run it adds up. So unless I purchase a snotling, I’ll eventually lose the race. Sure people will say its only 3% but I’m still going to say that this is not cool. Secondly, why the hell would Order get a snotling?! Order would sooner kill a little gobbo than dress it up and make it run around with them. Why not give Order Halflings from the Moot? There no lore compromised. Double Fail Mythic.
  • As a second follow-up to the EA Store, on November 3rd we have the Verminous Horde RvR Packs (which went down from 3 to 2… I guess they ran out of ideas of what they could sell). So the Progression pack allows you to hit 100 and access the rr81-100 content. Personality gives you only 4 barber coupons (why if you pay for this pack are you limited…?) more vanity pets but at least this time they are realm specific (thank god they didnt give Order a vanity wyvern and Destro a vanity unicorn…) and mounts that will hopefully replace those awful turkeys.
  • November 5th we got two announcements – our October Producer’s letter with pretty much information previously announced on the 3rd with the RvR Packs. And the second announcement was the 100 templates on the PTS. Man oh man… more on this fiasco later.
  • In between the 5th and today Mythic has given us a splatter of new announcements via tweets and forum posts such as : the Scenario Match-making system – intended to give scenarios some balance; the Powergap changes intended make it so ppl reaching tier4 don’t get the shit kicked out of them in 1 second, but maybe in 2. Although the changes made are awesome in terms of stopping those stupid t1 twinks, I still dont see how they will change the lack of population in tiers 2 and 3. I constantly see level 20s in tier 4 simply because those tiers are dead. What I’m not seeing is incentive for these players to stay in the tier of the appropriate level. And lastly the announcement that players can opt out of gold bag rolls which hopefully will be a god-send. I doubt it though because so many players are asses simply because they can be and follow the mentality that “I’m going to roll on your anni because I ‘know’ you will roll on my sov.” – I guess they have crystal balls O.o Sure people rolling for boxes was messed up (why they do that when they could do a PQ is beyond me) but most people did it out of spite because a level 30 won sov – something which Mythic should have addressed ages ago. The truth is if Mythic had put a renown requirement on rolling on crests and gear then much of this tit-for-tat attitude wouldn’t exist. The solution could have been as simple as “you can only roll need on RRxx item if you are RRxx+ otherwise you can roll greed or pass” OR “you receive +x/RR on your roll on RR items” (so if you’re RR80 your rolls on high RR items would be naturally higher than a RR28). Ah well Father Mythic, like Soviet Russia, knows best.
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