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1.4 Art – Destro Doomflayer

November 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday I went over the artistic creation known as the Doomflayer set for Order toons. Today I go over destro! However, my commentary will be much shorter since I do not play Destruction and do not know how their lower level armor sets look like. I can only comment on what little I know from the brief seconds I am smashing someones face in, or they are smashing mine in.

One thing I did notice while playing around with these sets is that it appears that the Doomflayer set (which only has the standard boots, gloves, shoulders, helm, chest) is meant to work appearance-wise at least with the Sovereign belt and cape. The color schemes and set shapes generally give into this. While the purple belt that comes standard issue on the RR100 templates is artistically designed to coincide with the Warpforged set.
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