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1.4 Art – Destro Doomflayer

Yesterday I went over the artistic creation known as the Doomflayer set for Order toons. Today I go over destro! However, my commentary will be much shorter since I do not play Destruction and do not know how their lower level armor sets look like. I can only comment on what little I know from the brief seconds I am smashing someones face in, or they are smashing mine in.

One thing I did notice while playing around with these sets is that it appears that the Doomflayer set (which only has the standard boots, gloves, shoulders, helm, chest) is meant to work appearance-wise at least with the Sovereign belt and cape. The color schemes and set shapes generally give into this. While the purple belt that comes standard issue on the RR100 templates is artistically designed to coincide with the Warpforged set.

If I ever played Destro it would be a Blackguard, this class always artistically appealed to me. The armor, although intricate, is not overly intricate – a shortcoming of some of the Swordmaster sets. Even the glaive for this class is pretty epic. The only nay point for this particular set would be the little antennae on the helm.

Disciple of Khaine
To my knowledge all of these sets look the same… I suppose the hardest thing for me as an Order player is to differentiate the DoK sets while they’re wildly swinging their swords like monkeys. The chest piece is well designed in my opinion. However, I never could see what was the helm for this class, it just blends into the shoulders – although given Mythic’s record with helms I suppose that is a good thing.

Witch Elf
This set looks like a normal WE to me. I find no short-comings with it, although without knowledge of other WE sets I am going to go on a limb and assume they all look the same… scantily clad woman with pointy edges – all that seems to ever differ is how long the pointy edges are.

I intended to use a male model for this but messed up and was far too lazy to make a male rr100 template – it simply takes hours! I subconsciously made a sorceress because male sorcerers don’t exist in lore because Malekith wants them all dead. The fact is that on male models for most classes the art is clearer, but oh well. I like this set enough, I think the colors work well with the Dark Elves. It would seem to me that of all the races the Dark Elf players are least prone to changing their armor set colors so I guess they must work.

Having seen far too many ravaging-Chosen up close and personal – this set seems a vast downgrade from the intricate Sovereign. I would word the difference as Sovereign is the parade-ground gear, and Doomflayer is the out-in-the-field-trekking-it-through-waist-deep-mud gear. It seems very bland and utilitarian, like the Chosen doesn’t want to get his other shiny sets dirty. Also don’t chosen get dragon-claw boots?

I always found the upper RR helms for this class disturbing. All I can think of when I see them is the aliens from Alien that wrap around your face and do the nasty. Also getting a good screenie of this class is near impossible because the spaz is constantly wiggling. I guess the set is ok for the scum they are.

I suppose this class always will look goofy. The boots are plain as heck and I don’t get where the right clasp on the shoulder goes, does it hook into their skin? I dig the skull on the shoulder, it in fact would have made a far better helm than the current one he is wearing… Mayhaps this would look better if the right arm was mutated and the hook went into the mutated skin?

I had to do two screenies for this guy because on my Warpforged screenie I realized he was wielding the rank1 staff. Now we know why magi suck! Mythic gives them rank 1 weapons on their rr100 templates! The weapon looks pretty cool but the green glow totally doesn’t work, as it doesn’t for most classes. While the class may have performance pit-falls, I will say that artistically it is pretty cool.

Black Orc
This mo-hey is so damn big he doesn’t fit on my screen AND he blocks half the other characters on the selection screen. I love the one-eye tin-can cyborg helm. The one thing I do not like about this class is that the belt is so damn big it covers the art-work for the chest, and unfortunately belts cannot be hidden like capes and helms. A pretty nifty look, belt aside.

The embodiment of greenskin filth and crud. He’s got poop on his shoulders, complete with mushrooms, and the green glowy staff does him great justice, no doubt the aura is his stench. Heck even the pointy dunce cap with a Flinstone bone works.

I kept the RR95 or 100 or whatever that belt is for this set because the Sovereign belt is way too big and covers the chest art, which I actually think is cool. However looking at the scale armor, I don’t get the impression that this is a medium armored class… Goofy looking rugby helm.

Squig Herder
I feel comfort in knowing that my arch-nemesis the Squiggie is gifted with an equally stupid looking helm. When I see that, I see those winter beanies with the long tassels on the sides. And the silly boots with the spike… Justice has been served.

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