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1.4 Art – Order Warpforged

Today I enter the realm of the new-elite exclusive Warpforged set. As an update I logged onto the PTS just in time for an Altdorf push (go figure) and did learn that stage 1 drops Sovereign with the current stage 1 lockout of 20 hours; stage 2 drops Doomflayer – but only two gold bags! much sadness there, and the current lockout of 2 days 20 hrs; and stage 2 drops Warpforged with again only two gold bags and the 4 day 20hr lockout. Assuming renown rank 12s are still allowed into the city at level 30 and can roll on every bag – this is going to be a severe blow to those of us who have been working long and hard on our toons and have supported this game for over two years.

Looking at these sets I am led to believe that the artistic brainchild for these sets were the lords in the army books. Anyway onto the fiasco that is the Warpforged set… The Good, The Bad, and the Fugly.

The male model for this set has texture issues regarding the chest and the middle flap on the skirt. The texture issues with the chest seem to be messed up (and have been since launch) on all sets regarding skirt textures, hair popping through helms and cloths, and in particular capes not laying on top of the chest but flowing through it. That aside I really love this set. This set is pretty much the Finubar/Tyrion set and the red glow on the sword works at least with the base original color of the Swordmaster Warpforged set. And the shield – that is an epic shield, love it! If only the chest textures rendered well it would be awesome.

The Teclis set. The art for this set is pretty much inspired by Teclis I would say, although his will reign supreme. I do like the set on male models, but it is more condensed on female models and I think better looking (a general assessment on AM gear). Again the issues with the hair textures going through the helm and chest. When they changed the poses for the characters on the character selection screen, they never re-adjusted the hair… I really wish there was just an option on the male high elves to get rid of the hair when the helm is on -_-

White Lion
Holy Mother of… Jesus H…. What the… ?!?!?! Aside from bad hair textures going through the helm (the ever plaguing problem of High Elves) the helm! Dear lord what the hell is that?! This is seriously the fuliest helm in the game, hands down. This will probably go down as the turban helm. It’s awful. Plain awful. A joke. It’s so bad it takes away from the rest of the set because your eyes focus on it and can’t peel off. Fix the hair. White Lions in particular have horrible texture issues with their capes and shoulders. Since the shoulders often drape down the back to the waist, they overlay with the cape and the result is just a mess, you don’t know what is what. And the lighting on the chest made it really hard to see what is going on there. I pity thee, White Lions.

Shadow Warrior
Argh! Again another fugly helm! I loved our hoods, and now you go back to the tier 3 dildo helm with a crown?! Not only that, but in other SW sets the face-mask is part of the shoulders, while the helm is just the hood – in this set the face mask is part of the helm and the shoulders are more or less the bib and epaulettes. That means that changing art with other SW helms wont work because you’ll have to change the shoulders too or else his face will look stupid. Fail Mythic. And whats with the poofy Disney’s-Aladdin pants?! The artwork on the chest-piece itself is great, but the pants…

Knight of the Blazing Sun
I know a lot of people think the helm for this set is goofy, but I actually think this set looks pretty spiffy. No grass skirt = huge plus. The white and red color scheme is a welcome change from the golds of the past. Hopefully the textures on the live servers will be better and smoother as to get rid of the pinks in between – I have noticed that on the PTS the art is always bad for me. Also the shield is great too.

Warrior Priest
I’m happy with the base color scheme here, a regal blend of white and purple; however the weapon glows definitely clash with this one. The set is pretty different for male and female models though in terms of the chest. Overall the artwork is descent

Witch Hunter
Mmm forest green and salmon, you certainly wont get far in stealth wearing that. I wonder if bright colors are a contributing factor to WHs stealth breaking O.o I’m sure its somewhere in Mythic’s coding… “clash of colors = -27.4751% Initiative check”. With some dye the chest, boots, gloves, and shoulders can be fixed, but the helm! Ah Mythic you lack hat fashion. Go to a haberdashery and learn something. I would only approve of this hat if it came with a Zorro mask.

Bright Wizard
While the fire-place-fire-cage helm is pretty stupid, as they all are for this class, the rest of the set is nifty. I’m a fan of the design on the chest, a clever incorporation of both fire and skulls, which are the symbol of the Empire. One thing that really really doesn’t work with me is the green glow of the offensive staff on a BW weapon… green fire  on a pink staff, eh?

Where to start here… Well the shield is epic, the belt is the same as Sov and the shoulders seem a down grade. The chest on male dwarves is always lost in the beard, which makes me wonder why they bother drawing one. Oh right, for the female dwarves. As much as I would have rolled a female dwarf to display the art of this chest, they don’t exist so I couldn’t. The helm on the other hand is point #567 for Mythic’s helm fiasco. We’ve got kitty-cat whiskers meeting viking.

Rune Priest
Awesome staff, green glow aside. Other than that I am trying really hard to see  how this set differs from other sets. I guess it has more gold frill and the helm is different. The belt however doesn’t seem to go with this set at all. -Shrugs- Who plays a runie anyway?

More gold for the slayer! This class has the shaft in terms of art, it’s always so hard to see. They’re practically naked with a loin cloth, and when you hide the cape and helm, well, then there isn’t much to them.

Engine engine number 9, running down Chicago line. If the train should jump the track, do you want your money back? Chooo Chooo! Way to go train cow-catcher helm.

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