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1.4 Art – Destro Warpforged

Last segment of the 1.4 armor sets art! Once again, my knowledge of other Destro armor sets is very limited but I have seen the Doomflayer so I can at least cross compare with that. So lets take the last look at the Good, the Bad, and the Fugly.

Black Guard
This set looks artistically well detailed. So well detailed I’m not quite sure whats going on with the chest. I’ll blame the PTS for lousy graphics and trust that on the live-servers it will look smoother and better. One thing I do miss on this set that other sets had was the huge plate in front of the face jutting out of the chest – I found that a cool feature. For this set the one thing I dislike is again the insect antennae on the helm – I feel like it’s an ant foraging for sugar… or High Elves.

Disciple of Khaine
I honestly liked the black and purple combo on the Doomforged set more than this combo of purple and white. That set all in all looked more aggressive, with more jagged edges and darker colors. This set definitely works to bring out the healer in the DoK.

Witch Elf
Chest, shoulders, belt, boots, and gloves – this set is an upgrade from the Doomflayer. But the helm, always the helm. It’s a little elaborate and big, but perhaps the big hair on the rr100 template does her no justice. Part of me just feels like its too big for her head.

I don’t know if her chest is white (not the deathly pale skin) or if she is intended to only be wearing a bra. Given the red lines on her torso I am guessing the chest is indeed white with some red marks. I really like the look of most of this set, that is with the one exception. The helm. I want to stick candles into it and just use it as a candle holder, because it really looks like a candelabrum.

Ah there’s the intricate armor the Doomflayer set was missing! To me this is what the Chosen should look like. Fantastic sword, fantastic shield, and the armor is overall pretty great looking. I even dig the helm for this class and the horns jutting out the back. I really get the warped sense of Tzeentch in this set.

Crazy-ass helm, but it works for this class remarkably. I know a lot of zealots are fans of the hood they had, and I can see that, but this helm isn’t bad in my opinion. Overall I think this set is a step up from the Doomflayer.

Gah! Holy crap, what the hell…? I think Mythic has safely established itself as the most… ‘special’ designer of head-art. When I see this, I see Ironman. Wow what a bad helm. Otherwise the set is an upgrade from the Doomflayer with good changes in terms of boots, shoulders, and gloves. Even the chest and its associated pieces are a great improvement. This guy looks tough, get rid of the helm and he might even look serious about killing you.

I think Mythic nailed this set. Its intricate, well designed, meshes well with the disc, and even the helm is good looking. Another class where I see no reason to dye the original colors.

Black Orc
This gorilla is so big his shield doesn’t even show up on my character selection screen. I am unsure if the shield is a new graphic, they all look pretty similar, as does the axe, but nonetheless they do look cool. Mayhaps they are similar to keep/bo guard weapons. While the belt with this set works with the sun flames and ergo the Bloody Sun Boyz image, it makes the Black Orc look like he has a giant beer-gut. Maybe some players like that, but I really think without the belt he looks slimmer and deadlier. Think about it.. do you wanna be chased by a massive fit & slim guy, or a massive guy with a beer gut? Clearly the beer-gut guy isn’t going to pose a threat in the long term. A fine set overall.

Dye this set black and you’ve got yourself a ninja gobbo! Has a funny little explosion coming out of his volcano-hat, but it’s a shaman so all is fair game. Its got some huge shoulders… like hes ready to play football with the black orcs. This set humors me, so I’m ok with it.

I’ve nothing bad to say about this set, I really think that its well designed and captures the crazy orc essence. The change from scale to chainmail also gives the set a better look and more mdps-like, unlike the Doomflayer.

Squig Herder
I actually like this set as well. Perhaps its hard to make a greenskin look bad, but I like how this set isn’t cluttered with dead squig hanging all over it. Its still got that messy-patchwork feel to it, but it’s cleaner. And the metal-cage helm is a nice touch as well. +1 for you vile enemy.

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  1. Dilek
    November 16, 2010 at 10:24 AM

    I think the sorc helm would be awesome with candles! Why don’t they take the stupid candles off the Witch Hunter hats and put them on the sorc helm? It would be so perfect!

  2. Rikker
    November 17, 2010 at 9:14 AM

    Zealot helm is cool. I like it. The hood has a certain aesthetic sure, but I really do like this look.

    The only armor destro side that they really, really failed on IMO is the Marauders, and that’s mostly in relation to Sov… It’ll be hard to outdo the badassery of the sov helm/cloak combo from the back.

  3. Malignant Impudence
    August 8, 2011 at 11:34 AM

    The Blackguard helm is actually very canon-accurate. It’s basically a copy-paste of a GW BG helm. Personally I hate the magus helm- could have been a bit bigger. It’s a tad smallish for my taste. Especially in comparison to Tyrant/Sov. Let’s hope the new vanity gear is better:D

  4. Uğur İskender
    February 16, 2017 at 10:41 PM

    Sovereign Sets were way too far better than these crappy Warpforged sets due to Chosen and Marauder’s ones.

  5. Uğur İskender
    February 16, 2017 at 10:47 PM

    Oops, I forgot to add details. Was too lazy. 😛 The big shoulders on Chosen and smaller but awesomely designed helm was way too far better than the Shitforged. Those half circles on the shoulders was a good detail. And the half circle whichs’ points being united on the helm too. And Marauder’s one eyed one(it seems it’s inspired by the Tobi from the Naruto series. lol. The straight, tough and long spikes and the dead beard/lion’s fur with his helm make Marauder looks like so strong like the bear killer. lol. =D

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