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11/17 Q&A Transcript & 1.4 Patch Tomorrow!

So it’s the big event everyone’s been waiting for. Essentially the first ‘new content’ patch since LotD which was almost a year and a half ago. November 18th brings in the Verminous Horde and with it the two RvR packs. Today Mythic held a Q&A session to address not only questions about the 1.4 ensemble, but also other concerns players had. For the first live streaming Q&A session I found the event to be a success – mainly because some concrete answers were given – not the usual ‘we have plans but can’t tell you’ (although there were a few of those).

First off we’ve got the 1.4 patch and its free content available to all players! Some of the changes we’re going to face tomorrow include a complete revamp of RvR. Domination timers and VPs are out the window – now locking a zone is literally as easy as taking a keep. In conjunction with this we’ll see the new RR65+ Thanquol’s Incursion 24v24vSkaven instance, which upon completing successfully will give players the ability to don Skaven skins and assail the keeps in more unique fashions. Also in this free patch: the renown system is getting reworked in terms of what abilities can be bought, the level caps for tiers are being reallocated to better accommodate new Tier 4 players, and scenarios are getting a new E-harmony matchmaking system where you will be paired with destro across 32 qualities ranging from your toons hair color to how many nurglings you have killed and enjoy killing.

In terms of paid content we have the two RvR packs of Progression and Personality available via the EA Store. Progression offers players the opportunity to push the envelope yet again and strive for renown rank 100. Also included is access to new renown weapons and armor for these new renown ranks and of course a renown bonus for those not yet at 80 so they can catch up to the big boys. Personality on the other hand comes with some new dyes, barber tokens to change yer ugly mug, pretty ponies, and pretty pets.

As for the Q&A I did indeed attend and issue forth a slew of questions of which only a few were answered. I personally did not find my questions to be unfair, but I felt that there was a definite bias in whose questions were being picked out – some people got more attention than others. I would have preferred that more people were selected from the question pool, and not six questions from one person. Andy kindly recorded the session and it is broken up into two parts, Part 1 (if you want to skip the music it starts roughly at 21 minutes) and Part 2.  Andy(AB) did the reading of questions, and they were answered by Steve Engle (SE), Keaven Freeman(KF), and Carrie Gouskos(CG), and later James Casey (JC). Because I’m lazy, I’m not going to type these word for word but go for the abridged version!

AB: First question from Twitter from NobwaartDo we get a reward for dinging RR100?”
SE: Yes but you get to find out when you hit RR100.

AB: Fist question from chat from archexecutor – Where is the new RR bonus which people get from the Progression pack at its peak, at the lower RRs, or 70s-80s?
SE: The higher you gain ranks, the higher it goes, because we want to keep the pacing nice and smooth. As you gain RRs the bonus goes higher.

AB: Twitter question from HadruneThe flight paths from the bomber’s seem to be restricted, are [you] considering optional paths to BOs or back to the keep?
CG: At the moment, no – we’re keeping them on the path they’re on. We have some concerns about people abusing where they can get to from the flight path so it’s restricted to that purpose, but we’ll see how useful they are tactically. The main purpose is to get people into the keep and quickly. We are going to continue to monitor ORvR and to see whats needed to keep the strategy fresh.

AB: From TormysavesWAR – How long will the grind to RR100 be relative to how long it took to get to RR80?
SE: It should probably feel about the same as going from anywhere between 50-60 to 80 – what we’re aiming for.

AB: From Nevari (sp?) – Are the new armor appearances final?
CG: For these sets of armor, yes.

-useless personal-shout-out question-

AB: From Chimex (sp?) – Are you working on any new scenarios?
CG: Yes, we were hoping to launch a new Skaven scenario somewhat based in Grovod Caverns, but gonna spend more time working on the terrain there because we had some problems. 1.4.0 is not the end of Skaven-stuff, more Skaven-stuff is coming and that’s one of them.

AB: From (I think) @BruglirWhen are the RvR packs going on sale?
CG: Noon Eastern 11/18

AB: From JestorGorfangMore info on scenario match-making mechanics and is there an update on cross-server scenarios?
CG: We are not going to share how matchmaking is done because we do not want people to abuse it. This is first stab at the system but its kinda like getting people around your level and not making you wait too long  – but subject to tweaking and polishing. We want to do cross-server scenarios but high risk implementing it due to server architecture, but something we would like to do.

AB: From Twitter ThehealeroftruAs you hit RR 90 and 100 do you get an extra mastery point like you got at 70 and 80? (You don’t get one at 80, you get a passive +1 to all trees)
SE: We are going to continue what you get at 80, which is a + to all mastery trees, and you will get that at 84, 88, 92, 96, 100. So +all mastery, but not a Mastery Point.

AB: From stonewill – Any plans for more ‘cosmetic gear’ so we can get a more unique look?
CG: Yes, we have plans for more gear. We have cool gear, but we want to make it work with a cool set. We have to stay true to the IP so that rules out the silly stuff.

AB: from espiokk (sp?) – Any plans to raise guild rank cap?
CG: Not at the moment, no.

AB: From varis (sp?) – When are [you] implementing the new scenario rank system and can you see your rating?
CG: Going live with 1.4.0 and no we are not currently allowing you to see your rating.

AB: Hadrune – Will there be more of the ustream shows in the future?We hope so.

AB: From KMTan (sp?) – Can you share what colors are going to be available in the personality packs?
CG: Only one we remember is ‘the better black’

AB: From Wadstomp – With the paid transfers, will we have the option for free transfers if some servers become imbalanced?
JC: If we do server merges down the future, we will let people know.

AB: From Madevik (sp?) – 1.4 is bringing us a lot of defensive rewards/renown abilities – is it your intention to make battles last longer? Conversely, will dps be receiving an increase in effectiveness?
SE: Yes, that is the intention to make battles last longer. We’ll monitor dps and if we need to make adjustments we will.

AB: From Twitter @TenK81 (or something) – Will you consider adding a healer to the keep since you changed that in 1.4 (respawning in keeps)?
KF: No. Because it would create a endless cycle of defenders/stalemate. Strong offense pressing against an endless defense. You can have healers heal up or jump to wc and assault from two fronts.

AB: From Everchosen1 – Any plans to add brand new emotes into the game anytime soon (in particular for Role Play)?
JC: We added a bunch non-animated recently. We can add some in the future – as far as if they will be animated or not we will see.

AB: From Ekas-lime (that’s me!) -insert shock on Steve Engle’s face- – What is there to stop six players from flipping to the city during dead hours on a server since all they have to do is take a keep and there’s no more domination timers?
KF: Nothing.
CG: (from off camera) Oh my goodness, alright someone’s getting good. I’ll take this question! (On Camera) And now I’m going to say the exact same thing. Nothing, but we want people who are playing in the wee hours to be able to have an experience and be able to accomplish something if they want. Is six players by themselves ideal? No. But what we’ve seen with the bringing back of the European players is that European and North American players are sort of cross-pollinating on all the servers and so what we’re seeing is a lot more extended play around the clock, so hopefully you’re seeing that as well.

AB: From Hadrune – Without a pack-master, rat ogres in organized warbands don’t seem very effective. How do you see this working out on live server, in the live environment?
KF: Wow. You will probably be witnessing the same thing. The rat ogre is designed to be with the pack-master. If there is no pack-master to be on the rat-ogre, you’re right the rat ogre will be taken down very quickly. The idea is that they function as a combined unit, so that’s how they’re suppose to be treated functionally on the battlefield. If players decided otherwise, both units will suffer. If the packmaster is not with the rat ogre his usable abilities is shrunk to 4 instead of 6, you are hurting both people essentially.

AB: From JestorGorfang: Will you rescale the cost of renown weapons to be in line with increased rewown gains at lower ranks?
CG: We’ve talked about it, we’re going to have to take a look at how people are gaining renown and what makes sense. We want you to get gear when you can use it.

AB: From Wadstomp – Have you thought of implementing so add-ons that are commonly used directly into the game?
CG: Yes it’s something we’ve talked about. We want to do it right. We want to honor the mod makers that work for us. We’ve talked with our mod-makers and seeing if we can bring their mods in.

AB: From Twitter – Do you plan on addressing disparities between WP/DoK healing and healing of other classes?
SE: Yes. We are looking into, unfortunately WPs and DoK’s we are looking at your group heal. We are discussing it and trying to make it comparible to other healing.

AB: From Valay_Eur (sp?) – Are you going to be evaluating ‘perceived’ imbalances between morales for factions such as 1k1DB and No Escape, things like that?
SE: Definitely, I can’t give you a time like when its going to be looked at. Obviously 1k1 is a big issue and we would like to either mirror that somewhere on the WP. Yeah we’re looking into it, I have no time schedule.

AB: From Twitter @Bruglir – When you originally announced the RvR packs you talked about three packs – power, progression, personality – what happened to power?
CG: We wanted to focus on the content in the progression and personality pack and offer people a price that made sense and was reasonable and content that would make sense with 1.4.0

AB: Alorian (sp?) – Why should we buy the patch and get nerfed for increased stat caps, increasing my renown therefore being better, yet it feels like I’m being nerfed.
SE: Everything on the paperdoll is relative to someone your current level. So technically someone of a lower RR is worse off against you than is perceived on the paper doll – that’s how the combat formula works. While leveling, while soem times the percentage will go down, but against an rr80 person it will be the same as it was before. While Warpforged and Doomflayer seem the same %s as Sovereign, you will perform better. Everything scales, you aren’t technically getting less powerful, in a way.
AB: As you go up in renown rank, your effective character level raises, so you will be more effective.
SE: Things like mitigation and resists are factored. While someone’s %s may be higher, they are mitigating less physical damage because you are higher.

AB: From Greezer (sp?) – Any chance for permanent 6v6 scenarios now that they dont effect the RvR campaign?
CG: Yes, we are looking at scenario line up and maybe going to refresh it and add a permanent 6v6, maybe revisit the Ironclad.

AB: Do you plan on introducing new careers, like you did with DAoC?
CG: Possibly, sure, maybe. Not off the table. Not focusing on the short term. Working on the year plan for war – have a good sense of what that is, still hashing out the details. Possible for long term.

AB: From Hadrune – You’ve hinted before to more RvR packs, how likely is it to see new RvR packs within 6-8 months?
CG: Pretty likely, we’re going to monitor the sales. Just b/c we’re working on new packs it doesn’t mean they’ll cost more money – they might, they might not.


AB: From Bigtruck – Do you plan on re-opening Badlands to incoming server transfers?
AB: Yes we have plans, no we are not discussing them. (Unsure if this is to the same question.)

AB: From @Burmees (sp?) – Once 1.4 is started will players who already have royal weapons immediately begin accruing captains emblems or will they need to buy another royal weapon to get the unlock?
CG: That’s the plan. That’s the hope… we’ll have to check into that.
AB: The intent is if you already have the royal weapon, you should have the unlock to acquire the new weapons.

AB: From Twitter Thehealeroftru – Do you plan on going back and revisiting lairs in the game or making new ones and giving them useful items that drop like pocket items?
CG: Possibly. Because we’re focusing on bugs and long term stuff, we don’t have medium-level stuff. It’s a good suggestion.

AB: From Ekas-lime (That’s me!) – Do you plan on removing the LotD locking mechanism and making it open at all times?
CG: That’s something we’ve talked about, but in order to do that we’d have to look at balance and see would it be worth it, what would the purpose be, is there something else cool we can do with the locking mechanism. Still something we need to spend some more time talking about, but we’ve definitely talked about it and gone ‘why don’t we just leave it.’

AB: Here’s one we get at every Q&A – its about fortresses!
CG: When we revamped the ORvR mechanic it was our sincere hope to bring back the fortresses, but we have to address why they were removed in the first places. They didn’t make it in the ORvR changes in this pack so… we’ll see.

AB: From Twitter @Litebrite – Do you have any plans on adding dueling – friendly vs friendly.
CG: What are you talking about, dueling is in game… just not turned on… We have attempted dueling, there is some work and polish to implement it. It’s on the list.

AB: Since we’re making RvR sets easier to acquire, are we planning on making the PvE/the Dungeon sets easier to acquire? (A lot of people asked that question but since he read mine word for word I’ll take credit for it =D )
JC & CG: No.

AB: From Thorgrim (sp?) – Do you plan on revisiting the T4 Influence rewards?
CG: Sean has plans… they exist.

AB: Trade skills, will they receive love, more levels, new trade skills?
CG: Yes. We’d like to do something, but we don’t know…

AB: From Twitter Stonewill_WAR – Will you evaluate disparities between physical RDPS and magical RDPS? (I had the same question)
SE: Well, thats something we’re going to always monitor. As far as the disparity or perceived disparity I’m not exactly sure where we’re going to address that right now because my plans are to address the healers first. I don’t know when we’ll get to that point – sure its something we want to look into.

AB: From @Cancy (sp?)- Any plans to increase the amount of characters on the server to 12 so you can have one of each of the careers on the server?
CG: Yeah, that’s something that we looked into and can do and code requirement blah blah blah, sure why not. I’ll put it low on my list because I didn’t think it was a priority.

AB: Jmb707 – The tokens to redo appearance say facial customization – will slayers be able to redo their tattoos or is it just facial?
JC: It’s basically anything on the character selection screen that you create your character, so yes.You can equip or un-equip the marketing heads.

AB: @Hadrune – With the successful launch of the item store, can we expect to see more account entitlements in the near future?
CG: No, obviously we want to treat the players… we have items we want to sell, but we don’t want to release too many items at once. Release them at a rate that’s reasonable and make sure that it’s worth it, make sure it aligns with all the other prices. I don’t think we’ll make anything up this year.

AB: @MmmmmGud – For various careers there are some useless tactics in the mastery trees, can we expect these to be looked at in the near future?
SE: Do I like to look at useless tactics? No? Yes? Maybe? We have a sort of plan for some tactics. Whether it touches the tactics you look at, I don’t know. We want to try to shake it up a little bit, try to get rid of some of the ‘useless’ tactics and fill it in with some better ones. That’s all I can say right now though.

AB: BootaeWhen a keep gets to maximum level, does its level decay if players ignore BOs?
KF: No, currently that does not happen.

AB: CryofDeath (sp?) – Can we have an unlimited ignore list?
CG: Wow you hate that many people? Um… it has to do with size/space restrictions on characters, it saves to the server, but we can look into it.

AB: Stonewill – Any plans on revisiting morale 4s as they are currently in the game and their effectiveness?
SE: Not in the immediate future, but something I want to look into. It makes no sense that someone would want to use a morale 2 over 4 or over the morales they can purchase. There are other issues I need to answer and fix first.

AB: -ECHOOOOO- From MmmmmGud – With new siege weapon mechanics whats going to happen to siege weapons from Bitter Rivals when new siege weaponry stuff goes live?
JC: Nothings going to happen when it goes live… hold onto them we’ll figure something to do with them.

AB: Last one, from Cryofdeath – Can we dye glowy effects of RR weapons?
CG: Not right now, but maybe. (I would prefer to just remove them but dye-able is good too).

-End Q&A Session-

I definitely had a lot of other questions that either A weren’t answered or B I didn’t bother to ask because I knew they wouldn’t be answered. Quite a few of mine were asked by other players and answered so that was cool. Some of my unanswered questions in the Q&A that I still remember were…

  • Any plans to address Squig leash range? This combined with range of pet abilities gives the SH an overall massive range that is unfair.
  • Why did you give Order snotlings when we would kill them, why not give us halflings?
  • Any plans on addressing AoE damage?
  • Since we are getting Skaven in this manner, does that mean that Skaven will never become a playable army in terms of RR/Exp/Inf/armor/ability progression?
  • Are there any plans to address out-of-party-renown-farming healers?
  • Uh… I can’t remember the rest but I mentioned the new RvR weapons, 12 characters instead of 10, some class specifics, and some lore ones. -shrugs-
  • A lot of other players were asking about the other capital cities and other playable races.

Some questions I did not ask because I didn’t want them to ignore me off the get-go…

  • Why are you allowing people who did not purchase the RvR packs to roll on Doomflayer & Warpforged gear, thus depriving people who paid for the content of it. Yes, I’ve already heard the financially-motivated answer of ‘because maybe they’ll upgrade when they get the armor they can’t use’ but I want a better answer.
  • Do they plan on increasing the drop rate in the cities on stg 2 and 3 from 2 gold bags?
  • Will the city be open to all RRs and lvl 30+ as it currently is, or will there be a new cap to stop RR20s from rolling on Sov+
  • Has Mythic ensured that current gold bags from the cities have a time stamp, or will Mythic repeat the mistake they made when they introduced Officer Medallions into bags (bags were not timestamped and universally upgraded, so players with bags started off with dozens or hundreds of medallions/crests) meaning that players on Thursday who held onto their city bags can be pulling out Doomflayer and Warpforged.
  • How does Mythic plan to address the issues of dps tanks and healers and their survivability and dps in respect to dps classes?

That’s all I’ve got for tonight. Until next time!

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  1. November 18, 2010 at 6:33 AM

    Nice writeup, felt like they did have trouble to keep a clear handle on the stream however. Next time I hope they just break it up into topics. Like the RvR Packs, Orvr, C&C etc.

  1. November 18, 2010 at 7:52 AM

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