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Altdorf Menagerie – 1.4 Personality Pack Pets (Order)

So I recently came to acquire four items which have the magical ability to grant me magical monkeys of varied colors. Although I know what the colors mean, I am unsure as to what they look like. Since the decision is final upon magical transition and I cannot go back and change colors, I came upon a stumbling block. Roam around Altdorf as I may, I could not find the local animal shelter or exotic zoo with the beasts on display, so I did the only thing I could do to see which pet was for me – I put on my Darwin hat and went to another server and created toons to pick pet colors and deleted them about as fast as I made them. Darwin hat aside I present my findings to you in case you too would like to know exactly what color ‘Green’ or ‘Gold’ is (because you have not yet caught your leprechaun).

My first beast of discovery was the Drake. While I could have asked fellow elves in Altdorf what color their lizard was, I did not want an awkward conversation to ensue, so I explored my own lizards. In descending order: Blue, Red, Green, Aqua.

Next we have the Ugly Hound. For shame Mythic; have you not seen how sad this puppy is for the names you call it? I find it a rather cute hound and you have done naught but furthered my theory that the majority of MMO players are emasculated cat-lovers. In descending order: Lemon, Tri-Color, Mahogany, Black and White.

Noble Hawks made my Shadow Warrior feel like he could finally compete with Squig Herders. Alas my hawk does not fly 100 feet away from me and then spit out pine cones an additional 100 feet. In descending order: Gold, Silver, Russet, Copper.

Lastly we have the Two-Headed Hounds, why Mythic gave these to Order I have no idea. Then again why they gave us snotlings I also have no idea. I am sure in the next ‘Pack’ Order will receive baby Dark Elves as pets. In descending order: Hazy, Arctic, Earthen, Blackened.

Choose wisely! And by that I mean delete your Chaos Hound! I’m going to bet my money that everyone who has a chaos hound will be killed by it in their sleep.

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