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1.4 Evaluation

So I didn’t want to leap at Mythic’s throat the day of the patch because I figured there would be issues to fix, adjustments to make. Instead, I let the patch sink in a few days and with a clearer calmer mind I would now like to give a critical evaluation of 1.4 days after its launch. I applaud my fellow bloggers for their devotion to Warhammer and to reporting; however, I believe there are far too many ‘great job, awesome work’ posts out there. Although 1.4 has ushered in dramatic changes into the world of Warhammer, I am personally not of the opinion that all are great or as they were marketed to be. This is meant to be taken as constructive feedback, not ranting or raging.

RvR – Zone Locks

  • Zones flip way too fast. In the Q&A I asked what was there to stop 6 people from flipping to the city in the dead hours of the night – the answer was ‘Nothing’. To prove my point myself and five guildies pushed to the city during prime time (while Order and Destro were fighting in Praag we locked DvG and HEvDE). For what takes but a matter of minutes, the rewards are far too high – about 20 minutes to flip an uncontested zone reaps about 12k renown; flip from the middle of a pairing to the end and you get double credit for keeps giving you 16k. I know Mythic wanted to help the lowbees catch up in RR, but this is ridiculous. I thought the intent of this patch was to slow down city pushes, not accelerate them.
  • There is no way to rebound after the enemy has taken your keep. Before if the other faction captured your keep while there was no opposition, the opposing faction had two hours to bounce back and stop the enemy. Sure if you’re locking a zone and there is no opposition then waiting for two hours is ridiculous, but we went from one extreme to another. I think a more reasonable solution would have been to drastically cut the domination timer and require the maintaining of BOs or leveling of the captured keep.
  • The zerg is stronger than ever. Going back to my point above, before you had to work as a realm to lock a zone – you have to have groups guarding BOs and scouting the roads for invaders. Now all either side does is get resources to level their keep to 4 (the rank for a ram) and then simply zergs the opposing realms keep. There is NO reason to guard BOs once your keep has hit rank 4 because keep rank does not decay. Sure the other realm can upgrade their keep, but to what avail? Ranks 1 and 2 only affect the resource carrier, rank 3 gives offensive siege weapons which is the ideal for a defensive rank, rank 4 gives rams which do nothing for the defense, and rank 5 gives… well supposedly more aerial bombers which I have yet to see.
  • Keep sieges, for some reason, seem dry. I’m not sure what the issue here is, maybe its just the way people play, but before we use to have the need for groups guarding the posterns and main gate, range dps focusing the oil, tanks on the ram, etc. Now there is no real point in guarding the postern – killing someone just helps them achieve their mission of getting in the keep anyway. Instead every stares the door down. Sure RDPS can fire upon the walls and mdps can go inside (which they usually don’t because they don’t want to have to release and run back) but something seems lacking.
  • BO renown farming is already being abused. Yesterday upon leaving the city my guildies and I discovered that resource carriers for the Red Team were milling about in uncontested/locked lakes. We figured this would reap no reward but to our shock we were wrong – not only were the BO resource carriers generating renown for the whole pairing, BUT they were also ranking up their keeps – in effect making their keep rank 5 before the zone was even contested. Theoretically a handful of people could sit in all three maps of a pairing and keep sending forth their resource carriers reaping renown ticks. I’ve sent messages to the powers that be in hopes they fix this soon, because honestly this is b.s.
  • Finally there are issues with queuing for the city. Yesterday Order pushed the IC and my group made it into an instance that had a full warband of destro. While we were outnumbered 24 to 18, Order players were stuck outside the gate waiting in queues. So the natural result is that we were stomped to pulp while Order raged outside. Was a lose-lose situation for Order.

RvR – Limited Siege Resources

  • This entire category is lumped into one complaint – there are only a limited amount of ‘aerial bombers’, siege weapons, and skaven for the entire realm. I understand why Mythic did this because having hundreds of cannons would be ridiculous, BUT when the same four guys sit on their griffons going in circles around a keep OR for some unspeakable reason someone deploys your cannon at the base of the outer wall while you are assaulting the keep OR all the guys with skaven are goofing off in some corner of the map where no one is present OR the rat ogres are sitting in the back lines behind the healers because they’re afraid to die and lose their precious skaven skins – there are issues. When I heard about aerial bombers I thought the sky would be littered with them, and not player controlled ones but npcs just flying about dropping bombs to ‘disperse the zerg’; instead what we have are four turkeys (not even gyrocopters). Siege weapons should be re-deployable or something – why does the whole realm suffer when one moron builds a weapon inside a hut where it can hit nothing? Here’s my special lore-friendly request – let me kill skaven, any skaven – so when that dipshit sitting on a rat ogre behind our healers is failing to fulfill the role of his ‘class’ then I can kill him and ease the realm’s suffering.

Thanquol’s Incursion

  • Unless you are in the zone that the incursion is occurring, there is no announcement to let you know it is happening. I can see the reason for this as it could have the effect of depopulating other zones, but part of me is peeved that I miss the opportunity to enter this instance because I was fighting the good fight somewhere else.
  • The instance itself seems flawless in terms of bugs, major applause here. I suspect the reason there are not bugs is because the bosses don’t move and have no aggro table – instead just dealing AoE damage to everyone around them.
  • We were told we are getting a Skaven-themed zone. TI is hardly a zone. When I think zone I think something the size of Eataine or Land of the Dead. TI is pretty much a small dungeon, smaller than Mount Gunbad. Smaller than one wing of Mount Gunbad. I thought we were going to duke it out through a Skaven under-city, each faction approaching from two sides unto the battle royale in the middle. Woe upon me for grand thoughts.
  • Even without an opposing force, the instance takes too long. When you’ve got an enemy to fight then it goes by faster because in all honesty, the boss fights are just a zerg til kill. There is no iffy situation where you may wipe and reset him or an enrage timer. You simply keep throwing your body at him until he dies, and in empty instances this hurling of live ammo is a long and monotonous fight.
  • Seriously a queue? We are punished for the other realm not participating enough? Eka is unhappy.

Renown Acquisition

  • Seems way too damn fast for higher levels. By the second day people were already hitting RR81, yet from what I’ve heard RR gain in the lower levels is slower. I thought the point was to narrow the gap between RR1 and RR80 yet the renown gain is highest for high renown players thus pushing them further away from low renown ranks.

Renown Abilities

  • I haven’t fully had the chance to toy around much with the renown abilities but to my knowledge – Trivial Blows does not work. Before the patch I was being crit by sorcs for 2k – give or take. After the patch with Trivial Blows IV (-50% critical damage) I am being crit for… 2k! So unless Mythic magically increased their damage by 100% in anticipation of this ability so that the sorcs and bws wouldn’t cry… something isn’t right here.
  • The Renown Trainer BLOWS. Before we use to be able to allocate all our points before purchasing our abilities, so we could mess around with different combos and see what we could work with. Now you have to purchase an ability before you can purchase the next, the window is a massive scroll menu so it’s hard to find abilities you want. Unless you whip out a pencil and paper and add things up that way, its pretty hard to make new combos without committing to something.
  • The dodge/disrupt tactic although I’m sure intended to weaken the OP BW/Sorc combo has done naught but dealt a sever kick in the balls to the SW and Engi – two classes which have always been considered among the weakest in the game. Naturally most players who had problems with sorcs/bws will pick up this ability (which is most players) but as a side effect the SW and Engi take severe blows. Way to kick the SW in the balls once again Mythic. When will you ever give us a patch that makes bloody sense?

New Armor Sets

  • My main beef here is who is able to acquire the gear. Renown rank 30s can still roll on sov, but to make matters worse, they can now roll on Warpforged! Not only that BUT even people who haven’t purchased the Progression Pack can roll on gear they will never be able to wear! The reason? Well Mythic believes that if people have gear that is shiny that they cannot wear because they haven’t upgraded, then they will upgrade. So it’s a marketing ploy. Meanwhile I get to sit back and watch level 34 players roll on Warpforged and say ‘Well by the time I hit rr100 I’ll win ten more so I’ll just salvage this.’

Personality Pack’s New Dyes

  • Lastly I just wanted to mention the new dyes from this pack. So not only do we pay $$$ for the pack, in game we are to pay gold for dye colors that are… less than appealing. Some are fantastic, and then some are neon green and snow queen blue. My main concern is the pricing on the dyes. I know gold has no use in-game aside from respeccing and changing your name, but that’s no reason to jack up the prices on novelty items we already paid for.


  • Seriously, Chaos Mirror-ing out of combat at 5% health?
  • Skulls of the Fallen and Ordnance still? To what end?
  • Siege Pads by city gates?

In conclusion I am unhappy with 1.4 – I toiled long and hard going for RR80 back in 2008 and early 2009. By the time I hit 80 the best gear that was guaranteed was Annihilator and Dark Promise – the lucky got Conqueror. Now Mythic has trivialized the renown gain, and it gets under my skin. My Shadow Warrior had around 90 days played in-game when he got 80, now people are doing it in like two weeks. Then when Mythic changed the way cities operate (pre 1.3.5 or whatever) when the whole realm had to win their city instances to push to stage two, we as a realm worked hard to fight and get Sovereign, now it rains from the skies in cities that get mindlessly zerged half a dozen times a day. I am tired of being in the city – it is pushed more than ever. Scenarios don’t pop (unless you solo queue) because everyone is doing the renown farm from constant zone flips. It is more lucrative to go to an empty zone and flip it in a few minutes than fight the enemy.

Nothing is earned anymore. Everything is given away for free. Renown is for free. Loot is for free. No effort, no team play. One person can kill the king, no wards required. If you sit in the contested city too long then you can be sent back to the city because honestly in the hour a city is safe, another city can be pushed.

While I understand that Mythic is trying to allow new players to catch up, I wonder in what light they view those players who have been supporting them for over two years. Unfortunately I am of the Old Guard and resistant to the new generation. While I know Mythic is grateful to those of us who have played for over two years, somehow I don’t feel like giving us capes, endless (lame common) fireworks, and an aegis really cuts it.

For what takes but a matter of minutes, the rewards are far too high – about 20 minutes to flip an uncontested zone reaps about 12k renown; flip from the middle of a pairing to the end and you get double credit for keeps giving you 16k. I know Mythic wanted to help the lowbees catch up in RR, but this is ridiculous.
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  1. November 20, 2010 at 7:40 PM

    Damn you and your good writing.

    I’m feeling a surge of anger I haven’t felt before.


    By the way


  2. November 20, 2010 at 8:44 PM

    Really can’t say it any better than you have here. Although I will write a post about this later this week. Just goes to show that some things may look good on paper but …

  3. Optimus Prime
    November 20, 2010 at 10:32 PM

    Well said good sir. I am feeling so frustrated with the game lately that I’m strongly considering leaving. I don’t understand the point of the game any more. It seems that Mythic just wants everyone to constantly be in the city or running around as some stupid Chuck E Cheese rat. I also think that this new patch has made all these noobs think they are the wunderkind! Maybe I will have to devote more time to building a book shelf. It’s honestly more fun than Warhammer these days.

  4. Tsukasu
    November 20, 2010 at 10:50 PM

    Hopefully Mythic will realise these issues with their patch and stop lstening to the fan bois, this patch is really really not fun and there are alot of people who think it. Thank you for speaking up for those who can’t get heard.

  5. Genis
    November 20, 2010 at 11:41 PM

    I am sorely disappointed that you get endless fireworks. I want endless fireworks!

    In all seriousness though, this is a well-written summary of all the major problems with the new patch. I strongly suspect that 1.4.1 will come two weeks too late to undo the stigma 1.4 will leave/has left in people’s minds. The patch was not on the PTS long enough, not all the complaints brought up were addressed, and the patch/RvR packs were released too early. I’ve stuck by WAR because I’m loyal to the IP and the people I play with but, well, Minecraft is getting PvP next week…

    I was excited for the major change, but now I’m wondering how many more changes like this I can take.

  6. Mog
    November 21, 2010 at 6:04 AM

    Patch 1.2 and 1.4 go down as the worst for me. Patch 1.2 was so many major changes barely tested it is no wonder so many left.

    Patch 1.4 was much better tested but still lacks and is only keeping the hardcore/lootwhore players happy. I thought the changes were too much, too soon regardless of all the testing. It smells of desperation and reconfirms they lost control of the game with class balance and other core problems even more skewed now.

    That and the content-free/pay-to-win approach drove me away, EABioMythic snatch another defeat from the jaws of vistory.

    I’d love to play the game again but I’m not paying to test the game for them.

    Maybe Patch 1.6 won’t be a disaster? I hope so! My main frustration is the wasted potential, so many opportunities passed this game by but perhaps some good management (not likely!) will turn it around?

  7. November 21, 2010 at 2:41 PM

    To make matters worse, some people are still participating in the new city (because there is nothing else to do) but are so discontent with the patch that they aren’t bothering to buy the new packs and openly admit they are going to break down any gear they get.

  8. Rikker
    November 22, 2010 at 7:31 AM

    I disagree, in general. I think this was a pretty successful patch overall, and here is my reasoning.

    First, the bad:
    Zones flip way too fast?
    I agree and disagree at the same time. Zones don’t flip too fast, they are exactly as intended. What IS happening too quickly is city sieges. If you want to slow it down by slowing down zone flipping, there’s an easy solution: double the amount of resources needed per star of each keep. That will slow down the whole thing quite nicely.

    Now that said, I am no longer seeing the “zerg wins” mentality.

    Sure, Friday and some of Saturday, people were adjusting to the new system, and so there were zergblobs moving all over the lakes. BUT, by Sunday, I was running through Caledor to get to Hatred’s Way, and found small pockets of 6-12 of each realm battling it out, over BOs, over passage to the keep, and maybe 3 grps of order actually assaulting our keep. There were some AWESOME smaller-type fights, indeed it was basically fighting all the way across the zone, which, I feel, was the exact intention of this patch.

    We had fights over every BO and resource carrier (fighting to protect and fighting to kill), we had a couple groups defending our keep, and a couple groups attacking their keep, it was good times overall.

    For keep sieges, it’s way more amusing to bring Siege Weaponry and Skaven classes to fight… get an organized group and all focus something with your siege, or bring a balanced Skaven group to wreak havoc on the opposition! (Come on… 4 Rat ogres tossing tanks on the walls to guard the MDPS that are bypassing in? WIN)

    There are so many more options now, I can’t see how people can possibly be bored at sieges.

    In addition, zones flipping quickly works BOTH WAYS. Case in point, order pushed to Chaos Wastes, only to have a 3 groups of us quickly grab all the BOs, rank up our keep, and show up knocking. As more order and destro trickled in, we quickly had a massive keep fight on our hands, around the posterns, and at BOs as order tried to rank up their keep. It was a blast, and we ended up kicking them back out half an hour to 45 min after they got in, and the battle went back to praag.

    The possibilities for fun fights are endless if you look for them, basically. Could it be slowed down some? Sure. But I don’t think this patch is the horrific miss that people claim it was.

    • November 22, 2010 at 3:51 PM

      Perhaps on your server things have been occurring differently. We arrive at keeps and stare at doors waiting for someone to get a ram. You want skaven? Sorry but I get stuck in a queue trying to enter the instance. You say city? Sorry but I got stuck in a queue for that. Scenarios? Queued for over five hours and I got in an empty one.
      You list endless possibilities. Last time I checked there are four rat ogres to hurl people onto walls. Assuming you don’t get queued for TI and can get in to obtain a rat ogre. Four doesn’t seem endless. Sure you will always find small skirmishes in the lakes but I feel those skirmishes are results of people wanting to gank for renown rather than secure a strategic objective. The success of this patch will only be revealed when the population stabilizes. This patch brought in a surge of players and quite a few have left once more. We shall see what the end result is.

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