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The Suggestion Box – Listen To Your Player-Base

November 21, 2010 3 comments

When the Mythic forums were created, they were a vast structure of categories, threads, sub threads, information and announcements. One particular section dear to many was the Suggestion Box in the Developer Roundtable, the place where we could put our thoughts and dreams and hope Mythic would pull from the great suggestions the players had to improve the game. With the transition to the Bioware/Mythic forums the entire ‘Official Forums’ deal kind of collapsed and many players reverted to Warhammer Alliance. Buried in the Suggestion Box lay dozens of threads, authored by players who love Warhammer and wanted to improve the game. Currently this thread has 480 pages of posts! That’s 480 ideas swept under the rug and forgotten. Some ideas have been implemented, but the sad truth is that many have gone ignored. Of the one section of the forums that shows the most heart and player interest, the Suggestion Box is the one section that has the LEAST moderator/developer attention.

Today I take a walk down memory lane, but before I dive into the past I turn the attention of my readers to some of the more recent posts in regards to the present and future of Warhammer as it rests after the 1.4.0 patch. Read more…

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