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The Suggestion Box – Listen To Your Player-Base

When the Mythic forums were created, they were a vast structure of categories, threads, sub threads, information and announcements. One particular section dear to many was the Suggestion Box in the Developer Roundtable, the place where we could put our thoughts and dreams and hope Mythic would pull from the great suggestions the players had to improve the game. With the transition to the Bioware/Mythic forums the entire ‘Official Forums’ deal kind of collapsed and many players reverted to Warhammer Alliance. Buried in the Suggestion Box lay dozens of threads, authored by players who love Warhammer and wanted to improve the game. Currently this thread has 480 pages of posts! That’s 480 ideas swept under the rug and forgotten. Some ideas have been implemented, but the sad truth is that many have gone ignored. Of the one section of the forums that shows the most heart and player interest, the Suggestion Box is the one section that has the LEAST moderator/developer attention.

Today I take a walk down memory lane, but before I dive into the past I turn the attention of my readers to some of the more recent posts in regards to the present and future of Warhammer as it rests after the 1.4.0 patch.


  • The current rage in this section is the frequency of city pushes. Many players are not liking how much the city gets pushed – 4 to 7 times a day? Really? One Suggestion which players have been begging for since…. oh a month after forts were taking out, are FORTS. I loved forts! Lag aside, they were the epic epitome of the RvR CAMPAIGN. In its current state T4 is hardly a campaign – campaigns by definition are long drawn out series of battles, what we have now is city flips happening within 1-2 hours. It use to take a day to push the city, a day of a realm working together for hours. Cooperation! Yes we needed cooperation! Forts use to be the last stand for a realm and back in the day we had realm pride – under no circumstance would you allow your fort to fall, being online during a fort loss was a blight on one’s reputation. So with this thought in mind I redirect you to this thread – give it your thoughts, bump this thread to Mythic knows we want forts back.
  • Here’s a thread regarding opening SCs during city pushes because we are sick of the city.
  • The ever desired concept (from launch) of the other four capital cities.
  • Here’s a request to make keeps harder, humorous given the nerfbat they just got beat with.

Renown Abilities

  • Here’s a thread regarding the new RR Trainer window and how user unfriendly it is.

PvE Instances



Class Specific

I only went through 75 of the 400+ pages looking for new and old suggestions. We can only hope that so long as we keep speaking , Mythic will listen. May our voices not fall on deaf ears.

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  1. Dilek
    November 21, 2010 at 11:35 PM

    I still vividly remember how important forts were and how worked up people got over a failed fort siege or defense. There was a very, very memorable time after they changed the game — in 1.3 I think — when I helmed a failed fort push. I have never experienced so much rage in game before or since. Anyway, believe it or not, I do miss the forts. I miss the epic feeling of battles. Maybe we’ll never have that epic feel again in this game which is kind of a sad thought.

  2. November 22, 2010 at 6:37 PM

    My god Dilek I spend almost all day on my WP and it turns out you’re on a nice long afk.


  3. Dilek
    November 23, 2010 at 7:33 AM

    Yeah, Tru, my favorite auntie arrives today so I’ve been on a cleaning spree! Fun times! I think I’m dieing from the dust I stirred up in the guest room. So anyway, no play time for me for the next week and I’m going to miss you all! I’ll be emoting you in spirit. =) Well, you may *see* Dilek in game but it won’t be me behind the controls.

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