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1.4 Personality Dyes

Time to define the new you. Last week we were given the opportunity to purchase the 1.4 Personality Pack and with it came many new dyes. In the Q&A players asked about the dye color specifics – you don’t want to buy something if you don’t know what you’re getting right? Well Mythic drew a blank and I guess wanted to keep their color stash a secret. Today I give those of you who have not yet explored the world of 1.4 dyes a visual preview of the colorful world of WAR. For today’s experiment I subjected my beautiful Shadow Warrior to many tortures. Please pray for his soul. I suppose there could have been a better class to display the colors but I’ve got a SW so accept what you’re given.

Codex Gray

Charadon Granite

Devlan Mud

Necron Abyss – Best Blue in the game.

Ice Blue – Somehow I doubt this would enforce the image of a ‘Shadow’ Warrior

Hormugaunt Purple – Who makes up these names?

Knarloc Green

Thraka Green – Holy toxic sludge! They’ll see me from a mile away!

Calthan Brown

Macharius Solar Orange

Mechrite Red – I believe this is the KotBS shield-red they always were looking for

Desert Yellow

Badab Black – Under much pressure, Mythic gave us the ‘better’ black!

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  1. Vil
    November 25, 2010 at 3:47 AM

    Look what black does to the embroidery on the inside of your cloak! LAZY work from Mythic.

  2. Davidicus
    November 26, 2010 at 9:01 PM

    “Badab Black” should be renamed “Texture Remover.” That being said, it does look good on some pieces of armor, but definitely not others (as Vil pointed out).

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