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6-Man SC Review

After almost a week of no scenario pops because of a broken match-making system (or whatever) Mythic generously gives us a weekend scenario that lasts 5 days. This ‘gift’ however was a load of crap in my humble opinion. This isn’t a matter of winning/losing; it’s a matter of scenario design.

I don’t know what goes on in Mythic’s mind, but their concept of a six-man scenario needs to be reworked. Would it really be too much to ask for a open field with random obstacles (water for snares, rocks for LoS)? First you give us the boat which was a LoS nightmare and neutered RDPS classes while allowing healers to group heal the entire map from one location.

Then you gave us the Eternal Citadel. In my mind all this scenario only fulfills the function of a insignia/medallion factory. It’s stupidly short, and a sad fact is most of the kills from it are often achieved by punting people in an abyss. Now I’ve played the EC as both a Shadow Warrior and an Ironbreaker, so I know two sides of this tale. As a tank the easiest way to neutralize the enemy is to punt them into that abyss. All healers do in this scenario is wedge themselves against the wall so they can a)not be punted into the abyss and b) so they cannot be affected by positional attacks. Now I know someone will say ‘l2p and get some positional awareness’ but that isn’t the point. This shouldn’t be a one-button win for the scenario. The second side of this tale is my SW, and this scenario (and the boat) completely blow for RDPS classes. No room to kite and complete range neutralization. This scenario really only favors melee trains.

Why can’t Mythic design a scenario that benefits all classes, not just melee classes and group healers? We want a 6-man but I personally don’t want to fight in a small ass hole where I can’t move without being hit by rubberband-arm choppas. After a while we just kept going up against groups of three healers and three tanks; talk about a snore fest. All in all this weekend was pretty crappy because my options were staring at keep doors for hours, or queuing for minute-long marathon ECs. I think my 6-man’s record EC was a minute 47 seconds. -twirls finger- what great joy…

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  1. Optimus Prime
    November 29, 2010 at 7:49 AM

    I love going in there when they have a zealot a shammy a dok and 3 tanks usually BGs. I should be able to cut the healers in half but this SC coupled with the new invincibilty tactic for healers makes it impossible.

    Also, I find it funny and ironic that Mythic brought in the rats. Aren’t rats jumping ship the first sign of a sinking ship?

    • Rikker
      November 29, 2010 at 9:48 AM

      I don’t know where you’ve been playing, but 3 tanks/3 heals is usually a recipe for fail here on Iron Rock.

      I’m missing “invincibility tactic”… and I’m a zealot, so I’d love to hear about it! If you’re talking about last stand… just… NO.

      Finally, the rats have always been a part of the SC, it seems that many people never noticed them.

      I don’t know why everyone hates this SC so much though… yes, there’s not a ton of room to kite, (and as a squishy healer, well… kiting is my bread and butter) but it’s still a blast. Situational awareness is a must in this SC, but my group brought in rdps classes without too much issue, and it’s fine as long as your healers stay on top of it.

      In the end… sometimes you’re the punter and sometimes you’re the puntee, but it’s good times for this Zealot regardless. Unless I’m pugging and see a nice stacked premade on the other side… then not so fun. But hey, that happens anyway, so what are ya gonna do?

      • November 29, 2010 at 11:44 AM

        I believe Optimus Prime is referring to the many damage debuffing tactics now available whose names escape me (Last Stand not being one of them) The two that stand out to me are the -15% incoming/outgoing damage and the -50% crit damage. These two combined make it very hard for most classes to tackle on a healer, let alone 3 which you cannot get positional attacks on who are guarded.

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