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December 2, 2010 4 comments

Completely random thought today which raised an interesting scenario… what if Mythic reduced the size of a party to 5 players? I started pondering the implications of this, mainly the restructuring of the standard 2,2,2 group. I think it would be a pretty interesting experience for Mythic to throw into our works. If I was to implement this system naturally it would require restructuring of parties and warbands. I’d up the scenario population to 15 players (three parties) and warbands to 25 players (no great change).

I just find that six mans can so easily be shaped by the two tanks guarding the two melee dps while the two healers sit in the back focus healing their specific melee dps and occasionally the tank that is guarding said melee dps OR the two tanks guarding the two melee DoKs steamrolling with their melee choo-choo. Now I hardly ever run a 2,2,2 group but consider it for a moment: if you could only take 5 (which no doubt on many occasions you have and relied on a wild card to suit the needs of your group), which archtype would you cut out/how would you set up your group?

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