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Reward Team Play

December 4, 2010 6 comments

Now I know anyone who is a healer is going to read this post and call me a ‘big caca face liar who has no idea how hard life is’ but today I choose to briefly raise attention to the parasitic problem known as out-of-party-healing. While this problem has always existed in WAR, it certainly was at a lull the last couple months. As players hit rr80 they finally stopped healing out of party and becoming team players, but now with the renown cap raised to rr100 the habit has crept back in.

It always gets under my skin when I walk out of a scenario with 2k renown and I see Hans the RP walk out with 8k, when I know he is of equal renown rank. I fail to understand why Mythic rewards selfish play in a game that is focused around team-play. I find it mind boggling when warrior priests choose to heal out of party, because in that situation its a lose-lose. While I am sure every healer who does or has done this has their own justifications, I find it unfair that this archtype can leech purple numbers by being selfish while the rest of the team suffers. I don’t want to have to wait until all the healers hit rr100 (which I have no doubt they will be among the first cohorts) for them to start healing in party.

And because I know someone will think/mention this – this isn’t an issue of solo/pre-made queuing. Due to the lack of healers on Order for my server, even when I queue with a premade with two healers, one generally has to go to the other party because the other party doesn’t have one or theirs is dps or the healer that could be in their party is out of party healing.

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