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WP/DoK 1.4 Adjustments

December 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Source :  News on the wire goin’ hot – WP/DoK adjustments upcoming – are they good or bad? I personally am happy that Mythic has finally decided to take the bull by the balls and face the 2-year old issue of DoK/WP over-powered-ness in relation not only to other healers, but to other dps classes. I sincerely hope that these changes will tone the classes down quite a bit, they are terribly strong, too strong, with a definite swing of too strong towards the DoK.

I just sincerely hope that these changes indeed do tone the classes down – I am worried about the increase of single target heals. I dread to see what backlash we see with a healer that has strong single target heals in medium armor. Let us hope perhaps Mythic will finally acknowledge some of the other class/mirror disparities and address them.

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