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WAR’s 12 Days of Christmas – Day 1

December 13, 2010 2 comments

I’ve seen some other blogs post some wish lists regarding Warhammer as Christmas nears (ah the time of free presents!) so I’ve put together my own list – 12 requests for the 12 days of Christmas. Who knows, mayhaps on the 25th I’ll get a surprise present! While many of these topics have been beat into the ground, I feel they should be brought to light once more so that we may greater appreciate the dead. I’ll try to touch all aspects of WAR here and not sound too ranty =P

Lairs and Lore
Today I want to bring up the topic of lairs and lore in Warhammer. Many people care not for the Tome of Knowledge and the hidden unlocks within its pages. A while back during the lull in War, my guildies and myself went on a PvE tour to venture into the unknown hidden jems of WAR. There are dozens of lairs scattered around the Warhammer Online world, almost one per zone. However, despite their clever design, these places are never visited and among the most neglected corners of the Warhammer world. Now with all the new shiny equipment the gear they drop is rendered obsolete in days, or even before you can use it. Loot aside, the lairs of WAR suffer two major pitfalls: boss respawn timers & inaccessibility.

Lets face it, most people do not want to chuck to a lair deep in a PvE lake period. And nothing makes you want to repeat the experience like reaching an empty lair OR a lair you can’t reach because its opening mechanism is broken OR you have to find some hidden object in another tier to open the lair. Mythic however has given the lairs no attention since launch, I guess no on reports them as broken so they don’t care.

One of the problems with lair accessibility lays in the broken Tome of Knowledge. The ToK also hasn’t been given any attention. Many unlocks in the world will not be added into your ToK if they were ninja-patched but you interacted with them earlier OR they simply don’t exist. One lair in particular comes to mind here – The Lair of the Defiler. To access this lair you have to unlock 14 graves scattered around the Warhammer world BUT one doesn’t exist. Conclusion: You can’t enter the lair. Why doesn’t Mythic just fix that last gravestone? Additionally all the unlocks for the graves go into a broken section of the ToK known simply as [Empty] with an infinite amount of pages of unknown unlocks (the explored graves being somewhere on like page 4 followed by more empty pages)… with the problem of never being able to navigate back to this page because it doesn’t exist after you close your ToK.

While I know that the player-base and Mythic are focused on RvR and more pertinent issues, I would still like to see Mythic come back to these hidden jems of the ToK and fix them. Why do the locations in my ToK for Black Crag BOs link me to BOs in TM? Why are none of the keeps in T4 appropriately linked in the ToK? Why does the High Elf Chapter have a dozen unknown chapters after the Shining Way? Killing 100 Watchers… they don’t exist anymore? Farming an unlock for a rare item that has a .0005% chance to drop?

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